2017 Best College Food in America

The 2017 Best College Food ranking is based on meal plan costs and student reviews. Top-ranked colleges offer outstanding on-campus dining—students can easily access healthy, quality food across a wide range of cuisines and dietary preferences.
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  1. 1

    University of California - Los Angeles

    • Los Angeles, CA
    • 4,393 reviews
    College Sophomore:UCLA's historical reputation for research contributes to an extremely positive aura around the school. The job opportunities are many; and so is the alumni network.
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  2. 2

    Virginia Tech

    • Blacksburg, VA
    • 3,385 reviews
    College Sophomore:Virginia Tech may be one of the best decisions I've made in my life. The people I've met, the experiences I've had, and the environment in general is one that can't be beat. I gladly call Tech my home away from home, and when I'm not there I want to be there, when I am there, I don't want to leave. Tech has great academic programs, it's an easy place to make a ton of friends and have fun, a great place to live, and best of all it's been rated one of the most fit campuses in the states. Next to the fittest campus we're also rated number one for campus dining. In my opinion, it would be hard to find any other school that would make me as happy as Tech has.
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  3. 3

    Washington University in St. Louis

    • Saint Louis, MO
    • 1,322 reviews
    College Sophomore:I love everything about Wash U. The location is amazing, STL has so much to offer. Everyone around is so driven, smart, and kind. The campus, dorms, and food are great. The classes are awesome with exceptional teachers. It can get stressful, but it is so worth it.
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  4. 5

    Bowdoin College

    • Brunswick, ME
    • 641 reviews
    College Sophomore:I feel like my school has even more to offer than I thought it did and while there are definitely issues, I can't imagine myself being anywhere else.
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  5. 6

    Bates College

    • Lewiston, ME
    • 318 reviews
    College Freshman:I love going to class at Bates. Coming from a highly challenging high school, the classes (I was in all arts/English/humanities my first semester) the workload was sometimes difficult but overall extremely manageable. I adored every one of my teachers and felt like I got a lot of personal attention from each one of them.

    I have a lot of friends that are neuroscience majors, however, and that path of study is much more challenging.

    Pros of curriculum: study abroad highly encouraged, almost everyone does it. Also everyone gets to do a senior thesis (alas, some hate this and some love it).

    Cons of curriculum: can be an education minor and get your teaching certificate, but only for grades 6-12- no early ed. Certification!
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  6. 7
    College Sophomore:I really like college!! There is a lot more freedom but there is also a lot more responsibility. Mastering time management is a must, but as long as you stay on top of everything it goes relatively smoothly. I like how my school has so many different clubs, activities and sports to get into. Everyone here is pretty nice and the community as a whole is pretty close. College kind of forces you to find your interests and build on them. If i had to do it all over again I would definitely pick Umass Amherst!!
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  7. 8

    California Baptist University

    • Riverside, CA
    • 2,197 reviews
    College Junior:The courses I have taken thus far in my CBU career were all very interesting with great professors. Get to know your professors! Many professors make lectures fun when they make jokes or share their own experiences.
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  8. 9

    James Madison University

    • Harrisonburg, VA
    • 2,587 reviews
    College Sophomore:My time at JMU has honestly changed me into a completely different person, and only for the better. While my first semester (as a second-semester sophomore transfer student) was pretty rough, it lead me to my current major, Media Arts and Design, which I love and is a field I don't think I'll ever tire of, since it changes every day! I lived on my own for the first time in my life after moving here, and got my first job the summer after my first semester. I've grown so much and become so much more confident in myself as a person since coming here.

    JMU is a place like no other. We are a community here. There are so many different ways to get involved on campus, so much to do in Harrisonburg and the surrounding valley. You meet so many different types of people here, and we all come together to make JMU what it is. My first semester I was lonely; the only person I really knew was my boyfriend, and I had such a hard time with one of my major classes that I didn't have the time or energy to get involved with anything on campus. My second semester was completely different. I applied and was accepted to a new major, loved my classes, and got involved in a service sorority and the campus newspaper. I've made so many more friends and feel like I have a support group here.

    While my first semester was rough, once I was in a better place mentally everything fell into place. I love JMU and I love being a student here. I never want to leave!
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  9. 10

    University of Georgia

    • Athens, GA
    • 4,753 reviews
    College Junior:UGA is a really nice school and the city of the Athens is the best. There are so many people your age around you, so it's really fun and since it's a big school, there's literally something for everyone. There's even a furry's club and a medieval sword fighting club. That's how diverse the school is!
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  10. 11

    Hendrix College

    • Conway, AR
    • 424 reviews
    College Sophomore:Hendrix College is an incredible oasis of genuine hope in the midst of a beautiful Arkansas landscape. Hendrix encourages you to be fully yourself and gives each student the tools and opportunities they need to receive the best education possible. Hendrix makes it possible to do anything. The community is incredibly focused on service to the world as well as education that benefits everyone who comes in contact with it. A wide range of incredible degrees and professors that know you by name. A Hendrix experience is a personal one as well as an communal one. From the moment you walk on campus there is an aura of inclusiveness and community. I cannot say enough about how much Hendrix has changed my life and introduced me to the most incredible people. People are put off by its small size, but it is only a bonus. Having professors that know you and ask about how your life is going is priceless. I would go to Hendrix all over again, no regrets.
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  11. 12

    University of Oregon

    • Eugene, OR
    • 3,018 reviews
    College Junior:I love the University of Oregon and choosing to come here was the best decision I have ever made. I will graduate in 3 years with two majors all while having a job, being in a sorority, and being in clubs.
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  12. 13

    Kendall College

    • Chicago, IL
    • 295 reviews
  13. 14

    Wesleyan University

    • Middletown, CT
    • 653 reviews
    College Sophomore:Wesleyan may not be for everyone, but it is right for me. I couldn't have chosen a school that fit me any better, and without a doubt, I would choose my school all over again.
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  14. 15

    St. Norbert College

    • De Pere, WI
    • 603 reviews
    College Freshman:I've learned so much already, especially in my major. Classes are small--the largest class I've ever had had 35 kids. Professors are willing to work with students and usually enjoy getting to know them.
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  15. 16

    Middlebury College

    • Middlebury, VT
    • 463 reviews
    College Sophomore:Professors here are great, I have had very few professors that I did not like. Most are extremely engaging and very invested in their students' learning. Registration can be stressful, especially freshman year, but it typically works itself out during the add/drop period. Workload at times can be overwhelming, but not more than to be expected from any top college. Lots of great study spaces around campus with a variety of atmospheres.
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  16. 17

    Wheaton College - Illinois

    • Wheaton, IL
    • 553 reviews
    College Sophomore:Even though it's considered a conservative Christian college, there is a lot of diversity among the student culture, in both ethnicity and ideas. It is a great place to expand your knowledge through dorm room conversations alone, yet the classroom is even greater for learning. The professors are great at being available for help, but their classes are also challenging enough to allow for growth. Yet academics are not the only good thing about Wheaton. It's close proximity to Chicago allows students some very unique and informative experiences. The student life on campus is also great at developing the community as a whole.
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  17. 18

    Skidmore College

    • Saratoga Springs, NY
    • 563 reviews
    College Senior:Skidmore is known for its somewhat alternative student body, which is often defined as artsy hipsters. While there is definitely a presence for artsy hipsters, every other type of student diversity can also be found there. I am so happy with my choice to attend Skidmore. I have made the most amazing friends and have made memories I know will last a lifetime. Skidmore has opened my eyes to so many possibilities and truly opened doors for my future.
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  18. 19

    Liberty University

    • Lynchburg, VA
    • 6,039 reviews
    College Junior:They have accepted a wide variety of transcripts in the past so sometimes the top of the class is not challenged fully, but the nursing program challenges each and every student greatly.
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  19. 20

    Gustavus Adolphus College

    • Saint Peter, MN
    • 737 reviews
    Recent Alumnus:"Gusties wil shine" is our battle cry and we truly embody this at Gustavus. I came in as a transfer student and truly found my "place" and myself at Gustavus. I discovered a major and career path that I was truly passionate about, was privileged to have professors who not only wanted you to succeed, but truly became surrogate parents, was given the amazing opportunity to study abroad, and was blessed with lifelong friends who are more like family. I absolutely love that beautiful, albeit windy, haven on top of the hill.
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  20. 21

    Grand Canyon University

    • Phoenix, AZ
    • 7,692 reviews
  21. 22

    University of New Hampshire

    • Durham, NH
    • 2,404 reviews
    College Sophomore:I LOVE UNH. It's been a phenomenal time so far, and I feel like I've really found myself a home. There are opportunities for everyone with many different interest, and it's a really great community to be a part of. 10/10 would reccomend
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  22. 23

    Stanford University

    • Stanford, CA
    • 1,085 reviews
    College Sophomore:Stanford is truly the most amazing place in the world. Before my freshman year I never felt like a really had a home, but I have finally found one at the Farm. The academics are amazing and the people are even better. While I wish that the financial aid was better I still stand by my decision to attend because the experience I am having is priceless.
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  23. 24

    Ashland University

    • Ashland, OH
    • 633 reviews
    College Sophomore:Ashland University is a great school but it feels so restricting at times. The college experience is non existent when all friends leave to go home on the weekends or go to other colleges to party there.
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  24. 25

    University of San Diego

    • San Diego, CA
    • 1,703 reviews
    Recent Alumnus:I loved attending USD. The campus is hard to beat, you literally feel like you're on a four year vacation at a country club. And it's definitely easy to feel like you're on spring break year round, too. The food is probably the best on a college campus. The dorms are huge. Off campus housing at the beach is even better. There are so many things to get involved with and the amount of options for studying abroad are UNREAL. The professors are all extremely nice and helpful, with small classes you really get that 1-1 attention. All of my professors know their students by name and are always accessible to their students. I'd say the school is a bit competitive, the student body is very ambitious and everyone is always doing something big. Although it is a Catholic school, it's super liberal and focuses more on social justice issues. Everyone, for the most part, is extremely open-minded. Take advantage of everything, you'll have the best four years here.
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