2017 Best College Dorms in New York

The 2017 Best College Dorms ranking is based on key statistics and student reviews. Top-ranked colleges offer outstanding campus housing that is safe and clean with modern amenities at reasonable prices.
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  1. 1

    Molloy College

    • Rockville Centre, NY
    • 506 reviews
    College Freshman:Molloy College is such an awesome school because everyone is very welcoming and they all treat you like family. The entire student body is able to work together to create new ideas for various clubs and just all have a good time regardless if we know each other personally or not. We all work together as one and that is how most colleges should be, as oppose to everyone hanging out with their own little cliques like back in high school. THOSE DAYS ARE OVER!
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  2. 2

    Houghton College

    • Houghton, NY
    • 348 reviews
    Senior:Especially after taking two semesters abroad, I've realized how much I've learned at Houghton College and how much I miss it. The classes are engaging and discussion-filled, the professors are deeply invested in the students and extremely caring (but also push you to do good work!), the surrounding nature is beautiful, the students are outgoing and supportive, and the local community and churches constantly reach out. I would highly recommend!
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  3. 3

    Hilbert College

    • Hamburg, NY
    • 207 reviews
    Sophomore:The education here is great! The professor are great with office hours and one-on-one time to make everyone at Hilbert College successful. Great way to make friends, and great opportunities on and off campus for jobs, and community services.
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  4. 4
    Junior:SUNY ESF is overall a great school. Everyone is generally enthusiastic and the atmosphere is always optimistic. It lacks in diversity, but this is slowly changing (SLOWLY). Administration actually listens to students and genuinely tries to improve things. Campus is small and can be cliquey, but not competitive. Students are always willing to help one another. The school has a good reputation in the science community; some majors are definitely more difficult than others.
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  5. 5

    St. John Fisher College

    • Rochester, NY
    • 489 reviews
    Freshman:St. John Fisher College is a great college to attend. Every student is generally happy to be here, they are very welcome, and there are always events to get students to come out of their comfort zones. The only downfall is of course the hard courses. Freshman are thrown into horribly hard courses to see if they are meant for their major, this happens at every school. In my experience, the classes are hard, but if you work hard and study enough, it will all be worth it. The professors are amazing! They will do anything to try to help you anytime. They are always checking their emails and are always willing to help.
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  6. 6

    Hamilton College

    • Clinton, NY
    • 425 reviews
    College Freshman:I love my school. Its a lot of work. The professors demand a lot from you, because they want you to learn and do well. I was a January admit, so me and 30 other January admits had the option to take classes in London out first semester. People who are jans do many different things, from work at home to study abroad. The transition to campus has been a little tough. The academics are much more rigorous here than they were in London. People here are generally welcoming and friendly but coming in mid year is a bit tough socially because many of my classmates had already gone through the making friends and figuring out what do to stage. Commons is generally good. It does get old after awhile, but its not too bad. It is worse having to walk in the next morning and awkwardly dodge your hook up from last night. The community here is great! Everyone is very supportive of one another. Many students go and support their friends in sports, or art shows, or plays, etc. Feb fest is a fun time of the year. For a week in February the school has all sorts of activities going on. They range from Mr. Hamilton (male beauty pageant), to chocolate tasting, to black light sledding, to cheering on the hockey team.
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  7. 7

    Skidmore College

    • Saratoga Springs, NY
    • 565 reviews
    Freshman:Skidmore College is a small liberal arts institution in upstate New York. My experience thus far in my collegiate career has been optimistic and promising. The professors I have had so far have been a few of the best I have ever had the opportunity to engage in conversation with. All in different subject matters and all with different teaching approaches, each of these professors have had a mind that goes beyond the typical academic teacher. They inspired me to challenge myself beyond what I thought was capable and they are a large part of why my experience at Skidmore College has been positive. The friends I have made here have easily become some of the most interesting, kind and genuine people I have had the opportunity to meet. The social life at Skidmore is by no means equivalent to a large university, but it is very much so alive and exciting. I have loved my experience at Skidmore College.
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  8. 8

    Binghamton University, SUNY

    • Vestal, NY
    • 2,095 reviews
    Sophomore:Binghamton University is a school with strong academics, and a nice campus. The university is a great place to find your academic and extracurricular interests. The intro classes can be very difficult, but these courses just test your ability to study. The professors can sometimes be difficult to understand, but there are tutors readily available at the tutor center. Overall, the students at Binghamton have a passion for what they study and in turn this creates an atmosphere that encourages creative thinking and collaborative learning. Go bearcats!
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  9. 9

    The Culinary Institute of America

    • Hyde Park, NY
    • 758 reviews
    College Sophomore:From walking around campus to dorm life food, food and food education are everywhere. I would not trade this school for the world. At the Culinary Institute of America, the students are not just all studying our majors. The students are a diverse community of food enthesiasts and food professionals all living and moving forward towards one common goal. Before coming to this school I felt like something was missing, some part of me was missing and I had not discovered it yet. Going to the CIA was and still feels like coming home. The chefs although very rough are very helpful and want to see us succeed, the professors all wrote the books they teach us from, and the residence life staff plans food events and tasting for the students like 3 times a week for example on October 2nd, 2016 we are having a chili cook off for the entire student population to compete at, and for the public to try too!
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  10. 10

    Canisius College

    • Buffalo, NY
    • 690 reviews
    College Freshman:Canisius College is one of the best choices that I have made in my life. I have had nothing but good experiences, from friends I've made, professors I have had, and school events that I have attended. The school has a strong Jesuit foundation that shapes the way the student learns and how everyone interacts with each other. They let each person grow on their own, whether it be with in the Catholic faith or not, and always offer support. If I could do it all over, I would definitely choose Canisius College again. The "homey" atmosphere that the campus and people provide for the individual make Canisius the most unique college that I applied to a year ago.
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  11. 11

    Nazareth College

    • Rochester, NY
    • 699 reviews
    Freshman:Nazareth has become a home away from home for me! I had a difficult academic semester but fared well ending with a 3.7; the hard work and class atttendance paid off. I enjoy the commnuity feeling of the campus and the surrounding areas of Rochester are welcoming to the students. I also have found that I enjoy the fact that the school offers variety and diversity. I beleive that the school is dedicated to their students' "wholeness, health, and overall well being". It is not ALL about your academic success but your overall growth along with personal maturity and life preparation. The advisors are truly dedicated to insuring you are on the right path and advise instead of tell.
    I am thoroughly enjoying my studies, campus life, community programs and clubs, as well as the on campus activities.
    I am grateful to be part of the Nazareth family.
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  12. 12

    Vassar College

    • Poughkeepsie, NY
    • 588 reviews
    Freshman:I have had an amazing experience during my first year at Vassar. The tuition is very high, but the school offers one of the best financial aid packages in the country. The classes are very interactive, and the professors are not only helpful, but also challenge students to think beyond their limits. The students are also very involved in on campus activities, and there are a wide variety of clubs that students can participate in. The only downside to the school would have to be the food, as the "deece", the all-student dining center, is infamous for having bad food.
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  13. 13

    SUNY Potsdam

    • Potsdam, NY
    • 660 reviews
    College Freshman:Beautiful, natural environment, good food, nice people, helpful professors, and abundant resources. There are many events and extracurricular activities available on and off campus, and the staff is very nice. It is also interesting to attend a 200-year old (in 2016) college!
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  14. 14

    CUNY Queens College

    • Flushing, NY
    • 880 reviews
    Niche User:The professors at this college are very friendly, yet serious at the same time. You have a desire to actually show up to class because the professors at Queens College make learning very enjoyable. Professors at Queens College also allow students to be responsible for themselves, e.g. Handing in your work on time, without constantly pressuring you to do the assignment. It definitely is a great step after high school and in preparing for adulthood! Would recommend to anyone and everyone!
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  15. 15

    New York University

    • New York, NY
    • 4,765 reviews
    Freshman:Through the Global Liberal Studies program's Core Program I spent my first year abroad in Florence, Italy living on a bequeathed estate! I was accepted to this program because I showed an interest in the Humanities, and checked the box on the application rating my preferences for the global academic sites which also include Paris, London, & Washington DC. The best things I love about the campus is the Office of Student Life staff who are peppy (especially Jillian) and super helpful whenever you have a question. In addition, they also host all-expense paid trips all over Italy, so I highly recommend. Lastly, the campus has La Pietra Dialogues which hosts leading minds across a wide array of topics. Last semester I was able to meet the US diplomat to Italy, the head of Bloomberg News, and Angela Davis! Need I say more?
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  16. 16

    Adelphi University

    • Garden City, NY
    • 1,107 reviews
    Junior:I am a transfer student at Adelphi University. I originally attended University at Buffalo but decided that I wanted to be closer to home. I really love how the courses are very hands on. The classes are smaller, so participation is easier. The professors at Adelphi are so kind and helpful. Dr. Thornberg and Professor Lavery made me enjoy my major a lot more than I expected by being enthusiastic about teaching and showing interest in their students. The campus is also gorgeous, especially because of the cute bunnies that hop around the landscape. The recreation center is stunning. The building itself is aesthetically pleasing and the equipment in the gym is state of the art. That gym has become my new favorite place on campus. It's the perfect place to blow off some steam and get fit. Overall transferring to Adelphi University has proven to be a good decision.
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  17. 17

    St. Lawrence University

    • Canton, NY
    • 708 reviews
    Freshman:SLU is an awesome place to go to school! I am only a freshman here, but I have enjoyed by first year so much! Everyone is extremely nice, and it is easy to find a friend group! The campus community is very close, I will say that must be partly due to the fact that off of the campus there isn't much to do! St. Lawrence has great relationships with their alumni, and offers amazing help in career services! Overall, I love it here!
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  18. 18
    College Freshman:Referring to professors, the experience has varied, mostly being great though. Always available and always encourage you find them outside of the class for help. Most answer emails promptly as well. Class sizes have been very good (ranging anywhere from 10-25), I personally prefer smaller classes so a professor can know you and help you more with your issues as they would know what they are
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  19. 19

    SUNY Alfred State College

    • Alfred, NY
    • 353 reviews
    College Freshman:I am so glad I choose to go to Alfred State. Just because it's a rural campus doesn't mean they don't attract great talent or have much to offer. The architecture faculty are some of the best people I know and have been extremely helpful even well after hours, weekends or during the summer answering questions and offering advice. The college helped facilitate the very close group of architecture students and my friends at school. My only complaints are about food and a couple non architecture staff members. Don't think because it's in the middle of nowhere that there's nothing to do, on the contrary I'm always busy and wish I got to more of the fun things on campus or in town. My advice is go tour the school, it's worth the drive.
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  20. 20

    SUNY Geneseo

    • Geneseo, NY
    • 837 reviews
    Alum:SUNY Geneseo is a school of 5000 set in a rural part of Western New York. The college is vibrant and filled with activities. The school is called "Harvard on the Hill" and for good reason. The Honors college of the SUNY system, Geneseo is populated by some of the brightest students in New York State. Future artists, athletes, and scientists all found their way here and mixed working hard with playing hard--and not just in the typical college party culture. It was easy to maintain a clean lifestyle, as everyone was incredibly accepting and there were always things to do.
    However, the college has made some choices without consulting the student body regarding funding and program changes, which has left many students feeling frustrated and ignored. If the communication between students and administrators had been stronger, my experience would have been close to perfect.
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  21. 21

    Monroe College - Bronx

    • Bronx, NY
    • 677 reviews
    College Senior:Monroe College provides a great opportunity for students to graduate early. They offer 3 semesters to finish your Associates and Bachelors in under 3 years. They have a great academic center where students can go for help on a particular subjects, tests, and papers. The sporting facilities provide great accommodations for the students involved. Monroe also provides opportunities for international students. The increased diversity at the school enables everyone to interact hence create understanding of different cultures for everyone. The President of the school, Marc Jerome, is an approachable man who cares for all his students and will do his best to assist students with any needs or concerns they have. The students to teacher ratio is complements each others and allows the teacher to be more interactive with their students. Teachers do care about the students. They have flexible office hours for students in case they need extra help on a particular subject.
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  22. 22

    Marist College

    • Poughkeepsie, NY
    • 959 reviews
    Sophomore:When I arrived, Marist put all my worries to rest. I quickly adapted to school work. I saw my friends from other colleges struggling to keep up and balance a social life, when I barely had to think about it! The classrooms at Marist are personalized and it's easy to ask questions. My friends at other schools had 200 student lecture halls, and class was no help. It's the opposite at Marist! Classes are interesting and most professors are extremely helpful. The professors want you to succeed. My friends tell me horror stories of their lecture hall professors at other colleges who try to separate "the strong from the weak". Yikes! The great thing about college is that everyone you live with is in the same boat as you. Freshman students all want to make friends. I loved the fireworks and dj social the first Sunday at Marist. I always have fun. Whether it's an on campus or off campus event, there is always something to do. I never want to leave!
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  23. 23

    Colgate University

    • Hamilton, NY
    • 961 reviews
    Sophomore:Best college ever! I love everything about Colgate from the small class sizes to the food to the atmosphere to the people. Although, Colgate isn't every well known it shouldn't be looked over! Courses are challenging but very rewarding.
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  24. 24

    Columbia University

    • New York, NY
    • 1,083 reviews
    Graduate Student:I am currently enrolled in graduate school at the prestigious Columbia University. I am impressed with the level of diversity at Columbia. There is a majority minority. Most of my seminars are comprised of Asian, Indian students I myself am typically the only African American student. I believe that Columbia truly wants their students to thrive. They bring in some of the best professors from the corporate world. For instances in one of my courses I have three different professors. Each have a very different perspective and method of teaching. I will say that I am disappointed that there are not more scholarships available to graduate students; I am working a full-time job in addition to taking a full course load so that I can graduate in a two year span and pay for school. Mind you I have a 3.8 G.P.A I believe that their should be some source of funding other than loans for students in my situation.
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  25. 25

    SUNY Cortland

    • Cortland, NY
    • 758 reviews
    Senior:Wide variety of clubs, intramurals, and activities to be a part of. Very accommodating to transfer students and the professors are very approachable and helpful!
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