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Oh yah, this is a great college. Easy 5 stars, the instructors are soo smart and soo good at teaching. It was definitely what I would call a dream college. Got my associates in IT. I got 5 certifications. That's crazy. If you want good equipment to work with then the answer in Ranken Technical College. I went to the location in Wentzville, MO. It was so awesome and soo fun learning the cool information about Network Engineering. And they would even let me come in early and free lab so I got so many opportunities to learn new technology and execute what I learned. The learning materials were exactly perfect. I got good grades there cause at Ranken they are really really good at teaching and helping you understand the most difficult of concepts and practices. This is a college that will actually change my life and make it soo much greater.
My experience at Ranken College is was very pleasant . I really enjoy going to my classes. The professors are very helpful and they really care about everyone. They make sure you understand what they are teaching. I look forward going to school every day. They let you know if your grades are slipping so you can get the help you need to keep your grads up.
Ranken is a great Technical College. One of the best in the country actually. The hire rate for graduation is extremely high, but this is not without a cost. The grading system is unbelievably high, and because of this, the graduation rate is quite low. It's sort of a "weed out the weak" sort of deal. The students who graduate are extremely successful and please the employers very much. They promote professionalism to an extremely high degree and enforce good moral practices.
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Ranken has gone above and beyond to make sure I succeed. My Professors also help us find jobs in our field they believe would be a good fit for us.
Ranken Tech was a very good school. My experiencing there truly was hands on from day one all the way until I graduated. And to top it off I did get a job one month fresh out of college.
I am a non-traditional student returning to college to obtain my Bachelor's degree. I graduated from Ranken in 1997 with my Associates degree. the school is great and the online courses are amazing. However, the administration is a bit challenging. You can talk to 5 people and get 5 different answers. The enrollment process was challenging and it definitely felt like they were just trying to get my money.
I have had a very good experience at Ranken Technical College. This college is able to provide the training I want so I can be successful. I am currently taking two different programs. The Ford ASSET program (associates) and BSAM (applied management - bachelor). The school has great teachers with ample experience in the industry. Great school.
Tuition is on high side...
Great job leads, placement, etc..
Automotive Technology- Training on inspecting, maintaining, and repairing vehicles.
agriculture, carpentry, automotive, major appliance, precision machining...etc

student suscess center

career services

campus activities
I believe the tuition is a little high but that is what happens when you go to a technical college.
There is someone always willing to help with any resource you need help with or find.
Academics are a little difficult. But we do have tutors that are willing to help any time.
My specific major is wonderful. We are learning different computer language every semester.
My overall experience is going good at Ranken right now.
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The class sizes are small , so the professor is always not taking to long to answer your question.
It has been good so far. I still have a year to go .
The post-grad services are excellent. They will always help you find a job when you can't find one.
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