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I like the atmosphere of Randolph-Macon. It's small but not too small and you feel very welcome there and it feels like home.
What happened to this school? Ranked 138th by US News and World Report, an anemic endowment of 128 million, Nursing and Criminology majors easily found at your local community college..... the list goes on and on. The school's current administration is dead set on changing the "DNA" of this school and it
shows. Putting your finger up in the air to see which way the wind blows is no way to run a school. Gimmicky show choirs, cheer teams and Yellow Jackets plastered everywhere reek of midwestern high schools of the fifties. Additionally, if your going to promote a students progression to a graduate program at least make it one thats notable...attending Liberty or Regent University is not an honorable achievement by most academic standards.
I absolutely LOVE it.I enjoy attending Randolph-Macon College. The academics here are stellar, as are the faculty and staff. I have felt like I am home since I began attending Randolph-Macon in 2018 and still feel that way now. The experiences I have been able to take part in both in and out of the classroom have set me apart from my peers at neighboring colleges and universities.
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A great school in the Virginia tradition. If you are a SJW looking for a safe space from microagressions, go elsewhere please.
I enjoy attending Randolph-Macon College. The academics here are stellar, as are the faculty and staff. I have felt like I am home since I began attending Randolph-Macon in 2016 and still feel that way now. The experiences I have been able to take part in both in and out of the classroom have set me apart from my peers at neighboring colleges and universities. I think the food and the safety at RMC could be improved with better guidance and feedback from students.
If you plan on being a student athlete do not come here. RMC does not work with or care about student athletes even though we bring campus life and publicity to the school. Countless professors have given me a hard time about missing class due to athletics. I even have had to pay out of pocket for an online class at a community college due to RMC’s class scheduling during all of my games. When I talked to the professor to try and work out a solution he basically just told me I had to choose whether to take the class or play that yea.
Food is always awful, hope you love ramen and microwaved mashed potatoes! People often get sick from eating at the main dining hall so avoid it at all costs. Tuition is very high for the facilities and education I am receiving, do not count on getting a scholarship here unless you have a high gpa and can keep it there or you play a sport. I've had a problem with professors emailing me back, they claim they want to help but not unless you are willing to track the person down and demand they help.
To sum it up, some professors will hold a grudge over you and give you bad grades (I have heard many stories of so). Some professors also only give one exam prior to the final, so if you get a bad grade on the exam, like me who got below a 60 on a exam I worked very hard on, harder than most students in that class, which brought my A down to a B-. You can't bring that grade up because there's only one exam, so my grade for that class and GPA are ruined because of one exam (which I believe was unfairly graded). There is a council for when students misbehave, but I believe there should be a cancel for when professors misbehave. Some professors offer extra credit, some don't care if they fail you. Food is disgusting, I've only eaten in Estes (main cafeteria) twice. I've been eating at Brock (mini McDonalds, with nastier food). I'm leaving this school.

If you're the life of a party and don't mind graduating with a 2.0 GPA, this is the school for you.
The campus is very nice. I like it because it is small and walkable. The class sizes are amazing because you get the attention you need to understand and take in the material. I highly recommend it!
Life here is what you make it. Academics are tough but the teachers are amazing if you can find them. Diversity is a thing at Randolph-Macon if you want to live like the Jim Crow days, where there is a whole lot of white and nothing else. Sports here are fantastic when there is a game you will see the unconditional support that the school has for its team. Fraternity and sorority life is the way to go. The parties there are spectacular if you can get in that is. The President of Randolph-Macon cares so much about his school that he Is building a science center for us, which will be where current and new students will be sleeping because all the dorm rooms will be filled putting at least three people to a room. Isn’t that exciting. Sure, way to make friends is to live with two other people in your personal space, stepping on your things because there isn’t enough closet space for all the things you bought.
So, come on down to RMC the happiest place to be!
The staff and faculty are committed to the success of all students and dedicated to helping those students achieve in both academics and their personal lives.
I recently just transferred to Randolph-Macon College and it is so much better then my last school in my opinion. Everyone here is extremely nice and helpful. I actually feel like there is so much more activities and opportunities here.
Randolph-Macon is an good university with a great looking campus, decent party scene, and an awful cafeteria food. The amount of outside options for getting food make up for the lack of taste at estes. Done prepared to spend money off campus.
I absolutely love the professors. The curriculum is very challenging and since it's such a small school you get a lot more help and attention than from a larger university. The only problem is the social life. It's very Greek oriented and if you aren't Greek it's very hard to thrive socially. The party scene is huge on campus but again, very niche oriented and exclusive. The campus is not very diverse but there is a movement to try to change that.
Due to the small size of Randolph-Macon, every student has the opportunity to develop personal relationships with their professors as well as administrators.
If you are considering this school, Do not go. The administration does not care about students, their scheduling system makes completing the honors program and second majors challenging if not impossible. The residence halls are infested with spiders, roaches, and are generally low quality. Additionally, the school will not work with you in emergency situations such as the loss of a loved one or of a home. The Dean of student's recommended that I live in my car over Christmas break because they will not approve requests to stay on campus over break unless you are on a sports team or are an international student, even if you do not have a home to go to for one reason or another. There is no party scene. The class choices are strongly limited and classes fill up incredibly fast making it difficult to get into the classes you need or are interested in.
I'm a freshman on campus. I love the college, my classes, and my professors, but there are definitely aspects I don't enjoy. For example, the Honors Program is pretty terrible and fails to offer anything worthwhile to its members, I don't think being a part of the honors program is worth it. Also, the food on campus isn't very good. The idea of Birdsong Cafe is nice, but I don't like the food very much. Greenberry's, however, is amazing. More importantly, however, is the fact that I am so close with my professors already and they all want to see me succeed more than anything. There are countless opportunities for any major and the Edge Program is phenomenal. The (freshman) dorms are nice, especially Andrews and Garland. The sense of community and school spirit is evident and really nice to be a part of. Everything that matters on a larger scale is nice but some of the smaller, less significant aspects (like expensive printing and food) fall short.
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The professors are there for the students even outside of school hours. They want to see students succeed
The school offers a 4 year EDGE program designed for job/internships and career development
Very small town with a very safe environment
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