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Here at Randolph-Macon is very interesting and fun. I'm able to focus on my studies as well as hang with friends without falling behind in class. The activities they have are fantastic and everyone is able to connect and make new friends. The Randolph-Macon neighborhood is also peaceful and have cool shops, so if you want to get away from the campus life, just into town and explore.
Randolph-Macon is a excellent school. The school is really nice and everybody is friendly. I play baseball at RMC and it is great. Sports and academics are really taken serious here.
When did Randolph-Macon become a "Christian Collge? Yes, it is historically the oldest Methodist related college in the country, but it's misrepresentation of the character of the school. Unless of course this is all a premeditated ploy by the administration to grow enrollment by recruiting conservative Republicans and from what now appears to be community college grads. Additionally, if the reviews here are any indication of students intellectual and writing ability this institution of higher education has some real problems.
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Academics are overall very good. Food is subpar, and housing is okay, with a few nice places on campus. I love the small class sizes.
Good Experience playing sports. After college releasing exactly how expensive this college was a shock. Small class sizes, really like liked my experience playing sports, I think the dorms and the cost are the real set back here. Freshman year to Junior Year unless you apply very early your dorm room will be small, old, and may or may not have air conditioning.
Randolph-Macon has earned the nickname 'Scamdolph- Macon' because this college is basically a boarding high school targeted at rich white d3 athletes.

nearly inedible food. after a couple weeks of estes, you will have a cast iron stomach. required to have a meal plan for 4 years (food $ for RMC! yay)
you have to live on campus in moldy dormitories for all for years, unless you have a medical waiver to live off campus (more housing $ for RMC! yay)
there are no bars and no night life in ashland, the same frat parties happen every weekend with the same people- the fun frats have either been kicked off or on on probation.
you can't get the classes that you need for your major because there aren't nearly enough professors so all the classes fill up within minutes of sign-up- this results in having to take a 5th year(more $$$ for RMC! yay)
Food- The food was awful, freshman had serious stomach issues the first couple of weeks
Dorms- my building smelled like cat piss. 2/3 of the showers were broken for 3 months. A room flooded 3 times before they actually fixed the problem. some do not have AC, and a certain building has given people toxic mold syndrome. you live in a dorm w/ roommate until senior year, when you have a small chance to get a apt
Off campus housing- need a medical reason or live w/in 20 min
Bars- 0 bars
Parties- frat parties on the weekends, ~hard to get into. Off campus parties(limited) get shut down quickly every time.
ACADEMICS-great class size, and personal experience. Tons of writing.
This is a great college for those who would love a small environment. The classes are great sizes and the professors work with you when necessary. The students are friendly and the surrounding area is great.
Randolph-Macon makes you feel like you are home. I love my college and would recommend upcoming college students to apply and tour the college. Academics are focused on the student, and you can always receive helps from your professors. The school focuses on giving back to you even after you graduate.
I will be a returning sophomore this fall as well as a returner on the field hockey team. I have made so many friends at college already. When cam at Randolph Macon College, I feel as if I'm at home and I feel very welcomed by everyone around me. I would totally recommend Randolph Macon to anyone considering a small college for one on one interactions with your professors also.
Randolph-Macon is a very prestigious university. They take their education seriously and the environment is very friendly. It is a beautiful campus and everyone is very nice. Everyone who works their and goes there seems to have high school pride and they are always working to improve experience at Randolph-Macon.
I like the atmosphere of Randolph-Macon. It's small but not too small and you feel very welcome there and it feels like home.
What happened to this school? Ranked 138th by US News and World Report, an anemic endowment of 128 million, Nursing and Criminology majors easily found at your local community college..... the list goes on and on. The school's current administration is dead set on changing the "DNA" of this school and it
shows. Putting your finger up in the air to see which way the wind blows is no way to run a school. Gimmicky show choirs, cheer teams and Yellow Jackets plastered everywhere reek of midwestern high schools of the fifties. Additionally, if your going to promote a students progression to a graduate program at least make it one thats notable...attending Liberty or Regent University is not an honorable achievement by most academic standards.
I absolutely LOVE it.I enjoy attending Randolph-Macon College. The academics here are stellar, as are the faculty and staff. I have felt like I am home since I began attending Randolph-Macon in 2018 and still feel that way now. The experiences I have been able to take part in both in and out of the classroom have set me apart from my peers at neighboring colleges and universities.
A great school in the Virginia tradition. If you are a SJW looking for a safe space from microagressions, go elsewhere please.
I enjoy attending Randolph-Macon College. The academics here are stellar, as are the faculty and staff. I have felt like I am home since I began attending Randolph-Macon in 2016 and still feel that way now. The experiences I have been able to take part in both in and out of the classroom have set me apart from my peers at neighboring colleges and universities. I think the food and the safety at RMC could be improved with better guidance and feedback from students.
If you plan on being a student athlete do not come here. RMC does not work with or care about student athletes even though we bring campus life and publicity to the school. Countless professors have given me a hard time about missing class due to athletics. I even have had to pay out of pocket for an online class at a community college due to RMC’s class scheduling during all of my games. When I talked to the professor to try and work out a solution he basically just told me I had to choose whether to take the class or play that yea.
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Food is always awful, hope you love ramen and microwaved mashed potatoes! People often get sick from eating at the main dining hall so avoid it at all costs. Tuition is very high for the facilities and education I am receiving, do not count on getting a scholarship here unless you have a high gpa and can keep it there or you play a sport. I've had a problem with professors emailing me back, they claim they want to help but not unless you are willing to track the person down and demand they help.
To sum it up, some professors will hold a grudge over you and give you bad grades (I have heard many stories of so). Some professors also only give one exam prior to the final, so if you get a bad grade on the exam, like me who got below a 60 on a exam I worked very hard on, harder than most students in that class, which brought my A down to a B-. You can't bring that grade up because there's only one exam, so my grade for that class and GPA are ruined because of one exam (which I believe was unfairly graded). There is a council for when students misbehave, but I believe there should be a cancel for when professors misbehave. Some professors offer extra credit, some don't care if they fail you. Food is disgusting, I've only eaten in Estes (main cafeteria) twice. I've been eating at Brock (mini McDonalds, with nastier food). I'm leaving this school.

If you're the life of a party and don't mind graduating with a 2.0 GPA, this is the school for you.
The campus is very nice. I like it because it is small and walkable. The class sizes are amazing because you get the attention you need to understand and take in the material. I highly recommend it!
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