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Everyone at RCC has been amazing to work with, from Admissions, to instructors and everyone in between.
I enjoyed my educational years at Randolph Community College. As an alumni, i have learned a lot from the school. The first would be the instructors. The instructors are fabulous and very helpful to the student in reaching their goals. The second would have to be the amazing library staff. They are so helpful in all kinds of ways. Like setting up a research conference with the librarians to the over-all kindness of the librarians. It may be there job to be there, but they make it seem like they want to be there. The college its self is okay, not large and the college also serves as an early college for high-schoolers. But overall, it's just a great 2 year school to go and start your college journey.
I am a student a Randolph Early College High School, so I attend the high school and the college. So far my experience with the college side (RCC) has been very good. I believe the professors to be very well prepared and gifted in their field of work at Randolph Community College.
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Overall my experience at RCC has been very good. The professors have been knowledgeable and friendly. The administration has been helpful. RCC has made my transition back to college a success!
Randolph Community College is a college that is still growing, catching up to the area around it. The campus is lovely, and they offer more online classes than before. The teachers are very engaged and excited about helping their students advance in life. It has been very easy to return to school with a local school like this one to attend.
Overall its a good community college. There is a wide variety of majors to choose from with affordable prices.
I came to Randolph community college right after I graduated high school in 2014 and have been going ever since. its a really great school with a nice atmosphere. but the only thing I would change about this school is the high prices in the cafeteria.
Randolph Community College, which is directly linked to Randolph Early College Highschool, has provided me with a vast amount of resources, even as a high school student. The staff is always there for students and constantly is there to answer questions and provide tutoring and support. I have been engaged in things that a regular high school student would be unable to do, which is why the college is so incredible when it comes to opportunity.
Great Experience ! Fast And Easy Applications With No essays ! I'm glad a stumbled upon this website. It makes looking for great scholarships easier. the scholarships on here are very reasonable!
The photo department is absolutely incredible, and is currently being renovated to keep up with and surpass industry standards. Every staff member on campus is pleasant and willing to help with anything you'd need. There's even a small coffee shop on campus that's run by work-study students. It's a great place to start creating a future.
I am in the photography program at Randolph Community College. I have learned more about my favorite form of art than I ever thought possible. I wouldn't change a thing.
I really like the small class sizes, because you can get to know your professors personally and get one on one help from them. Also, the campus is very nice especially in the spring and fall. There are many helpful resources for getting assistance on different classes or anything else you may need help with. The only thing I would want to change would be that I think it would be fun to have sports teams here.
My time at Randolph Community College is pretty great. I have had good, insightful classes with teachers who care about their students.
Being able to take classes in the afternoon some days and in the mooring other days has helped me create a perfect working schedule to help me find time for studying and focusing on my school work other than worrying about working at my job.
My experience with online courses so far has been a lot more helpful to me than going to classes at the school everyday, and this is only because I live at the other end of the county for my school so it takes me a longer time to arrive to my classes. Being able to do online classes has provided me extra time to focus on the class and more time at my job than having to drive to class and sit in an uncomfortable setting all day.
I have heard that the quality of career services at my school are very helpful but I have yet had the chance to use these services for myself, so my acquisition is not yet accurate of the services.
So far my experience with the professors and courses at this school have been amazing. Every class I have took part of has been very detailed and helpful to my future career and the professors are more than willing to help me with all of my needs and questions. Some have even taken time out of their free time off campus to help me learn new studying tactics and even help me learn the material that they went over when I was unable to make it to a class. The professors at my school are all amazing and are willing to help students grow in their education.
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The value of a degree from this school is worth just as much as the value from any other school. The quality of career center services on campus are worth the trip to see. They are willing and able to help anyone and everyone who are in the need of an internship or job and to help them either get the internship/job or take them to someone who can assist them and help them find what is right for them.
It is very unique in engaging into the Phlebotomy program at my school because there is not only just a book portion of the class there is a clinical portion where you can be hands on and learn how to work in an office like you will be doing in the future.
So far my overall experience at school has been amazing! I love my classes and all my teachers. They make me look forward to coming to school and learning new things everyday. I am grateful for my education and I am willing to increase my knowledge everyday!
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