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The school is almost falling apart at this point. I work in the Res Life staff and we have gone through four bosses in the last year, and have had months with no boss at all. The Athletics Director, Dean, Student Engagement Coordinator, all resigned this year and the replacements are either temporary or floundering.

If you are wanting to go here for the riding program then don't, it's being shut down. If you want to go here for a diverse education then don't, we no longer offer concentrations in any world regions besides the U.S. or Europe. If you want to come here for the sports then make sure you don't actually like to win.

The dorms are hit or miss. I lived in Bell and had barely any complaints, but Main Hall is disgusting and the showers are cold 70% of the time.

Cost is 50k a semester. They will throw aid at you, so it's likely you wont be paying more than 15 (more like 11-12), but even then that is not worth the experience.
Beautiful small campus and lots of one on one attention from teachers. Unfortunately many of the departments are lacking in varieties of classes and it’s not very well respected. There’s a wide range of kids from A+ geniuses to bros that barely ever go to class.
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Randolph College is a great school that allows a person to grow and develop in any way possible. The only grievance that I have is with the upkeep of the dorm facilities.
It is a great school and all of the things I've done with them have been really wonderful! They're very personable and know how to make anyone feel welcome!
I love the small community and the fact that every teacher here knows me personally. I believe the classrooms are different from other colleges and universities because of the connection we have with the teachers and also each other. I am guaranteed to run into a new person from one of my classes and become acquainted with them. I come from Richmond, VA which is pretty big and it is nice to be able to enjoy the rural area in which Randolph College is located. The activity council here at Randolph is quite amazing also. Recently MAC our activity council took students to Washington D.C. to visit and explore. I love our community because we trust each other and want to befriend everyone. Randolph is such a small school, everyone is open to new relationships. That is one of the reasons I enjoy being a Wildcat. I am so proud to be apart of this community that I call home.
Randolph is a great environment to further your education. The people there are very friendly and helpful. Whenever in need, someone will be there to guide you. The professor enjoy teaching the students in their specific field of study and are a great source for information. I highly recommend Randolph College.
What I love about Randolph is all the academic help they provide to each and every student. They to their very best to meet the needs of each student and ensure their students are doing their best in and out of classes.
Randolph College is a small school that offers a close community and a beautiful campus. The school offers a shuttle bus ride into the city for students who don't have a car, which is very convenient and easy to use.
Randolph is a small college so it's easy to make friends and get involved. Class size and teacher ratio is awesome. It so easy to schedule time with my instructors. I play on the soccer team and the girls and coaches make it such a blast!
Underappreciated by students. There are problems as with any other institution, but the attention you get from faculty and staff sets kids up for success. Very easy to get involved if your willing. Student life has changed a lot recently. Cliques are becoming less of a problem, people are branching out and becoming more accepting. I graduated with a 3.0 and have had no trouble finding a job due to the fact that Randolph provided me opportunities to get experience outside the classroom.
The experience was great, I really enjoyed the time that I had. The classroom setting was very nice to me because I prefer the small classroom scene, and the teachers are very engaged in the classroom so I feel as if I would do very well at Randolph. The only downside to the school in my opinion is that there is no football team and I really enjoy going to the games and showing my support and school spirit. On the other hand, the school is great in my opinion.
I love the area of town it is placed in, it is so pretty! The drive down is a nice scenic drive, and it's just as gorgeous once you arrive on the campus. The students are all extremely friendly, and it's just a nice environment to be in.
My school has amazing academic programs. The classes are very small which guarantees not only effective learning but also establishing connections with professor. Career Development Office make it easy to start networking and find internships. Randolph prepares well for the future, and that what I appreciate most about it.
I think that the value of a degree from Randolph does have of some prestige. They do force there students to become good members of society. Although it is not very well heard of.
I I love the small class sizes and the professors are great I just wish that there was more of a variety of classes. I was not able to take many of the classes that I wanted to because they were scheduled at the same time. Likewise they often where full.
I believe that we have a safe campus. Although aligations were made the party that committed them no longer attends the school.
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The rooms are nice. But all the freshman live in the same hall and therefore only socialize with the other freshman. Also campus security is overbearing.
The athletic staff are snot me of the best employees the school has. They are caring considerate and attended to all the athletes needs. However the facilities could use some sprucing up. It is so small that they are usually thrown together and some of the players never get to play.
I am going into my sophomore year. I had a great freshman year full of new opportunities and friendships. I am really glad that I chose Randolph College for my education. It was the right place for me. I was far from home and the small community really Is helping me grow into a better person. I am not sure that I will be graduating from the school due to the yearly increase of tuition but I do not regret attending.
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