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Rancho Santiago Community Colleges Reviews

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I really loved that although it is a commuter school it's easy to make it your own, as the professors are really intentional and personal, there are many student organizations that are available for students to make connections and friendships.
Santiago Canyon College has staff members in each of the differenf offices who are extremely helpful. They really make you feel important. They have good one on one conversations with appointments. It is a nice and proper campus. Santa Ana College has many and great programs. It is filled with people of many cultures, so this makes it quite incredible! Both of these schools made me feel like home because it was sure like my second home.
As far as I have seen, career support is very minimal, and while there are good opportunities in the DMC for certain students, it isn't a high chance. Internships are minimal.
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Some classes are better than others, overall most professors are passionate about their fields, some do seem to be "out of touch" or missing ease of access for students who need support and help with their work.
I am pleased with the Digital Media Center the school has created. The instructors there care about their students and work to help us become intertwined with the actual workings of real graphic designers and artists. However, the programs themselves feel weaker in terms of merit on paper, and there could be more labs or classes offered, since some classes are only offered once a year for a major or certificate.
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