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Ramapo College is a fine state school located in the rural, mountainous area of northern New Jersey. Aside from the scenery, Ramapo is always enhancing its buildings, so there may be some construction, but all to make your learning and experience worth it. Professors are always there to help and there are plenty of clubs and opportunities to make new friends. There is something valuable at Ramapo that any type of student will find. From those who enjoy partying and going out with friends to those who prefer quiet time in nature and a place to study. Ramapo will be your home.
I love it at Ramapo. It is a great education for the value. A lot of people complain that it is boring, but the fact is they are boring people. Put yourself in any situation and the key is to be sociable. Something is always going on, you just have to poke around.
Ramapo College is a very clean and beautiful campus. It is very small, so it is very easy to get to know the campus. The courses offered include a wide variety of information. There are some really great professors here.
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Beautiful campus, great student activity, huge commuter school, friendly people, great basketball team, I'm very proud to go here.
The college campus is beautiful, however, there are a bunch of professors here that simply do not care about student success. That does not mean there are not any that do. Those professors that do care about student success and go the extra mile to help students are what sets this school apart from other schools.
RCNJ is what you make of it. When I attended the school, I knew people who loved it, people who absolutely despised it, and everything in-between. The academics are fine, some majors are definitely better than others. I liked the small class sizes - no 400-person lecture halls here. Professors are a mixed bag, though I did have some great classes. Some students are nice, but others are arrogant and snotty and the school is very clique-ish. That said, I did make a few lifelong friends in the end. Lots of kids go home on the weekends, and there isn't much to do in Mahwah, NJ. At least NYC is only 25 miles away.
On the upside, the campus is beautiful and the dorms are great, just as nice as you've heard.I think Ramapo is good and bad - even down to the offices, some are outstanding and some are a joke. I don't regret going here, but I do sometimes wonder "What if?" Prospective students, weigh all of your options carefully and decide for yourself.
I love Ramapo College. The class sizes are great and the professors are very helpful.The professors are always willing to help you if you need the help. Ramapo is the hidden gem in bergen county New Jersey.
I have enjoyed my time at here. I like that my professor knows who I am and that I can build a relationship with them because of the schools small setting.
Attending Ramapo College of NJ was one of the best decisions I've ever made. The campus and beautiful with some of the best student housing and apartments in the state. You're education is top of line. There's only about 20 students enrolled in class, so you get the attention you need from your professors. Would have wanted to go anywhere else!
It's a gamble here. Some teachers will enlighten you while others are just a dud. Aesthetics are nice here, student population is diverse, party scene is nonexistent, dorms are talked up too much.
Overall great college. People that complain there is nothing to do aren't involved in anything on campus. Only a junior and already I have had so many opportunities from going here. Professors know who you are and remember you even after the class is over, one of the many benefits of going to a small school like this. Even administrators know who students are. Truly happy with my choice to go here.
One of the worst college experiences I have ever had. This place does not know how to manage more then a few people. My bill was wrong many times. The program I was a part of was a joke. I could have taught the course better my self. This school was not challenging and not cutting edge. While some of the concepts and skills were good for a novice that is not what a 4 year college should be teaching toward. I did my MA here and felt as if I left with more BA knowledge.
Ramapo College of New Jersey is a very good school. It is in a very calm and quiet area. It is a small school with not a lot of people which is something that I looked for in a school. The people in the school are very nice and overall it is a very great environment to be around.
As a senior, I can truly say I have had an amazing experience as a Ramapo College student. The small class sizes allow professors to get to know their students on a more personal basis. This has allowed me to build strong professional relationships with professors. I have been able to contact professors for internships, and recommendation letters for both scholarships and graduate school admissions. I would say the campus dining options can be greatly improved. First, there are limited options, as well as limited hours of operation. I find most of the food to be unhealthy.
Has the huge dorms, two great dining halls, view of the mountains is extremely nice, very modern school, great athletic facilities, good places to study, class sizes are small, good professors, and reasonable price. However, this school is awfully boring. There is no social life here unless you make it into one, it's a commuter school, and it's completely dead on the weekends. Most go home but if you stay here good luck finding somewhere to go, because either you will be eating, sleeping, or studying. There is no college town, so you are basically stranded here unless you have a car on campus. I'm currently a freshman, but transferring after this year.
Small class sizes, a lot of individual attention. You're not just a name on a piece of paper. Professors know everyone personally and have a tendency to reach out if a student is falling behind/not attending class. They have office hours every week, and are very willing to make appointments. Great science program for a liberal arts school. Small campus but beautiful. Different clubs and organizations co-sponsor events. Living on campus can get a little boring on weekends because it's not a "college town", but there are many ways to get involved and those who complain the most usually aren't involved in any extracurricular activities. Most dorms are fairly new or being renovated. No communial bathrooms, a lot of different living set-ups. The science building was redone last year and is amazing, although more modern equipment would be nice. Overall, a great school. I had a fantastic experience, better than I would've had at a larger school.
My experience was great. I joined clubs and participated in extracurricular activities offered. I met all sorts of people and learned a lot.
Review Ramapo College of New Jersey
I attended a summer program which allowed me to take 8 credits worth of classes and it was truly great. I learned more in the six weeks about life than I did in eighteen years.
So many different courses to choose from with professors that care about your education. The class sizes are small and allows professors to get to know you and easier to have questions. Professors are very available for office hours.
I am a social work major and for my major there are 680 of required fieldwork. I would be interning at a lot of places and social networking a lot making it more likely to find a job after I graduate.
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