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The school is small so you get to really know your peers and your professors, the social work department is great and all the professors are extremely helpful. The food is average but there are a lot of options to choose from. You will always find parking but you will have to walk a good distance. The campus in beautiful and it is nice to sit outside and study or have lunch on a warm, sunny day. My only complaint is the lack of livelyhood and events going on on campus, its quiet.
Ramapo is a beautiful college in the middle of the mountainous northern New Jersey. Parties are usually on Wednesday nights. The groups are divided into cultural cliques. Professors are great if you can get your first choice. Definitely take Ecology, Economics and Ethics! It's one of my favorite courses!
I love the scenery, and friendly environment of the staff. I would love for Ramapo College to become more of a diverse campus amongst faculty, staff and students.
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The people are nice and the dorms are not bad but there is not much happening on the weekends and the food is not so good.
The professors at Ramapo really care about their field of study as well as their students succeeding. I have gotten personal attention at Ramapo from professors and faculty that has helped me feel more prepared for my profession in the future. Although there are not a lot of people on campus during the weekends, there is always something to do if you want to get involved and look for it. I am extremely satisfied with both the academics at Ramapo and the opportunities that it presents me with.
It's a decent school if your just looking to get a degree or not really into partying every night or at all. Greek life is cool but don't expect everyone to like you
It's a small campus with not too much diversity and activities. Administration is business minded like most other schools too.
I am currently enrolled in Ramapo College of New Jersey. As a commuter, my main focus is to just be on campus for class. I was afraid that because I commute, I would not be able to participate in clubs or attend career fairs. The college offers both activities at different dates and times- which makes it convienent to participate in the college's affairs! As for academics, the college is perfect. It is smaller; therefore, professors are tailored to the students and their needs. They are easy to reach and there is a very personal experience. I would recommend Ramapo for its academics. The school provides great resources and knowlegable professors.
The greatest factor about Ramapo are the small classes. The professors will know your name and will be very involved.
Ramapo is extremely gorgeous. The staff is amazing and more than qualified for their positions. The people are nice and open minded. I always feel at home!
Ramapo offered many academically diverese options for students but failed to offer the necessary classes that many other schools offer. For example, it offers a music production program but it doesn't offer classes on management in the music world, which is highly recommended in the business. Other than that, Ramapo offered a great experience for students looking to find a home on campus. There were many great activities (nightly) so students always had something to do.
I personally love Ramapo College. It is a small school that is deeply grounded in nature. If you are a party type then this school wont fit you, but if you are interested in a good education and nature then it is a perfect fit. The professors are also super qualified and the class sizes are remarkably small. I have loved it ever since I have arrived here.
Ramapo College is a fine state school located in the rural, mountainous area of northern New Jersey. Aside from the scenery, Ramapo is always enhancing its buildings, so there may be some construction, but all to make your learning and experience worth it. Professors are always there to help and there are plenty of clubs and opportunities to make new friends. There is something valuable at Ramapo that any type of student will find. From those who enjoy partying and going out with friends to those who prefer quiet time in nature and a place to study. Ramapo will be your home.
I love it at Ramapo. It is a great education for the value. A lot of people complain that it is boring, but the fact is they are boring people. Put yourself in any situation and the key is to be sociable. Something is always going on, you just have to poke around.
Ramapo College is a very clean and beautiful campus. It is very small, so it is very easy to get to know the campus. The courses offered include a wide variety of information. There are some really great professors here.
Beautiful campus, great student activity, huge commuter school, friendly people, great basketball team, I'm very proud to go here.
The college campus is beautiful, however, there are a bunch of professors here that simply do not care about student success. That does not mean there are not any that do. Those professors that do care about student success and go the extra mile to help students are what sets this school apart from other schools.
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RCNJ is what you make of it. When I attended the school, I knew people who loved it, people who absolutely despised it, and everything in-between. The academics are fine, some majors are definitely better than others. I liked the small class sizes - no 400-person lecture halls here. Professors are a mixed bag, though I did have some great classes. Some students are nice, but others are arrogant and snotty and the school is very clique-ish. That said, I did make a few lifelong friends in the end. Lots of kids go home on the weekends, and there isn't much to do in Mahwah, NJ. At least NYC is only 25 miles away.
On the upside, the campus is beautiful and the dorms are great, just as nice as you've heard.I think Ramapo is good and bad - even down to the offices, some are outstanding and some are a joke. I don't regret going here, but I do sometimes wonder "What if?" Prospective students, weigh all of your options carefully and decide for yourself.
I love Ramapo College. The class sizes are great and the professors are very helpful.The professors are always willing to help you if you need the help. Ramapo is the hidden gem in bergen county New Jersey.
I have enjoyed my time at here. I like that my professor knows who I am and that I can build a relationship with them because of the schools small setting.
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