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I really enjoyed my experience at RCNJ. The class sizes were small, the students were diverse and there were always plenty of events and clubs to be involved in. I had a great academic experience there as well, my professors were caring and really helped me gain skills that helped me post-graduation.
Ramapo College of New Jersey is an amazing school. It is beautiful. It is for students who like small schools because it doesn’t have a lot of student.
Ramapo was the very first college I had ever visited,and that was while I was in the second grade on a school trip.I had a fixed mindset on going to that college,but now that I know there are more options Ramapo is still on the top or my list.
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Small, but beautiful campus with very helpful, caring professors. Dorms on campus are high-quality . Up-to-date computer labs; dining is buffet-style at two cafes, along with a Dunkin Donuts on campus and other options.
It is a great school. I know many students and professors and they all love it there. Ramapo has a beautiful campus and many equestrian facilities close by.
I really like the atmosphere of the college, as looks very modern, while it also surrounded by nature. It is a small college, so it is very accessible to go to your classes. There are many ways to get involved, with over 100 clubs and organizations you can join. The staff is very friendly as well. Just wish there were more food options at the college.
The professors at Ramapo were all very good. I appreciated the small class size, and feel I was able to form good relationships with most of my professors. The administration was frustrating at times, particularly when I had to withdraw for medical reasons and they made it very difficult for me to do so and keep my academic standing. The on-campus security also left something to be desired.
I love being a Student at Ramapo College of New Jersey. All of the Professors are super nice and care about the students doing well in their classes. The dorms have been ranked #1 in New Jersey for two years in a row.
My experience at Ramapo College was super fun and new. I love the view and the dorms so beautiful, full of nature. The academics is so great, you learn something new all the time and professors are very helpful. Ramapo is just a friendly environment. I would change the food they serve at the cafe because students are paying $1,000s of dollars and it should be better quality. Other than that ramapo is an amazing school and I had a great experience . The student life is exciting and different every time. Almost finish have one more year left.
Dorm life is fun if you become friends with people around you. The college is what you make of it, if you get out and make friends you'll have fun. Public safety if annoying and they are very strict on policies, get caught once and you'll get suspended and kicked from housing for a semester.
The school had a terrible program for my major. The school was filled with kids who never experienced anything in high school. Id never recommend this school to anyone. I wasted my money and made no connects to people. Also, school gets confusing because everyone looks the same seeing as the population is mostly white kids craving to hear sweet caroline.
Very friendly environment. Awesome staff and a lot of opportunities. Numerous resources to excel at academics and ECAs.
A beautiful campus with dedicated and friendly staff. Great college culture and contentedness among students. Small enough to know people but big enough to meet new people.
I am in the Social Work program at Ramapo College of New Jersey. The faculty are extremely knowledgeable and work hard to ensure that each student has a clear understanding of the material. The school was extremely helpful during the spring semester when I became homeless and quickly needed to find a place to live. Working with the Residence Life department they were able to get into student housing, where I was able to move into an apartment on campus. The college faculty and staff are always will to spend the time to assist the students with any and all of their needs.
Overall, I am currently enjoying my experience here at Ramapo. I'm heavily involved around campus. I'm a resident assistant at the Overlook, I work for admissions and give out tours as well as working in the president's office. I enjoy the work environment that I am in as well as my classes. As an art major the class sizes are on the smaller side compared to the average here. I loved all my professors I have had so far and they are really supportive towards their students. I feel at home when I'm at Ramapo; I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.
If you're looking for a small campus where professors, advisors and counselors would be able to get to know you, then Ramapo might be the best choice! You don't need shuttle bus to get to class. Class average size is 23. Also, dorms are really nice that comes with fridge and microwave!! Also, each dorm has their own bathroom.
I love this college! The class sizes are small so every professor can really get to know each of their students. It is the kind of environment I enjoy being in and is academically rigorous. I have to say, though, I wish there was more for me to do outside of my academics. There is a large amount of time where nothing happens even if I am involved with four or five clubs.
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Ramapo is a very interesting place it has a lot of potential, but it’s all about what you make of it. A lot of students go home during the weekends.
I loved how the people at Ramapo deal with diversity, everyone there is really friendly and open to interracting with others. It’s not such a big school so you don’t have to travel so far for classes. RCNJ loves its students
Ramapo’s campus is Unbeatable. The area is beautiful. The surrounding area has mountains, hiking, horses, and beautiful scenery. For the cost of tuition, the school has a very good value.
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