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What I like about Radford University is the scenery and the professors I've had. The view and surroundings are amazing and it's very peaceful. The professors are very helpful and really enjoy talking one-on-one with their students. I like how Radford University helps out students who really seek for help. I don't think I would change anything about Radford University. My freshman experience was great overall. I'd do it all over again if I could.
Radford University is a great school that is in a small beautiful town. From the students to the professors everyone is nice and is extremely caring and the class sizes are smaller which gives students the one on one interaction that a student may need. Radford U. is the best!
My experience at Radford did not start out too well when I enrolled in the Computer science major, but after I changed my major and went for a degree in Media Studies my perspective of Radford changed as I began to love what I was going for and saw great opportunities to help me in my pursuit of getting into broadcasting.
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After my first year at Radford University, I have fallen in love. Radford is a small school, which means small classes. These small classes work perfectly for me! I can get close to my professors, which has helped my grades completely. Radford is all a family, we are all there to support each other and cheer each other on! Radford has 100% become my home and family.
Radford University is a small school that caters to a variety of majors. I love the easy to navigate campus and the helpful professors. The entire school is one giant community that will also support a student in need.
The excellent programs, knowledgeable professors, and a beautiful campus are a few of the many reasons why this university deserves a-5 star rating.
Attended RU my freshman year in college as an accounting major before transferring after the school year was over. I have to say it is a beautiful campus for a small school, curriculum is always on point and teachers/professors were always challenging me to go above and beyond. The school has a great atmosphere, and you're always greeted by random people throughout the campus. Also has a great party vibe to it on weekends even though it is about half an hour away from Virginia Tech and in the south. I would say the only thing that sucks about the school other than the lack of D1 sports team compared to other campuses I've visited is the food the dining hall serves. Although the fast food choices you have combined with MUSE Diner (which is like a 3 star restaurant) located under Muse Hall, makes up for that.
I enjoy Radford University. Because of it being in a small town I feel that it is a good fit for me. The academic programs here are excellent. I feel that I get plenty of hands on experience for my Geology major and the university is in the perfect place to do so. One complaint I do have is that as a vegan, it can sometimes be difficult finding a reasonably priced meal. However I am sure that with some advocating there may be a push to make the dining halls serve more vegan food.
I'm only a freshman, but I LOVE Radford. This is my home. Radford has some of the most amazing professors in the world. I've never been afraid to speak my mind or ask a question. The campus is beautiful and it's the most perfect size -- if you want to be able to walk anywhere on campus in 10 minutes, Radford is perfect. Radford is incredibly diverse which is another thing I adore about it here, so many Virginia schools are so white-washed but Radford is nothing like that.
“I picked Radford University because of its size and location. I felt I could develop a close relationship with my professors. Along with those relationships, I knew I would have the chance to do actual independent research that I would not have been able to do at a larger state school.”
I love that the campus is small, I can walk anywhere on campus in 10 minutes. Most of the class sizes are small and it's like being in high school all over again. The professors are all nice and they really want you to succeed.
Radford University is a beautiful campus and the the fashion design program I'm in is very nice. Everyone is friendly and the professors work with you to get you to the level you need to be to go off and get a job in the field you're aiming for.
Radford University is by far my favorite place on the planet. With the large amounts of the friendliest people you will ever meet, the atmosphere, and the endless amounts of activities around, you will hardly find yourself bored. Besides the reputation, Radford is an amazing University and I wouldn't rather call anywhere else home.
Radford University is tucked in the Virginia mountains and utilizes its's unique location in a small town to its' own advantage. The students are well looked after by the amazing opportunities presented to them, small class sizes, great athletic teams, and student life events. Never a dull moment at Radford. The academics are a great medium between difficult and manageable which greatly helps is students and professors.
I love my university, I mean we have a Chick-Fil-A! I wish we had more diversity among our student body. I also wish that we had a football team, but Virginia Tech is right up the road! Also, better parking and not worrying about your car getting flooded would be awesome!
I love the size of the campus. If you are looking for a University that is not too small but not so big that you are just a number, I recommend Radford University. Radford is my home away from home. The campus is just the right size to be able to walk to anywhere on campus in a reasonable amount of time. The class sizes are great, definitely once you get into your major. The professors really do care and make learning the material interesting.
I personally love Radford. It makes me feel at home and I love the campus, people, and classes. Everyday when I go to class I don't feel like I'm doing work. I enjoy it and would recommend it to everyone.
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Redford University has so much to offer. When I toured, I felt so at home. The staff is so welcoming and so willing to help. Classes are small and teachers are more than happy to make your learning experience perfect. The atmosphere Redford brings is nothing but beautiful.
Wonderful school and professors! A lot of local restaurants and nightlife within walking distance. Campus is pretty safe and everyone is friendly.
Radford is such a friendly campus. Whether is be professors or students you always see a familiar face on campus. Classes are just the perfect size allwoing you to really get to know your professors and peers.
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