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Love the school the teacher are willing to help and it is a very social school so it is easy to make friends
I like how the campus is always nice looking and they clean it up often. It gives it a nice look for visiting. I think they should get better food options because it is all really unhealthy and some people are vegan and do not have much of an option when it comes to eating. Most of the vegan options also will destroy your meal plan so you won’t have much money.
Radford is such a great place with small classrooms to meet professors that help you as much as they can. The campus does everything in its power to make sure we have activities going on at least once a week for free. Not only is the campus beautiful but the people here are all so nice and friendly.
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Radford University is a school that feels like a home away from home. The professors are here to help students and so is everyone else on campus. The programs available and continual growth is extremely helpful to students. The professors care about YOU as a student and the campus community is strong with over 250 clubs and organizations. Getting involved is very easy on campus, there is always a presence of something new. The opportunities available to the students are endless!!
The campus is really nice and if you put a small amount of effort towards classes, the teachers will like you a lot. Teachers are very responsive and will help you with any problems. Dorms are nice but don't expect good internet connectivity. The area lacks good food although transportation is provided to go to nearby area.
The campus is beautiful! It is the perfect university for anyone looking for a small campus and small class sizes. Every building has been or is in the process of being renovated and the dorm rooms are pretty big compared to other colleges.The faculty is also very helpful and nice.
The school is very student focused. They cater to the parents and it is affordable. They provide many opportunities for both students and parents to become acquainted with student life and responsibilities.
This is my first year as a Radford student and I am the first in my family to attend a university. My parents could not attend college so we did not know what to expect. My first month attending I have found the campus to be very beautiful and elegant, while staying modern and up to date with technology. I have found the student resources to be very useful and have no problems with anything on campus, the professors are excellent. I have learned a great deal already. The only complaint from my experience so far would be finical aid, they did not seem eager or even desiring to help me when both my parents lost their jobs. One of the finical aid staff even told me "it doesn't look like you will be attending this fall" and they didn't even tell me about the special circumstance form until i asked for it.
I absolutely love Radford University. It is close enough to home to where I'm not homesick and far enough away to where I feel like I have a lot of new freedom. The campus is so beautiful and inviting, and all of the faculty and students are so kind and helpful that it makes Radford feel like a home away from home. Proud to be a Highlander!!
everyone is very helpful and they make sure that everything is right. they have went out of their way more than once to help me.
I like all of the classes and professors. The campus isn't too big so it doesn't take long to get to classes at all. It's nice to have a small school like this because you get to know so many new people and it's always nice to make new friends.
My first semester was kind of tough, because I was a transfer and it took me awhile to get use to a new environment. My second semester was much better. I got involved more and my grades improved from the first semester. I was open to making new friendships, so my advice is to be open and get involved while in Radford.
Great environment with great people that care! Awesome beautiful facilities which are very welcoming and friendly.
Radford University is the perfect school to help new student embrace their personality and not be afraid to try new things. The clubs and diversity that Radford University has makes it easier for upcoming freshman not be afraid to try new things and it's a great way to make friends! The academics that they offer is amazing, from helping us with our majors to helping us get internships at other jobs that will help us set up our future in the right path. The staff at Radford is very unique, the care that they have for their students is remarkable! They want us to succeed in every possible way! Whether it be in our academics or sports, or confidence, etc, they never fail to to be that guiding/lending hand that we all need. All in all, Radford University is a perfect school for anyone to fulfill their dreams in whatever that may be!
What I like about Radford University is the scenery and the professors I've had. The view and surroundings are amazing and it's very peaceful. The professors are very helpful and really enjoy talking one-on-one with their students. I like how Radford University helps out students who really seek for help. I don't think I would change anything about Radford University. My freshman experience was great overall. I'd do it all over again if I could.
Radford University is a great school that is in a small beautiful town. From the students to the professors everyone is nice and is extremely caring and the class sizes are smaller which gives students the one on one interaction that a student may need. Radford U. is the best!
My experience at Radford did not start out too well when I enrolled in the Computer science major, but after I changed my major and went for a degree in Media Studies my perspective of Radford changed as I began to love what I was going for and saw great opportunities to help me in my pursuit of getting into broadcasting.
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After my first year at Radford University, I have fallen in love. Radford is a small school, which means small classes. These small classes work perfectly for me! I can get close to my professors, which has helped my grades completely. Radford is all a family, we are all there to support each other and cheer each other on! Radford has 100% become my home and family.
Radford University is a small school that caters to a variety of majors. I love the easy to navigate campus and the helpful professors. The entire school is one giant community that will also support a student in need.
The excellent programs, knowledgeable professors, and a beautiful campus are a few of the many reasons why this university deserves a-5 star rating.
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