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During my time with Radford so far as been an experience to say the least. Everyone there has been welcoming and nice. The campus is always lovely to look at and walk around. Granted the party scene can be a bit much, but if you're into that then you will like it. As for someone who is not a big fan, there is enough to do to keep you busy.
Great university tucked away in the New River Valley in one of the most beautiful places in Virginia. Academia is quality too.
My experience at Radford University so far as been good. The food on campus is good but it tends to get old fast, since there are only about nine places to eat on campus and sometimes these places are not even open. On campus housing needs to be cleaned better and their process for placing students in housing needs to take into account students needs and requests, considering how much it costs to live on campus. I mean the largest student housing building on campus does not even have air conditioning. Radford University has many emergency phones on campus in case of an emergency and the university is well lit, but the area surrounding the campus, where most parties are held are not as well lit or have programs in place to keep students safe.
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I love the small class sizes, and that all of my professors genuinely care about investing in their students. One thing that I'd like to see, however, is more curriculum consistency when it comes to what different sections of the same class are learning.
I love that Radford University is a medium sized campus. I also love the teacher to student ratio. Radford University has many clubs and organizations. The Radford University community strongly recommends student involvement around campus.
Radford has a lot of opportunities, but can be hard to find out about some of them. Be sure to take the time to see what is going on on and around campus.
Radford University is a diverse campus and tries to get studies involved as much as possible. Students are able to connect with professors inside and out of class.
Radford University was a great decision to choose for me to further my education. The campus is student friendly in terms of size and lifestyle. With around 6,000 enrolled students allow you to meet new people but also be familiar with a lot of them. The class room sizes are perfect if you don't want big university auditorium style rooms. The smaller classes also help you get to know your professors on a more personal level.
I love going to school here! We have great programs to take with a great faculty that is willing to guide you every step of the way. The students really come together when need be and overall we're just one big family!
I like that Radford has a small campus size. There is not a person the campus that I have not seen before. You can get from one side of the campus to the other in roughly ten minutes. Also, I love the interaction students and professors have with the small classroom numbers. I dislike the campus food, some of the options are great but not all the food live up to my standards. I think as Radford University grows the food options will expand as well.
Radford University is a great school for those who are worried about the dreaded student loan monster. Radford is an affordable education that is nestled in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of Virginia, and is within driving distance of everything a college student could possibly need. The small school environment is perfect for those who want an education in an interactive and supportive environment. Radford University is my home away from home.
I love the atmosphere, the teachers, the campus is beautiful and the nursing program here is amazing!
Everyone I talked to was extremely friendly and helpful. Great food selection and cafeterias. Free transportation (via bus), plenty of activities to take part in around the campus.
Radford University is a great school! The professors are really nice and they want you to succeed. There is always something to do and R- Space always has free activities for students. The campus is nice and small so you don't have to walk across any major roads. Overall I love the school.
This should be your last choice school right behind community college. The education here is a joke and most people could care less about their academics. The food is appalling and a complete waste of money. I could not recommend this school less to anyone.
When I first came to Radford, I wasnt sure how I would like it. I am now a sophomore and I couldnt imagine myself anywhere else. Everyone in Radford is so welcoming and its like a big happy family. The SGA is determined to listen to the students and change things that are possible and they do great at it. The professors are great. Classes are small so you get time and help from professors.
It is a very beautiful campus and has a very good student environment. Educational opportunities are very prominent. The educators are very well trained and will give me a good educational experience when I start in the fall of 2018.
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Small class sizes, campus size is small. Work study offered and admin scheduled meetings when needed
Radford is an amazing university. As a communications student, the new College of Human and Behavioral Sciences (CHBS) building is updated and perfect for learning. The professors are easily available outside of class and are happy to answer any concerns. The one complaint I have is the food quality and the selection of food. Radford is a small town, not having very many off-campus dining possibilities. The on-campus food is lower quality than most and seems to not live up to what college food should be.
The college has good professors and staff. There are plenty of clubs and activities to get involved in.
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