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Radford is an amazing school where the professors and faculty care about you and your success! I love my school and can't wait to finish my years out there.
It's okay. Not the best school by any means. It gets the job done but doesn't do much else. However, it is very inexpensive to attend.
The professors were so kind and helpful. They really care about giving all their students the best higher education possible.
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It is a great place to study where you can feel the support your professors and grow constantly academically.
All aspects of Radford are wonderful, from academics to student life, there is something for everyone.
I have had so many questions about whether or not I could even be accepted into college based on my GPA and my SAT score. I have caused a ton of stress on myself and I finally decided to contact Radford and ask them questions involving the application process. I have seen the campus and it is very open and students seemed happy as I was touring but my main worry was " Radford is a party school" and I did not want to be a part of that lifestyle I want to be fully focused on my academics so I can advance my studies. I really have a hard time getting things in my brain instead of seeing it I have to hear it over and over again and I feel that I will not do well in college but they informed me about tutoring and professor hours where you have a certain period of time to ask questions and receive the help that I will need.
Radford University is in an excellent location of me personally. Good pricing and excellent education.
Radford University has allowed me to figure out what I actually want to do with my future. While we may have a reputation as a huge party school, academically we are held to high standards and our courses are rigorous. Almost all of my professors have been wonderful and they’ve helped me improve in many areas. Radford may not be in the biggest town, and we may be on a small campus, but it helps us to be a more close knit campus community. This makes being away from home much easier. I can honestly say that by choosing Radford, I’ve helped to further my life in so many ways.
The people is great, environment is great, it is second home to me. Every is super friendly and helpful. The campus is beautiful and has many unique shops and food places all around close.It has a bus that travels to places in area to take you to like Walmart, VT, and mall. There many groups and events that students can see or join. The food is getting better every year.
I absolutly love this place. It was voted second most conservative in VA. The campus is beautiful. The students are the friendliest people, you'd ever meet. Oh and Tech sucks
I am an international graduate student. Radford University is my big family. I never felt isolated or ignored. People are friendly and love to help. I love also my professors who treated me very well regardless of who I am. I love also, Radford Community. People, in general, are nice and love to talk.
Attended my freshman year and hated every minute of it. The people are rude and close minded, and there is nothing to do on campus if you arent into partying. The food is horrible and consists of only fast food opinions. There isnt many good off campus options either, unless you want to drife to Blacksburg or Roanoke.If you aren't into partying and Greek life and actually care about your education, then stay away. Almost everyone I know transferred out including myself.
The thing I favor and cherish most about Radford University is that there are many opportunities for you to be involved in extracurricular activities. Far too often people are going away to school to focus on the "college experience" (partying) and eventually end up wasting their time and their money. Students need to be driven by success and the extracurriculars that Radford provides help you focus and branch out while maintaining your good academic standing.
I love the experience I have had at Radford. When I first visited the campus I fell in love with it. There are several eating places located close to campus. I also can go to Walmart and a mall via the transportation bus. Sticking to policies of how selection of housing is done.
Fell in love with Radford during my first visit as a senior in high school four years ago. The campus size is manageable and well-kept; the city itself is close-knit and convenient as everyone both on and off campus are but a short walk away. Though the environment may not be fitting for everyone, those who experience Radford know of its one-of-a kind like quality. I don't believe I could have went anywhere better.
My name is Emilie and I am currently an incoming junior, currently still a sophomore, at Radford University. Radford is a very comfortable, homey, and inspiration seeking college. I had the hardest time picking somewhere that felt right for me as I already have major social anxiety, and the connections, people, staff makes it feel like I am leaving my home every time I leave there.
The staff and teachers at this school are second to none. Every class I have taken has felt very involved and interesting. The school is very safe with resource officers being on campus and a police station located just across the street. The facilites and services available ensure a well informed and comfortable stay while attending Radford University
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I really love my university. Radford is an school where it is very diverse,you see people from all types of backgrounds interact with eachother. People here is very outgoing and always looking to meet new people. As a freshman coming into college I was kinda scared because I didn’t know what to expect. I figured I would be looked at different for attending an PWI instead of an HBCU but it was totally opposite. Radford University welcomes me with open arms,from the day I set foot on campus I knew it was the school for me. I could feel the peacefulness in the area because where I’m from there’s really isn’t any place you can go and be safe. I felt at home going to Radford and is looking forward to my Fall semester as an sophomore.
Radford has a home feeling. The academics are excellent . The people are friendly. The scenery is beautiful.
I like that the fact that the teachers are always a phone call away to help you. I also like the different activities and clubs you can really enjoy.
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