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Radford is an amazing university. As a communications student, the new College of Human and Behavioral Sciences (CHBS) building is updated and perfect for learning. The professors are easily available outside of class and are happy to answer any concerns. The one complaint I have is the food quality and the selection of food. Radford is a small town, not having very many off-campus dining possibilities. The on-campus food is lower quality than most and seems to not live up to what college food should be.
The college has good professors and staff. There are plenty of clubs and activities to get involved in.
I loved Radford. I loved everything about it. I loved that it was small not just in general but the classes were small so you really got one on one time with professors. That really helped me to feel like I was important and what I was doing was important.
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I have been involved more than I ever thought I would have been, and everyone accepted me with open arms.
I think they have an interesting way of expressing their how much they want you to attend their college. Also, they have a cool program for the arts.
I love my friends I have made while being here. They are truly my friends for life. The academics are great and I love the food. I just wish they gave the cheer team more credit and recognition that they truly deserve. The parties are great.
Radford University feels like home to me and I go here with my sister and we both love it. We call it our second home and mostly feel bad when we have to go home for breaks or when we vacate for the summer
My experience so far has been good. I am an athlete at Radford University and my involvement on campus is pretty good. The people here are very nice and it is a homey place. It is a beautiful place and there is a lot to do around Radford. What I would like to see change would be more food options restaurant wise and better parking convenience. The busing service does help with parking though.
BEAUTIFUL campus, very loving staff and professors. Radford is everything about a university and the college feeling but much smaller and so much better!
If you are looking for a small campus, Radford is perfect. The max amount of time to get across campus is maybe 10 minutes. The class sizes are not extremely large, they are moderately small and I love it. The teachers are always willing to help you if you need. The students here are friendly. Radford feels like a second home to me. The only thing I would like to see added to the university some more food options.
It's a school for students who enjoy a smaller less crowded school. The food is horrible, and there are hardly any campus activities. When there are they are always something you have to pay for. The gym is very nice and provides classes for students. The residential life is iffy because of the social life of students.
From the first time I visited the school, I received nothing less than welcoming smiles, detailed information, and help along the way. I'm definitely made the right decision on making this my home for the next four years.
I am so grateful I attended Radford University! The campus is constantly growing and improving. The professors in the college of Business and Economics are fantastic and are very invested in the success of their students.
For me, Radford is the best school for me. I've met so many great new friends and made connections all over, it really is a great school. They make you feel comfortable and there's so many activities and clubs to join. When we have breaks, everyone can't wait to come back to school.
Radford allows me to have a more hands on experience then some of my other colleges. While being a smaller school opportunities are extremely plentiful and professors get to know us one on one. Having gone to other schools before Radford, I can honestly say professors here want you to succeed, even staying late at night to accommodate students with difficult schedules.
I honestly love my time at Radford University. It being a small campus, with average class sizes, it makes it easier for the professors and staff to get to know you. Each teacher I have had at Radford has genuinely cared about their students and guiding them to their success. The environment on the campus itself is beautiful, and you can get from one side of campus to the other in about 15 minutes. I love that Radford also offers so many things for students to get involved in, such as clubs, Greek Life, and my favorite RU Outdoors. The only thing that I would say could use an improvement at Radford would be the food. Just to add in a couple healthier options.
I love Radford University! It is a small University with a lot of great people there! The Professors are super cool and the classes are sometimes so small the professors will know you by name and will remember you!
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If you could get over how far everything is from the campus and all the fire alarms and freezing cold weather, radford could be nice. I am just not used to that, with me being from Virginia Beach,therefore it is not for me. Lovely campus and architecture though.
I love how Radford is full of fun and activities to keep us busy after classes. Theres something to do everyday, even if its just a movie in Bonnie Hall. The only thing i would change about Radford is the diversity with the students.
The small class sizes made it easy for me to get the most out of my education. Forming relationships with professors and classmates alike was much easier than it would have been in bigger classes.
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