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I am an honors student at qcc. I have been an A+ student for three semesters. All of a sudden my grades are lacking, in my opinion its the professors who cant even speak fkn english and no one can understand them. Honestly qcc I could teach better than half my professors.
Offers many classes online which makes is easier for me as a single mother to get a degree. This allows me to work full time, take care of my son, but still be able to do my homework on my own time whenever it is convenient. Although the some programs are stricter with their schedules there are many other opportunities to get a degree even when you have a busy life style such as myself.
qcc is a great environment. The teachers are there to help and make sure that you are learning. The campus is very small but its very comfortable and very easy to remember. The food is really good and they have a mini Starbucks in the Harrington learning center.
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I genuinely loved my experience at Quinsigamond Community College. The teachers are very passionate, and try to prove the 'community college' stigma wrong - and they do! I was at a state school in South Carolina where the courses were much easier than the courses here at QCC. I have made amazing connections not only with fellow students but with faculty and professors as well. The only thing I can complain about is the commute I have which is around 45 minutes. I live in a small central mass town so I do not have many options. I understand housing defeats the whole purpose of CC, but it would be very convenient! I will be sad yet happy to be graduating from QCC one day!
I love my acedemics, my professors are kind and professional. The advisors are top notch, and all my concerns were met and handled effeciently.
Good starting point for anyone, though they can try and trick you into taking useless classes so I'd say that earning a degree from here to me seemed counter intuitive, but definitely worth going to for your first year. After that I'd say transfer if possible. There are some pretty good professors, but a lot of bad ones and sometimes there's only one teacher for certain classes or degree programs, which can suck to work around.
This was the best experience of my life. I went back to school late , picked an awsome school. Best experience .
The admissions process could not have been easier. It took about a week and they gave me an acceptance packet, full of brochures with the campus services and departments and a checklist to guide me through the process. Academic advising is a well-run department with caring staff who listen to your goals and aspirations and pull together a cohesive plan for you to follow. I encourage students who are U.S. veterans to join the Veterans Affairs group and take advantage of their services. The financial aid department is a well-oiled machine and their FAFSA process was seamless. If you are looking to upgrade your skills, give QCC a chance, by obtaining a certificate in your chosen field. It is the perfect stepping stone towards achieving professional and academic goals.
Quinsigamond Community College is a great college for people in all walks of life. Whether you are fresh out of high school, unsure of what you want to do, or older and looking for a career change. Classes are affordable and the credits transfer to a wide variety of colleges. I am currently in the nursing program, and have been very successful. The only thing I would change is the organization of the program. There is a lack of communication between the students, the instructors, and the administration. But I definitely feel like I am getting the best education for the price.
I have had nothing but support and a wonderful experience here.After going back to school after 40 years.The staff eccellent.The librare personal especially the Saturday worker in the morning went above and beyond to help me in my research.Would I recommend this college ??ABSOLUTELY
The school is great and it has lots of opportunities available to students. The tuition is very reasonable, and if you would like to save money for school this is the best choice for you.
I love how friendly and helpful the staff here is and how ready they are to help their students succeed.
I loved attending QCC. I had professors who were dedicated to helping students. they have professors who help you with class work and home work available every day in the library. the culture of this college is working class. Many older students who take night classes due to working during the day. one down side is that the administrative staff always seemed to busy to help anyone. very long lines for everything from advisors to financial aid office .
The buildings and professors for STEM majors are wonderful! However one of the buildings should be torn down as it is always way too hot or cold than appears legal. If you class is anytime after 8am prepare to park all the way at the top of the hill. Got a new cafeteria which is a slight improvement. Finally have a starbucks on campus but the "baristas" are the older workers in the cafe and thus have no clue what they are making and if you order an iced coffee you better have 15min to kill.
My experience thus far with Quinsig has been generally positive. The students are friendly enough, and the upperclassmen are willing to assist those new to the campus. The teachers are especially dedicated to helping the students succeed, and it makes for a positive and caring environment.
I have absolutely loved my time at Quinsigamond! The professor have been so enthusiastic about helping me achieve my dreams!
The school needs to have a more strict curriculum the teachers teach to the lowest common denominator far too often and cost the other students time and knowledge they need in the future.
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Haven't started yet with the college, but I'm feeling optimistic. It's right in the Burncoat area of Worcester atop a hill. Parking isn't that great unfortunately.
I'm currently an online student at QCC. I've enjoyed the classes I've taken online, and although I've visited the campus only a few times, it's been clean and easy to navigate.
I'm taking mostly online courses and I don't feel there is too much professor interaction. They post the syllabus at the start of the class and all the assignments and that's about the extent of it. You are pretty much on your own for the duration. It would be nice if there was more reaching out to students who are taking online courses
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