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I love Quinnipiac University overall. I will say the academic environment is very good and comfortable. However, one flaw is the way they run the class registration process/housing can be very frustrating at times.
I am a transfer at Quinnipiac and really love it. The only problems I have are the food is pretty nasty. It is hard to find something to eat everyday but thats college for you. All my professors have been really nice so far. The rooms are pretty big
Quinnipiac was my first choices when choosing a university to attend and I am proud to call this school my home! Academically and socially it's everything that I hoped for and more!
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Quinnipiac is an amazing school with a great atmosphere . They give everyone incredible opportunities for success.
Quinnipiac is a great campus with students who help and encourage each other and advisors ready to provide support.
I liked the opportunities provided following graduation. I felt I was extremely prepared for clinical work following. The professors were always available and helpful. I felt the campus was safe and clean. I have since had students who have graduated become my students and have always been impressed with their level of readiness for the work place.
Overall the school is very good. Personally found issues with it, but most love it. It is located in a more rural town, with a larger city nearby
QU has prepared me for life after college. My involvement in a few of their clubs allowed me to meet others with similar interests. I really liked the small class size as it allowed me to get individual attention from my professors. I’d definitely recommend visiting & seeing it for won’t be disappointed.
I love this school and really hope to get into its 3+1 program. It is my top school at the moment. I love the location and campus setting. The information tour was very friendly and I had no questions after and made me want to attend here so much more.
Love going to the hockey games! Entrepreneurship and small business management professors are the best! Beautiful campus, but single dorms for seniors are too small and too expensive!
Quinnipiac feels like home the moment you step onto campus! The campus itself is absolutely stunning and the students are always so warm and welcoming!
The university in and of its self is an incredible and nationally acclaimed place to attend college. This school prides its self on its remarkable polling system, incredible athletics as well as academics, and a strong sense of community. What Quinnipiac fails to do is be sure that each individual student makes it from start to finish with all of the tools and guidance that are equipped for the student body. The faculty fails to truly listen and understand the problems and needs of each student and provides no other sources for help when need be. The social scene at this university is great; there are shuttle services that provide transportation in and around North Haven as well as New Haven. Overall, I would recommend this school to any student who feels that they will excel here. Never give up on your dreams for your degree from here.
I want to see a decrease in the segregation of Mount Carmel and York Hill campuses. Otherwise, my university helps cater to my needs.
I loved everything about Quinnipiac University. They made my experience at open house amazing and the campus was gorgeous.
I absolutely love quinnipiac university! I’m going to be a sophomore there and I wouldn’t have wanted to go anywhere else at all! The only thing I would change are the food options! I would love to have more choices!
I am a BMS major and the teachers I interacted were amazing. The class size is small, like an average high school class, but you get the one on one experience with the professor and they all care to see their students to succeed. All of my professors went out of their way to help us learn the material in new ways whether it was through verbal lecture, videos, or hands on. The people here are super nice, but it can get cliquey at certain points. Join clubs! The school offers so many and its a great way to make friends. The food is not the greatest.. Our hockey games are super fun and the Yale vs. Quinnipiac is something you do not want to miss. The school is my opinion is not big on frat parties but there are some to go to. You mainly go into New Haven to go to a club. Definitely go to Toads. New Haven has a lot of restaurants to go to and if you have the car, CT offers many other places to go to. The dorms are nice, unless you're in a quad, it depends on how you make it work.
I liked how there were many different events at Quinnipiac. There isn't much I'd change. The professors want to see us all succeed, and I feel that I am doing well because of the quality of academics at Quinnipiac and the access to extra tutoring by upperclassmen and professors outside of class.
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Quinnipiac University feels like home. Every professor I have had thus far is so understanding and caring and really wants to see their students succeed. They are always available outside of class to answer questions and give extra help. So many different clubs and extra curricular activities ensure you will never be bored and always have fun. The one thing I would probably change is the food...but honestly its bearable.
Loved the campus and facilities however, there were close to 20-25 people on the campus tour and was difficult to hear.
This campus is gorgeous and has a great view of the Sleeping Giant State Park. Not only is the view great there is so much to do if you go into town. New Haven has a lot of great food places and the green is a great place to check out a concert in the summer time. The professors at this school are intelligent and have connections all around. If you are willing to put the time in with them they are willing to work with you and help you get to places.