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I absolutely love quinnipiac university! I’m going to be a sophomore there and I wouldn’t have wanted to go anywhere else at all! The only thing I would change are the food options! I would love to have more choices!
I am a BMS major and the teachers I interacted were amazing. The class size is small, like an average high school class, but you get the one on one experience with the professor and they all care to see their students to succeed. All of my professors went out of their way to help us learn the material in new ways whether it was through verbal lecture, videos, or hands on. The people here are super nice, but it can get cliquey at certain points. Join clubs! The school offers so many and its a great way to make friends. The food is not the greatest.. Our hockey games are super fun and the Yale vs. Quinnipiac is something you do not want to miss. The school is my opinion is not big on frat parties but there are some to go to. You mainly go into New Haven to go to a club. Definitely go to Toads. New Haven has a lot of restaurants to go to and if you have the car, CT offers many other places to go to. The dorms are nice, unless you're in a quad, it depends on how you make it work.
I liked how there were many different events at Quinnipiac. There isn't much I'd change. The professors want to see us all succeed, and I feel that I am doing well because of the quality of academics at Quinnipiac and the access to extra tutoring by upperclassmen and professors outside of class.
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Quinnipiac University feels like home. Every professor I have had thus far is so understanding and caring and really wants to see their students succeed. They are always available outside of class to answer questions and give extra help. So many different clubs and extra curricular activities ensure you will never be bored and always have fun. The one thing I would probably change is the food...but honestly its bearable.
Loved the campus and facilities however, there were close to 20-25 people on the campus tour and was difficult to hear.
This campus is gorgeous and has a great view of the Sleeping Giant State Park. Not only is the view great there is so much to do if you go into town. New Haven has a lot of great food places and the green is a great place to check out a concert in the summer time. The professors at this school are intelligent and have connections all around. If you are willing to put the time in with them they are willing to work with you and help you get to places.
The faculty are very open and friendly and help to support the students in any way they can. There are multiple resources for the students to utilize including transportation between campuses, library videos/books/events, and community outreach programs for students to build their skills and volunteer. Some things that I would like to see change are expanding the dorm areas. Currently, there is not enough room for the students attending Quinnipiac and the school has strong potential for growth, but the lack of dorm rooms makes it difficult to move forward in the process. Also, the tuition and on campus food plans are unnecessarily high making it difficult to afford. With that said, the campus is the perfect size for being accessible for students to walk to classes on time. I would strongly recommend Quinnipiac as a consideration for furthering education.
Quinnipiac is an amazing University, and is really on the rise! It’s known as an amazing school for a reason. As a freshman I was super nervous for college, and I was afraid of not fitting in. Immediately I felt safe and welcomed by everyone. I’ve loved all of my professors, they truly care about their students. Quinnipiac is expensive but financial aid does their best to help every student. I believe it’s worth every penny because QU offers amazing opportunities and resources to students, they work to keep the campus safe and beautiful, and the spirit of this school is the most welcoming and fun experience yet!
I love Quinnipiac University. I wasn't sure if I would like a medium sized school, but I love how even though the campus is smaller everything is spread out. All the professors really care about doing the best you can. The campus is beautiful and there is a great atmosphere.
I could not have imagined attending another university for my undergraduate degree. I made amazing friends, I still live with my Freshman year roommate. I have a job at a reputable hospital, amazing contacts, and couldn't be happier.
Quinnipiac is a small school. There is not much to do nearby unless you have a car on campus, or know upper-classmen. The school is also predominantly white, and predominantly female, causing significant barriers for minorities. However, the teachers are committed and helpful, and most of the students are very kind to one another.
I love the health science program. It is very hands on with an amazing group of faculty. It challenges you and really helps you to decide what major you wish to pursue. I would like to see housing and food change. Applying for housing each year is very stressful and the options are limited. Food isn’t the best it could be and the hours are not consistent.
I did not like the masters program I was in and decided to wait 30 days before dropping. I forfeited my entire $15,000 tuition for that semester upon withdrawal per Quinnipiac's refund policy. I am lucky enough to have a decent job and a strong family, less fortunate individuals may find themselves in crippling debt they are not able to pay. The school did nothing to attempt to help me by putting me into another program or trying to find another solution to help me find some return on my investment. Needless to say this school basically stole my money and did nothing to attempt to help me.
My experience has been great so far. Some issues in administration need to be addressed such as issues with advising. The registration process for an upcoming semester also needs to be made more efficient for all students so that everyone gets a fair chance. Campus life is very enjoyable.
I cannot say enough about the positive experiences I have had as an Undergraduate student here. My professors that I have had throughout my four years at the University have been extremely well-educated, and almost all of them have received experience in their field of study. Not to mention, they have all been accessible both inside and outside of the classroom for any questions or additional help. Furthermore, there are countless ways to get involved on campus, all of which have the potential to help students grow as people and leaders outside of the classroom. I can also confidently say that the residential halls here are extremely high-quality relative to those of other colleges and universities. While tuition for this school is on the higher end, I truly believe that students who take advantage of the academic and internship resources offered here will find that this school is one of the smartest investments that anyone can make for their future.
Love the campus and help I received to get me in and take care of my needs
The students were helpful and the professors are awesome and I will be in a new program and I received so much help getting started.
Quinnipiac University had many opportunities for me to get involved on campus and find who I am coming in as a freshman. I joined many groups, clubs, and even a sorority, but the best experience I had was through the study abroad program! As a second semester sophomore, I went to Queensland, Australia and found myself. Without the opportunity that Quinnipiac gave me, I would not be where I am today. I would not have changed my major, would not have transferred schools to be where I want to be, and would not have learned that my hobbies such as traveling and adventuring are more than just hobbies to me!
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I love my professors and the classes offered. There isnt much to do on campus as far as activities. Small and quiet campus
Overall, I have enjoyed my experiences so far at QU. It's a smaller school and you always see familiar faces, I have had great professors, and the atmosphere of the campus is just really enjoyable. There are always things to do on campus so get involved!!
I had a great experience at Quinnipiac. I'm graduating in May with my Bachelor's Degree in Health Science and I feel very prepared for my next step in life, graduate school.