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The academics for the Nursing program curriculum are very rigorous and prepare students for the healthcare field.
Quinnipiac University is one of the worst institutions in the United States. Most professors work part-time and offer no additional help outside of the classroom. All of the administration always seems to have something better to do than help their students. The administration is there to get as much money as they can while providing their students with very little assistance when they need it. They put their image first before their students. This school is way too expensive for what it is offering. Yes, the campus is beautiful but its deceiving to the eye because it really offers no additional amenities for the students except for the appearance. The food at this university is another complaint in itself, it is never fresh and has no flavor. They have sushi but they let it sit in a non refrigerated counter-top all day instead of making it fresh.
As a freshman, I have adjusted very well at Quinnipiac University. I come from a family of just my mom and I so I guess you could say I was babied. I have made many friends at Quinnipiac University and the academics are great. There are a lot of resources like the learning commons and advisors if I'm having trouble in school. The campus is beautiful and I always feel safe. The only thing I wish would change is the quality of the campus food and the tuition cost.
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Quinnipiac is a great school with great credentials. There's something for everyone to do and you make a lot of connections with your peers and professors.
Quinnipiac gives students an incredible amount of opportunities to get involved both on and off campus. The food, however, could be better and I feel that some of the professors are not qualified to teach. Overall, it is a great university.
Quinnipiac is a great school that is filled with advisors and professors that work with you when you really need the help and guidances. Quinnipiac may seem like a big school but there are plenty of opportunities to make great friends and join a wide variety of clubs.
Great professors that are willing to go the extra mile to help students. There are so many programs to choose from and I love the option to complete my degree 100% online. Tuition is a bit pricey though. And I'd love to see some scholarships that would fit me.
My experience at Quinnipiac University has been like no other. I transferred here as a junior; this is my third school by the way. In previous institutions, I never really knew what I wanted to do and I never really knew how to find out. My advisors would get frustrated because my courses were directly related to my intended career. Therefore, I did poorly because I never got the chance to explore any fields. At Quinnipiac, the advisors do not want anyone to waste any money by switching back and forth and so they assign you to classes that are meant to help you explore different fields of study to help you decide which path to take. I feel like I am actually going somewhere now. The students are also nice and fun to hangout with. There is tons to do in the area. However, it can get pricey quick.
I really like the programs at the school. when i visited the school the campus was super nice as well as all the staff
Quinnipiac University has a very beautiful campus and the professors are very supportive and helpful. The only issue that I have is the Parking!! There is not enough parking for the commuters and so I have to go an hour early because of it.
Quinnipiac University offers a wonderful experience for all their students, a small campus accompanied by beautiful architecture and landscape makes students feel comfortable and welcome as soon as they step onto campus. The staff, especially the cafeteria staff, make the effort to connect with students and students often find themselves not having to specify their orders as the chefs have already memorized their faces and favorite meals. The professors do their best to help students through courses and if that isn't enough, there are student tutoring centers for all subjects and the library is open 24/7.
Quinnipiac is a wonderful university that has every possible opportunity to offer. The size of the school allows the professors to teach their students in a personal way which is a more effective. They have many study abroad options, endless internships connections and many work study options. For example, I have my own radio show for the schools radio station and I broadcast for the schools athletic network. What is great about Quinnipiac is those opportunities I have been able to take advantage of are great because they are not too competitive for a student be granted. Quinnipiac not being overly selective gives every student an equal chance to to take advantage of these opportunities of these better their talents, college experience, and education. Opportunities like that are what makes a student a more well rounded and educated person that will help set up more experience for a successful life, and Quinnipiac University makes sure all students are given equal opportunities.
The campus was very beautiful. The tour staff and everyone running the open house was very kind and helpful. They offered a lot of programs and extracurricular activities. When I spoke to the people that were answering questions they were very helpful and answered all my questions!
Quinnipiac is an amazing school, it is the perfect size and the class sizes are small with great professors. Almost everyone you meet is nice and it is very easy to make friends. There are 3 campuses which I love, however the shuttles are sometimes slow and if you have a car parking is very difficult on main campus. The school just opened a Starbucks which is good but slow and the food at the school could be better. Another great addition to the school is that the sleeping giant is right across the street. It is a beautiful mountain and a lot of fun to hike. The nightlife is good too, bad many students go to clubs or bars but there are also parties to go to, and there is also fun things to do if you want to stay in. Overall quinnipiac is a great school although a little too expensive.
I am currently a sophomore at Quinnipiac University. I am a business major. The campus is beautiful and the atmosphere as well as the people are great! The courses are not only very beneficial many professors that I have had are great as well. I have definitely found the right school for me!
Overall my experience at Quinnipiac University is very positive. I have a wonderful girlfriend that I met there, friends that will last a lifetime, and an experience that I would never exchange for anything. The things I would like to see change in though would be to have better quality food, better seasonal concerts, and parking lots closer to main campus and for them to be used by students living on main campus. Traveling by shuttle to get your car and to get back to main campus after parking your car is just an inconvenience that no one wants to deal with.
My experience at Quinnipiac University was outstanding. The professors are great, the academics are amazing and the curriculum is challenging. I would like to see a change in diversity and tuition. The tution is overpriced and shouldn’t be that high. If they reduced the price of tuition, it would definitely increase the diversity. More people from different races would be willing to pay for this school, but this school only appeals to the wealthy white community. I would like to see a change in those two aspects.
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The atmosphere is always positive which allows for creativity and productivity. They also many a infinite number of resources that any student needs to succeed.
Quinnipiac is very beautiful and the classes are challenging but rewarding. Most of the professors are also very helpful. There are many extracurricular opportunities there as well that help the school feel very homey!
I visited the campus on a tour this past summer and from what I have learned it is an amazing school and I can not wait to see if i get accepted! It is my top school!