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Quincy University provides a great education but is very expensive and does not have a campus tha reflects such a high price tag.
Online schooling went reasonably well and the school provides a solid base for online learning through a solid IT department.
The small class sizes allowed me to develop relationships with students and professors that really benefited my education.
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The professors were very clear with their expectations. You had rubrics for all assignments and received feedback 2 days after the assignments were due. If I had questions, I could contact my professor and get a response quickly.
I really enjoyed my experience at Quincy University thus far, however there is always room for improvements. I am in the aviation program and its no secret to the students in the program that the past three years has been pretty rough. I also feel the school could be ran better over all and could have dealt with the pandemic in a better manner without causing more emotional anguish than the students already had.
I personally have found I don’t learn well online. I feel as though when having class online everyone goes through the motions without doing what needs to be done.
Did not have to take online courses as of yet. They are still into full classes, physical attendance and participation.
This is a well ran University, I am very comfortable here and is learning a lot about the culture, policy and procedures.
The place is about as catholic as a gas station. Students steal from surrounding neighborhoods as well as vandalize private property. So it's no wonder the the neighborhoods are unfriendly or helpful to the students. It is a godless university that pretends and hides behind the cross that means nothing to them.
Don't care for morals and spiritual health. Teachers are average. Pretty campus but it is a business that will say anything to get you to come.
I love Quincy University because, despite its small size, it truly did give me the entire college experience in my first year there. They were sure to get people involved on campus and there was always some type of event happening. The small-town feel really comes across when you live on campus and it was super easy to make friends. The only thing I found myself disliking was the state of the dorms. The freshman dorm was slightly outdated and while I was there, we experienced some problems with the building itself. Though this year COVID-19 did send many students home, Quincy University still maintained on-campus housing for those who needed it and made sure we all were well informed about what actions they were taking to ensure safety. They handled it very well.
For the last half of the Spring semester, classes were entirely online. All of my teachers were very clear about their own hesitations about moving to the online platform in the wake of the pandemic, however, each of them made sure to keep communication open as they made the transition. Overall, it ended up working extremely well. The teachers took the feedback to make the classes easier for not only the students but for them as well. I do not think there was much more that any of my teachers could have done to make it any better for those involved than what they did. They managed to successfully teach us the material as well as making it extremely easy for us to voice our concerns regarding their classes.
"It's a QU thing" whenever something goes wrong. Bats in the dorms? Printers broken? Bathroom smells moldy?
They give out lots of money, but it's not worth it. I stayed for a year and transferred; I had a free ride and it wasn't worth it.

I was a secondary ed major and the program is pretty much all elem. ed. They got rid of majors and didn't tell the students already enrolled IN those majors. Technology is outdated. People cheat all the time and don't care. Library hasn't seen a real update since the sixties, when it was built. Go upstairs on your tour; in some spots the carpet CRUNCHES when you walk on it. The librarians are mad because they had to throw away books a few years ago and they can't buy books. Mission trips the students have to pay for, but the athletes? Everything is covered, even though no ones winning anything. Police come on campus, they DO NOT put it on the website, the idea the campus is a safe one is a LIE. Baseball team calls their house the 'r*pe cave'.
The environment and community of QU is very welcoming and open. The professors make it known that if you need something they will help so that you can succeed. The one thing I would change about the school is to redo the campus housing.
I like the location and size of the school! The faculty and staff are very supportive and nice, as well. I have a hard time being on a sports team here as there is not very much support.
Quincy University offers multiple different majors for students. As an NCAA Division 2 school, our athletics provide students with a great on the field/court learning experience in which each student athlete can learn in every day life (hard-work, determination, effort). The on campus student life is very outstanding. The campus is very warm and welcoming and there is never a moment of boredom- there is always something to do on campus! Around campus there is multiple bars and restaurants in case a student isn't feeling up for our Cafe. Campus security is ALWAYS available at any time of the day which makes the campus life more reassuring and enjoyable.
Quincy University has such a great atmosphere. The campus is beautiful. The classroom sizes are perfect.
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Quincy University is a small private university. The main goal for professors is to have students achieve academically and fro to further knowledge for their intended career. Students and faculty at this university are very close due to the small size. The atmosphere at QU really feels like home.
The teachers here are very knowledgeable and personable. My only complaint is that office staff can be very slow when getting back to you about inquiries.
Quincy University is the best choice for someone looking for a personal learning experience. Faculty is willing and available to work with each student one on one and the class sizes don't make you feel lost in a crown. The aviation program is relatively cheap compared to other schools in Illinois and the instructors are usually program born. Overall great school in a gem of a city.
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