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My overall experience was ok. i had a few bumps in the beginning with academic advising and the dean. i felt i was not valued as a student at the time i started at Quincy College. I was talked down to like i was a kid. Overall the administrative staff and Certain Professors (in certain departments) were very rude and condescending. in the middle toward the end was the best time for me. I had some great professor's who i enjoyed there teaching style and who believed in me to succeed. I would go back because of the professors i have grown to respect and i leaned a lot from
The professors were outstanding (there are at least 1 or 2 bad professors in Quincy College) and they care about your success and willing to help with any to all issues that you have. for me working full-time and part-time and going to school full-time was tough for me. i can tell you with the professors i had were encouraging me to get to the end of this journey and i would not trade that in for anything
The staff tries to be as helpful as they can be but tends to be disorganized. The staff at the bookstore is always incredibly helpful and friendly. The staff in the testing center and advising is helpful and friendly and will go out of their way to help you succeed.
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Great professors and instructors. Location is great just outside the city of Boston. Tuition is reasonable and affordable for a two year school.
Ive been a student here for a few years and have found that there are very knowledgeble professors in each department. I have had a positive experience with this school and with every class I have taken. It is a small organized college that suits my needs as a mature student.
Quincu College is a Great college for Student to get a degrees after 2 years exactly or Two Years and Half because All Credits are transferred as a credits for All universities and Colleges out of states, I have a Big different with Bunker Hill Community College I passed more Three Years and half to get an associates and i still never get my Diplomats from theem in Two majors with 103 Credits PSY and GENCN. I encouraged all students to go quincy College, not going to school for anyone but for Yourself to find to get what you want in Life for Your future.
The professors don’t like to see you feel they want everyone to pass the class a small classroom setting it’s a community college so no dorms. The worst thing about it is only the parking is hard to find parking on the street especially if you have the classes if you have night classes the parking is still bad but you won’t get a ticket so that’s one of the good things if you take night classes that’s close to the train station
Good starting point for many. The cheapest tuition you will find guaranteed. I enjoy the flexibility of schedules and how small the class sizes are. All of my classes averaged around 20 students or less. Most of the professors are very understanding about missing a class if you are sick or have a family emergency. The workload is manageable. Free tutoring is offered on campus which is great. The student success department is so helpful if you are having a bad day. It does not really feel like a college but if you are just there for academics than it does the job.
(Plymouth Campus) The professor to student ratio is great! Also, most professors have an open schedule and office hours to help you if you're struggling. It is very easy to contact the school or be advised on anything you may need. The school is easy to navigate and there is lots of things in the area to keep you occupied between classes. They also have flexible schedules for anyone who works/is a parent/ etc.
Quincy College is my first school in America starting in 2012, because I live in Quincy.
After completed ESL and some core courses, I left here after 2nd year, and came back school for computer science right now.
From my view, Some of the classes and professors here are really helpful and friendly, especially I am a ESL student. They really love their job, and do best to help everyone. But later, most of the good professors left the school now, I don’t know why, maybe because the school has some problems inside.
And however, some are really bad, lazy, don’t really care about what you think and feel. And some professors teach without textbook the school requires, but really in bad quality instruction.
By the way, the tuition has increased, financial aid cannot cover the cost anymore right now, you still need to pay more than 500 dollars, but other community colleges may still can be affordable by financial aid.
I am a transfer student from Salem State University. I’m hoping that I will be able to graduate this year. Due to financial reason, it was best to transfer close to home. My experience with Quincy has been good so far. The students and professors have welcomed me in and I’m glad to be apart of Quincy this semester. One thing I like about Quincy is that it’s not too big and all of the classes are in one building so I make it right on time for classes!
i went to Quincy college. i complete my associate degree in biotechnology. they have best lab in biotechnology. teacher are very easy and friendly. they have soccer team that i play for them. student from all over the world try to get admission at Quincy because it very diverse school and after graduation its easy fro Quincy college student to get job or transfer other school
Quincy College is a really good college make me feel so comfortable, and I like how they teach there I really proud that I'm a student at Quincy College.
I just wish there were dorms.Tje rent in Quincy is astronomical, and I’m having a hard time finding a cheap place. Other than that , the ladies at Admissions and Financial aid were top notch. They guided me through the process with ease, and even though I have not been to college in a very long time, they truly went out of their way to make me feel like home.
Quincy College is an awesome school. I used some of their classes, that were easier to pass to wrap up my associates degree at Bunker Hill Community College. What I didn't like is that some classes I took at Quincy college expired.

I am attending Quincy College again because of their medical billing and coding certificate program is a good program. My real goal is to get my bachelor's in psychology, in which I have an associates degree. I can't afford a four year school because I don't have the funds and don't want to take out loans.
wonderful school that prepare one for higher institution. it is recommended for anyone wishing to go 4 years appointment. great tuition for high schoolers taking college credits. Credit accepted in Boston area colleges and university.
They have a pretty good way of teaching to help the students understand everything before you leave the class. They can help yo with everything that you need help with your school stuff. The athletic department is very good everyone knows each other a part of the Quincy College Granite sport teams.
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Great place to get started on your education. Half the price of similar two year schools, same education.
I started at Quincy College as a freshman straight out of high school and the school definitely grew on me. I was very shy at first but Quincy College's welcoming environment helped me open up very quickly. It's a great community college because of the location, diversity, and professors who genuinely care about their students.
This is my second semester in quincy college and I am loving it.The class has seats for maximum 30 students which means there is direct interaction with the professors.I found all the professors and those working in different departments very helpful.I am very glad that I chose Quincy college to study.
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