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Quest University Canada Reviews

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I'm so glad I found this school. I don't think this place is for everyone (many people who want to specialize in a specific career), but for me there is no where else I'd want to be. There is a general culture of learning and engagement among the student body and faculty. I am nearing the end of my time here and I feel ready to take on the world based on the education I've received here.
I am an alum who has also attended graduate school at Case Western for Data Science. Quest is a school for people who care and who are active in their own education. It is not a school for people who want to simply acquire a degree.

Quest is most unique in that it provides the most opportunities to go above and beyond. If you demonstrate an interest in your studies and interact with the teachers, which is very easy to do at Quest you can easily find yourself doing graduate-level work or even real research alongside the faculty members as an independent project. This is a story commonly advertised at most schools with only the very lucky actually getting said opportunity. At Quest, it’s the reality.
Quest is a wonderful place, The evolution if education. Teacher student interactions ate excellent and it builds I'm you a confidence and skills you won't get at other places. It's a close community, a family.
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The block plan does not allow students to have any life outside of academics. It is much more work than play. I would not recommend attending Quest. It is still up and coming and you will be disappointed. The school expects everything is student run and when you cannot accomplish something the school blames you. I feel tricked by the admissions office. You will have a better experience else where.
I have found that the majority of professors here are amazing. They are all super knowledgeable and the majority really do care about their students. Classes are small which is nice so you can get to know professors better.
The school is still new, so that is the hardest part as some people just don't know about us. But Quest students come out with a lot of valuable experiences they can use to market themselves to potential employers.
The school is super safe, biggest safety issues are wildlife that come onto campus because we are so close to the forrest.
The dorms are pretty amazing. Still fairly new, pretty spacious, generally in good condition. The only issue is that the prices for them are fairly steep and you have to live on campus, so housing costs are pretty high.
The gym is perfect for the size of the student population and I can always find equipment to use when I get there. The sports teams are fairly good, and the men's games are well attended. Women's games are not which is a bummer since they are the better teams but they do still have a loyal fanbase. Intramurals are super popular and a great way to meet new students.
Quest has ended up being the perfect place for me. I found a professor here who teaches exactly what I want to study and is incredibly supportive about the things I want to do with my education. I am definitely happy I ended up here.
Quest is situated in the sea to sky region half an hour north of Vancouver. Coming from the eastern U.S. I was instantly charmed by the friendly people, spacious dorms, and amazing surroundings. When I decided to attend I couldn't wait to start. The first few months were great. I was in courses with the right level of challenge, I was enjoying going on runs in the mountains, and I made a few social connections. However, as time went on I began to find the social life less and less rewarding. I had a few friends I really connected with, and we became a small clique, but I felt cut off from the community as a whole. A lot of people just don't go outside their dorms, which is odd for a small residential liberal arts college. There were a few bullies on campus who made life difficult for everyone else. The administration would turn the other way, or even blame the victims. One guy vandalized a lot of property, got caught and received no punishment. Things were constantly being vandalized or stolen. People falsely accused each other of sexual harrasment for fun. There was constant drama about a minor sexual assault that happened a few years ago. I had to put locks on the cupboards because my food got stolen so often. Another student threatened me with physical violence because he/she "didn't like my redneck accent". My bike was stolen. I began to go for long runs in the woods to avoid after class to avoid people. I stored a lot of my food and clothing in a tent in the woods because it was less likely to get stolen. I started to hang out with guys i met in town because I couldn't stand people at quest. In the end I was couch surfing and living in the woods for weeks. I went to campus only to take classes and to check in on my roommate and use his bathroom to shave. I am now transferring to my local community college to complete my degree. It was a waste of time, and slightly traumatic.
The post grad services are abysmal. I am trying to transfer to another college. I filled out a form to send the transcripts over. They told me the transcripts would be mailed next Thursday and arrive at the other college in five days. That didn't happen. It has now been three weeks, and I have been calling and emailing almost everybody. My requests have been met with bored hostility. Apparently nobody in the office knows who mailed them and they don't want to mail any more. I may not be able to meet the admissions deadline at the college I am transferring to. Its a nightmare. Once you have stopped paying money to quest they don't care about you.
A lot of the professors have a passion for teaching and they are very professional. I had one who didn't seem to care and another who gave vague confusing instructions, kept changing due dates, and assigned way too much busy work. The course quality is hit and miss. It seems that the Quest doesn't review curriculums. They just let profs do what they want. It feels like people just throw things at the wall and see what sticks
The courses were really hit and miss. Some were informative, and some were just powerpoint presentations that went on for hours and the prof literally just read off the slides. You are required to take a few courses as foundations which have absolutely no value. There are two courses "evolution" and "what is life" which cover the same ground, and are both required to graduate. Other courses the professors will assign so much work that you won't sleep. Those courses you will learn a lot in, but its a wasted effort because other colleges and employers will laugh when they see your transcript. The courses have really corny names like "what is life?", "self, culture and society", "how do magnets work?" etc.
The academics are intense. Like I mentioned, a person has to be committed to being challenged intellectually to thrive at Quest. The work load is intense and the tutors have high expectations. However, they also offer personalized attention, office hours, peer tutoring -- tons of resources. Your success only depends on your willingness to work hard and rise to the challenge.
Quest is garnering a good rep. Our alum have been accepted into prestigious colleges for graduate studies (Yale, Colombia, London School of Economics, to name a few). Some have gone on to med school, others have been hired to work at consulting firms. Like other undergrad degrees, the job market isn't exactly blooming with job opportunities for contemplative degrees like liberal arts and sciences, but the same could be said for degrees offered by traditional institutions (like English, linguistics, history, etc.). The difference with Quest is the structure of the degree allows you to begin following leads to work for organizations, intern, research, etc., as a graduation requirement. The flexibility allows students to begin creating opportunities for themselves early on.
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Our weakest housing -- the villages -- are in pretty buildings. The top floor rooms have INSANE views of the Chief and the surrounding mountains and the Howe Sound. Every room has a balcony and the rooms are really nice -- not your typical dingy, windowless rooms. Our nicest rooms on campus are literally apartments with several bedrooms, full kitchens (including dishwashers, stoves, full fridges, etc.), huge balconies, and views either looking into the forest or out into the mountains.
Quest totally renewed my commitment to academia. The teachers are only paid to teach and so the education is unparalleled. Our teachers (or "tutors" as we call them) give their undivided attention to their students. We design our own degree, giving us the freedom to pursue interdisciplinary approaches to topics we are passionate about. The academics are rigorous, so I wouldn't recommend Quest to somebody who is just looking to get a degree. Quest is for people who are committed to being challenged intellectually. Quest is the only school I can imagine being at.
We have one of the nicest soccer fields in North America. Our basketball teams are often undefeated and other teams have reported to media outlets that away games at Quest are intimidating because student athletic event attendance by student body is insane. We all come and we go all out in showing support for our teams.
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