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Quest University is unlike any other school in Canada. One key distinctive is its implementation of the Block Plan.

The Block Plan allows for an unparalleled depth of learning. At Quest, students are taught to fully engage with any given subject area they encounter.

Each block is equal to one class taken during a traditional semester. However, rather than taking four courses at the same time, each block meets for three hours a day for three and a half weeks. This allows for students to come to class fully prepared and attentive to the subject matter at hand without unnecessary distractions.

With a maximum class size of 20, students have the unique opportunity to dig deep into the course material and to ask questions directly to their professor that will further their learning experience.

Through pursuing excellence and discovering their passions, Quest University is a place for students to come and get an education, not just a degree.

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The Block Plan

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At Quest, you don’t take four classes at once, and your courses don’t run for a whole semester or quarter. Instead, you take one Block at a time, a single course that meets for 3 hours each weekday for about a month. Among its benefits are: -full immersion in a single subject -close interaction between faculty and students -highly interactive classrooms with no more than 20 students per class


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