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Quest is a private university located in Canada.
About Quest University Canada...
3200 University Blvd.
Squamish, BC, Canada

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I am an alum who has also attended graduate school at Case Western for Data Science. Quest is a school for people who care and who are active in their own education. It is not a school for people who want to simply acquire a degree.

Quest is most unique in that it provides the most opportunities to go above and beyond. If you demonstrate an interest in your studies and interact with the teachers, which is very easy to do at Quest you can easily find yourself doing graduate-level work or even real research alongside the faculty members as an independent project. This is a story commonly advertised at most schools with only the very lucky actually getting said opportunity. At Quest, it’s the reality.
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The courses were really hit and miss. Some were informative, and some were just powerpoint presentations that went on for hours and the prof literally just read off the slides. You are required to take a few courses as foundations which have absolutely no value. There are two courses "evolution" and "what is life" which cover the same ground, and are both required to graduate. Other courses the professors will assign so much work that you won't sleep. Those courses you will learn a lot in, but its a wasted effort because other colleges and employers will laugh when they see your transcript. The courses have really corny names like "what is life?", "self, culture and society", "how do magnets work?" etc.
Quest is garnering a good rep. Our alum have been accepted into prestigious colleges for graduate studies (Yale, Colombia, London School of Economics, to name a few). Some have gone on to med school, others have been hired to work at consulting firms. Like other undergrad degrees, the job market isn't exactly blooming with job opportunities for contemplative degrees like liberal arts and sciences, but the same could be said for degrees offered by traditional institutions (like English, linguistics, history, etc.). The difference with Quest is the structure of the degree allows you to begin following leads to work for organizations, intern, research, etc., as a graduation requirement. The flexibility allows students to begin creating opportunities for themselves early on.