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Feels like a bubble, few classes and food options, many students are not very friendly. Professors and small classes are great.
Queens has been one of the best decisions of my life. All of my professors have been amazing teachers and role models. Also since the school is so small, the campus and people here have felt like home.
Academics are a joke. This school is for parents who want their dumb kid to have the college experience. Couldn't believe I worked on a research paper for a class, spent a lot of time typing it and checking sources, and was proud to get an A then found out a girl in the class wrote hers the night before hand written on notebook paper and also got an A. She didn't include footnotes or a sources page (required on the assignment sheet the professor gave us). Then I found out nearly everyone got an A except for the ones who didn't bother to turn one in. I went to the prof to complain she said "just be glad you got an A." I was so frustrated and tried to get out of there but they make it very hard to transfer. to another school. Deciding to go there was the biggest and most expensive mistake of my life.
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They have been doing good about getting students to be active in the community, and look beyond their college careers.
The staff and professors are absolutely rude. I only went for a visit and went to the restroom in the cafeteria and an employee cut in front of me and said "employees come first here, learn your place freshmeat." The professor i met told us that he didn't really care if we pass or fail, he's not teaching for us.
If you are looking for a small private college then Queens University of Charlotte is the right place for you. Queens has such a beautiful campus that makes you feel at home. It also has amazing and very committed professor that take the time to get to know who you are as a student and your academic skills. As a Latina at this University the only issue that I have is the low diversity. This University take student life very seriously to make the new incoming students feel comfortable to the transition. I highly recommend this University to anyone.
Queens is the perfect school for you if you love small, homey environments. Queens is a very small campus, it'll take you 5 minutes to walk to the farthest part on campus! The student body closely resembles that of the size of a high school (2,500-3,000) students. Queens is also a liberal arts school so here we focus a lot on the arts and you are required to take some arts courses because of this, but I loved it; it broadened my knowledge and forced me to take courses that I may not have taken otherwise. Because of the size of the school the ratio of professor to student is along the lines of 1:17, which is great because you are NOT known as just a number here, you are an individual that the Professor actually gets to know. It makes your experience better when you know that your Professor cares about you. If you enjoy truly being known on campus, small school/classes then Queens is the perfect fit for you!
I love the Queens community. I love how I can talk to my professors any time I am having difficulty. There are so many opportunities on campus to start networking for a person's future. Everything is great, except for down falls in communication with their financial services.
I have not yet attended the college but will be next fall. I have visited multiple times and I love it. I know and have met many people who go here and have only heard positive feedback from them.
Queens provides office hours for career advising and hosts networking events. They also post regular internship or career opportunities on the job board.
Queens professors are an excellent resources for academic assistance and guidance for carears and grad school options.
Myers Park is a pretty safe location. Campus police does regular rounds day and night. Campus is well lit in most areas and we have Q-alert that sends emails, texts, and calls to notify students about weather or safety warnings
All of the dorms on campus are fairly spacious compared to other campuses. Common areas are fairly clean although rarely used. Communal bathrooms can be the worst depending on the other residents on your floor.
I'm not involved in Greek life, but the communities are very close and work to live by the Queens motto, not to be served but to serve. Queens is small so the Greek village is held in the basement of one of the nicer dorm buildings. There is also a strict no hazing policy.
I don't pay much attention to sports on campus, but our teams are great. Our athletics facility is still fairly new, and it offers any equipment that you might need for a basic work out. They also offer a few group workout sessions.
The Queens community (although small) is close, suportive, and friendly. There's always something to do either on campus or in the city, but you have to make the effort to emerge from your cave and be social. The professors are by far the reason Queens is the best. They make themselves available not only as a resource to succeed academically, but to plan for grad school, life, and future career options.
I loved it and felt like home. Very welcoming.
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Its seemes to be great.
I love the college I am startong on. They not only care about our grades but about who we are as a person. They help you openly and make you feel welcomed. You are not just a number but a person whom the teacher get to know and have the pleasure to teach.
I would not want another college.
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