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I have not been to classes at Purdue yet, because this is my first year. All of my visits and what I have heard from others is excellent.
I haven't had online classes yet, this is my first year. I'm sure that Purde will do a great job though.
Purdue University is an elite school with kids from diverse cultures. Each kid brings their own opinions and skills with them. I enjoy how the Staff always makes you feel like we as students matter. They listen to our ideas, our opinions, and our issues. They prepare us to go into the world and be world-class leaders. The Staff is an inspiration to me. If I had to change something it would probably be to have our Academic Advisors be well versed in the area in which they are advising. Sometimes they don't seem to understand the language or issue at hand because they are not familiar with the program they are advising.
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I have taken numerous classes online with Purdue. Not only during COVID but also in the summers. The classes are well-organized online and the Professors are extremely helpful. They adapt to the online learning and try make it easy for the students to understand. The content in the classes is the same, very hard, but at least we don't need to spend a lot of time figuring out how to do things online and we can focus on the learning. I have adapted well to the online learning as I am an out-of-state student.
My professors were awesome with the change to online learning. They all took their time to become acquainted with our changes and worked hard to make sure all of their students were working to their full potential.
I love how open I can be about my identity as a gay transgender man here! I would say that we don't have the best ice removal, though. As I've slipped quite a few times on some polished ice.
I only had to do this because of the corona pandemic and it was strange, some professors are unreasonable and strict but in general most are accommodating and understanding.
Huge campus! They are many opportunities for all majors and advisors willing to help you on your career path
Being at Purdue University was an amazing experience for my first year. The professors were very understanding, approachable, and kind when it came to helping out with schoolwork and projects. The environment itself was comfortable and overall energetic with all of the various people you'd meet on a day-to-day basis. I loved being there and cannot wait to go back for another year.
After our classes moved to online courses for the remainder of the semester, it was very unusual and kind of confusing. Not only were the professors at a bit of a loss, but so were the students; however, we were able to overcome those issues in a team effort so that we could get back to a form of "normalcy." Over time it become easier to get to classes and do projects with fellow students in an online manner.
I didn't initial sign up for online classes but due to COVID-19 all classes were switched over. All the professors were very understanding and the switch over made it as easy as it could be to take the online classes.
I started there my freshman year, and I am currently a sophomore at Purdue. I am rooming in Owen. Firstly, Owen is very affordable and the staff and people at Owen were very friendly. Secondly, around campus is very beautiful in the fall. To start off my freshman year I did the Boiler Gold Rush and my group leader was excellent. The Boiler Gold Rush experience was overall great. I met new people and the people in our group got to experience going around campus and getting shown things from a Junior.
Due to COVID-19 I was required to finish courses online and Purdue University adapted well to the quick change of plans and allowed students to successfully learn material. Purdue has a great rapport with students and was very accommodating to extenuating circumstances.
Purdue University is a great institution that challenges students to think critically and become well-rounded individuals.
Purdue is a very large and diverse school that can offer something for everyone. The amount of degree pathways and different studies available to students is fantastic, and the variety of clubs and extracurriculars ensures that there is a club for just about everyone.
I was forced to take some online classes at the end pf the 2020 spring semester due to covid, and a lot of teachers and classes were forced to adapt to the restrictions, and I think they did pretty good considering how crazy everything was, but I would rather have in person classes if able to do so.
it was very well-organized and easy to follow. I am planning to take online classes next fall again and expecting it to be very engaging.
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I like Purdue so far. there are a lot of opportunities you could get like a career fair and internship as long as you try to be involved in it. Faculties and students are friendly and helpful for academic achievement.
It went ok except some technological difficulty and some of the professors not being able to teach the way they would have liked too including no lab work
I love Purdue's atmosphere and all the classes are taught by experienced professors. What could improve are the living conditions. For example the dinning courts are far from academic side of campus and they are too small to fit the amount of students that relay on them. Along with that parking is bad because there are not enough spaces to fit the students who own a parking pass.
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