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Purdue University Northwest - Westville Campus Reviews

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Purdue is great school but I just don't feel that it's the place for an English major. They do have opprotunities but there'd deffinetly be more in a bigger area.
Purdue University Northwest is an excellent university for higher education. They rate top notch across the board from professors, wide variety of degree programs, and affordability.
It's a beautiful campus that is very clean and impressed me very much. I had a great time every time that I visited the Westville campus.
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As a new student I can already say that I absolutely love the environment and the staff and professors. With any questions or problems I have had they have been the most helpful they could be and directed me into the right path. It is an honor to be able to attend this university and get the degree I want.
The staff has helped me every single time I've needed them. I feel like I am getting the knowledge I need to be productive in my career.
I love attending Purdue University Northwest. I love that I can continue my education while still maintaining a job and having my own home. PNW makes it possible for anyone with a will to better themselves to do just that. The only thing that I wish was a little different is the way scheduling is run, since we have 2 campuses an hour apart from each other.
I liked that you could have one on one time with professors and ask questions. I wish more professors made the homework questions up themselves instead of just using the questions that are in the back of the book. It makes the class too easy and the answers are all online. Overall though all professors have been helpful and friendly. Some professors could be a bit more engaging.
I love it here at Purdue Northwest, Westville! The professors and staff are great, always willing to help you, and it seems like they actually want to be there!
This place is a waste of both your money and government funding. I would recommend attending literally anywhere else.
I would like to see more consistency of the nursing program since there has been changes with combining with the two campuses
I felt like PNW doesn't care about their students. I have asked multipule times for career options and they left me with nothing. The merge between calumet and westville campuses was a total disaster. I would not recommend this college. I am now having to get a different degree because the one I obtained from PNW is useless.
I like the small class sizes at Purdue Northwest. There is a lot of one on one interaction with the professors. There is also free tutoring in many subjects if needed. The campus is very nice and they have built a new gym. I would like to see more diverse professors.
It's a small campus, manicured and non intimidating. I have completed one full school year there so far, my reviews are a bit mixed. When I transferred I didn't find the classes to be challenging. The professors I've had have been well versed in their courses, personable and seem to sincerely enjoy teaching in a smaller classroom setting. There are numerous support programs for students that are all free, including counseling and tutoring. Since it's a commuter campus there are an extraordinarily large amount of sitting spots throughout campus for students to study and relax. Overall, I look forward to completing my undergrad program there.
PNW is a small school with lots of great professors! The classes are small and professors actually know the students and want to help the students be successful. The academic advisors are readily available to help at all times.
Purdue Northwest is a great small college with nice professors and students. Most students are local and commute, so there are few parties and little "student life" at all. However, you can make many great lifelong connections with other students who are in the same position you are.
Very good education especially for the price. Getting a Purdue degree for a few thousand dollars less each semester is the way to go. Professors can make or break your experience. I've had some that are solid and some who dont explain exactly what they want in an assignment/grade WAY too hard.
For the most part I love PNC(now PNW), the people that I am in classes with are great and make amazing study partners. Most all of the professors are accommodating and understanding and really want their students to succeed. I love the fact that the classes aren't huge yet aren't small it gives you one on one time with your professors and makes it to where students don't feel nervous to ask questions in class and have their learning needs met!
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I really am enjoying my time here at Purdue - North Central! Teachers, students, and classes are all very great!
Academics is great at this! I take classes I need for my major.
They except you for who you are all kinds of people and religion.
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