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Purdue University Northwest - Calumet Reviews

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I love the diversity. I love how everyone is so helpful. I feel safe there and I especially love all the variety of classes that you can take. Also, the staff is amazing!!
Overall this is a decent school to attend. The campus is nice. Safety is average but there’s always police officers on campus. We could use a lot more student life.
PNW has given me nothing but amazing experiences as well great knowledge from my exquisite professors. In high school I was told that professors do not care about you as an individual. I was shown otherwise at PNW, I was beyond amazed on how much the professors are on top of their students to succeed. PNW provides so many free programs so a student can succeed such as free tutoring in every subject. PNW is a college where students are actually listened to, we are constantly getting emails about out options on things to better campus and etc. Although, one thing I wish to be changed is putting the name “Purdue Northwest Calumet” more to the public. In doing so their can be more advantages for the campus its self, bringing in more recognition, more opportunities. Overall it is an amazing college, diversity to the max, incredible professors, marvelous programs and free assistance.
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I like the fact that professors make themselves available to help their students whenever they may need it. There's no need for appointments as you can simply stop by the professor's offices and ask for help. They will stop everything they are doing to help you. what I would like to see change is professors simply reading off of PowerPoint slides when they are so called "teaching".
Purdue is a very good school with a lot of different degrees and programs. However, it sometimes lacks extracurricular activities and ways to get involved.
Purdue University Northwest is an excellent school that provides an abundance of helpful resources. The professors and tutors are of good quality. Most of the classes are smaller in size, which makes it easier interact and participate.
Honestly, there could be better security at the university. There is constantly a crime going on in and around the campus. The food is good but way to high priced. The professors are amazing and help anyone who asks for it.
I played basketball for Purdue Northwest. I had a great experience academic wise and found which major I wanted to pursue— nursing. However, I found there wasn’t too much to be involved in on campus, even being an athlete. PNW just joined NCAA DII so I hope to see them gain some ground athletically and grow their university numbers wise in the next decade or so. Unfortunately, I suffered a career-ending knee injury which required surgery. Now, my plan is to attend UW-Madison in the fall of 2018. I will no longer have an athletic scholarship, so I am avidly seeking scholarship opportunities wherever they may be!
This school needs more teachers that are fluent in English. They also need to renovate their gym area because right now it is the smallest gym possible.
I love that Purdue offers an RN- BSN program exclusively online. There are no clinical hours and I can be a Purdue student in my own home. The nursing advisors are excellent and very helpful. Each class is 5 weeks and the program is 15 months long.
The teachers here are friendly and give students the push they need to strive for A's and B's. Every building has nice, spacious lounges where students can meet, talk, play, and discuss various projects for their respective classes. Campus grounds are designed expertly; nothing feels too far away. The only real gripe I have is that online resources and campus computers can cause frustration at times, but that's about it.
I was able to take classes in high school for Purdue credits and have been a part of this school since even before then.
The campus is great. It is easy to move from place to place. The professors I have had so far make it easy to learn.
For being a small school, you definitely get a sense of campus while here. There is such a diverse range of students, and the professors are nice and very helpful. The only thing I wish there was more of is recycling bins. They are very hard to find sometimes.
I am a freshman at PNW and absolutely love it! I just moved into my dorm this semester and the set-up is awesome! My classes last semester were great, the instructors were awesome and approachable. I love PNW!
I enjoyed many of my interactions with the faculty and other students. Thanks to the Purdue Career Center I was able to land my very first job, as a Girl Scouts Counselor.

However at this time, I am only willing to give Purdue three stars because of the recent merger. The Purdue Calumet and North Central campuses have merged and it has not been a beneficial change for the students.

The initial merging seemed unorganized, in a disarray, and there are still echoes of this throughout the universities. Finally, the administration's decisions are not clear or thoroughly explained.

Go to Purdue for the professors, staff, and on campus resources. However if you are looking for a school with good central leadership, then you are on your own.
The overall administration is good. The registrar and financial aid offices are especially helpful and effective. Some of the facilities are old and worn but bearable. The teachers of the education department are amazing and create a great environment for us to learn in. Top notch!
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Purdue univerity northerwest calumet is one of the best school I had never attend. Starting from administrative office to the professors, they are all friendly and accommodating. They know what they are doing. Once you speak up, they will try their best to assist you. There are enough resources for the students to learn.
Their business department and advisors are very good. The only trouble I had was when classes were full at the Hammond campus and I had to commute to the westville campus every week, then rushing back to the Hammond campus in 40 minutes.
Purdue Northwest is a good school in a small community. With 15,000 students we are ranked as 5th largest in Indiana. Me personally, I like it alot. It's comfortale, clean, and challenging. They offer a variety of programs and have highly qualified professors. Academically is somewhat challenging, but what is there to expect. Life at Purdue there is calm and easy to engage into a class. The adversity there is broad, everyone is pretty friendly. Also class room sizes are fairly proportioned. No class to big, so you get to work alot with your professors.
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