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Purdue University Global - Cedar Rapids Campus Reviews

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My experience at Purdue University Global has been great. The nursing instructors/professors are great and they want all the students to be successful.
I am very pleased with the number of resources available to help you online and on campus. The instructors and staff are very helpful and strive to help you achieve and do good in classes. A lot of online resources are available including tutoring, technology help, assistance with writing papers, making a resume. It also works very well with a busy schedule offering online and on-campus classes. All online classes an online book is provided for you so you do not have a ton of loose leaf books lying around.
My school is on line but they have a campus here and the staff is kind when you go in there to get help they're very knowledgeable. The instructors are very knowledgeable and classes are very challenging. The courses are very challenging and the portals are very simple
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It's great if you are working and have a family. I am extremely happy with the pace and the course workload. If you are able to transfer credits do so it will save time and energy. For my particular program (nursing) there are 7 10 week semesters. I am going into my 3 and needless to say counting down every moment. I am ready for a change in my career.
I have enjoyed Kaplan University. Everyone there is helpful. The classes I take are very interesting
Professors are always available for assistance
The online seminars are very helpful
They did well they offered a Time Management class and all
For the first time going to college I think I did very well. With all the help they offered me
They have a lot of help to get you on the right path
They can help to u start your intern and get you credits
I learned new things just wish I had more of a guide
Great teachers and tons of help with tutors and resources
I learned a lot and the teachers worked well with me!
fits into my career and family time
very proficient in helping me achieve my goals
Excellent communication with the professors. The grades are always posted on time with a detailed explanation of why you earned the points or lost the points that you received.
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The school career center offers great job leads
Doing the ABA track at Kaplan has taught me how to do child care and to use others methods to discipline children
The school staff/ professors give you feedback and help you as a student to grow.
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