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There are plenty of areas around campus for big and small groups to relax or work on projects for a class! There is something new each day you walk in the doors! I like how small the campus is, it takes at most 10 minutes to get from one point to the next. I can't wait to see what's ahead as I continue my education at this school!
This campus is amazing. The faculty and current students are welcoming. Everyone is eager to help when someone is in need
Great school with great professors and excellent academic advisers. What I would like to change is how they notify students of their financial status. Students should know in advance if they are receiving their grants, loans in a timely manner, so they could plan accordingly.
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I think that school could use more funding for staff overall. I had a lot of trouble with the STEM path advising department and felt that My advising session was not taken on a personal level. The teachers so far have been overall positive and inspiring as an education major, but I have ran into a few that I have had some minor disputes with.
Purdue has so many things to offer and the student life there is better than any other school I have visited.
I do not think there are any changes I think could be made to this campus. I very much like this campus as it is.
Overall okay experience, what I had enjoyed about it was the diversity along with the academics. Most of my friends all have different majors which has allowed me to see things from more than just a business standpoint.
the school is a nice place for local kids to go and get an education cheaper and also not have to leave home
I am currently a freshman at Purdue University - Calumet and I am studying Elementary Education. If you are looking to go to a small school, this is a perfect fit. Professors have smaller class sizes, therefore they have a lot more time for one on one time which is very beneficial. I also live on campus here and the housing department is amazing. They make sure that all students living on campus feel safe and included. I am very happy with my decision to attend Purdue University - Calumet.
The faculty is great, although more is needed. There needs to be more social events. Dorm life is nice and quiet depending on which dorm you get put into, but I love the fact that you can reserve your room for the next year. Its pretty home-ish.
Overall, Purdue University Calumet is a good place to start to meet new people in all walks of life.
I love this school. I still attend here and I enjoy every minute of it. Every professor I have had has been amazing and over the top. I graduate next year and am sad to be leaving this school. I've had a wonderful time here.
I am a recent transfer student from a private university and so far I love it here. I like how everyone commutes because my old school was small and everyone lived there so everyone already had their friend groups and commuters were kind of the odd ball out. Not that I care all that much because I have never been a really social person. I love all my professors, they are very knowledgeable and helpful. The campus is pretty nice and I love how 5 buildings are connected by one hallway. I don't have many complaints for Purdue Cal!
Really like the class sizes and the access you have to the professors. Worth the smaller classespecially your professors actually know who you are and not just a number.
I love everything about Purdue While attending high school, I did not experience how many different people and cultures there are. Purdue creates a great environment for students getting to know more about diversity and background. The professors want the students to succeed and the campus provides a warm welcoming to all students.
I like how close the campus is to home. I was able to walk to my classes all of my freshmen year. MOST of the professors really care about teaching their students. The library is my favorite place to catch up on homework or to relax. I do however, wish the parking was not so packed a lot of the time.
For the most part I like PNW. There are some amazing professors here that are willing to do anything to help you not only succeed but to help you excel in your schoolwork. The campus is kinda small, but very nice. The grounds are very well kept and are very nice to walk though.
Review Purdue University - Calumet
I haven't officially started yet but so far Purdue has been up front about everything I need to do and how to do it. They are very helpful and I can not wait to start next week.
There are a couple coed fraternities on campus, but I do not know much about them.
I am on the softball team. We receive so much support from the athletic department. There is great school spirit and the faculty really cares about sports.
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