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I have loved every bit of attending this school. I am in a class of 30 students and it has been so awesome to get to work together with people who have goals to better the world through nursing, just as I do. I love that I have been able to build close relationships with my professions. I go to them for advise on better myself as a student and future nurse and they truly care about my success. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is thinking of nursing.
I am only in my first semester at the Provo College school of Nursing. It has been great so far. I have attended other local universities but Provo College has so far provided the best experience. You can tell that they care about their students. You're not just another number. If you are missing class or are having other personal issues they do their best to reach out and help as much as possible. It is a more expensive program but in my opinion it is worth it. There are no prerequisites to get in and you don't have to compete quite as harshly compared to other nursing programs in Provo, UT.
There wasn't an option for Provo College- Provo but that is where I'm currently attending. I have loved my experience at this school. Yes, it is a more expensive nursing school but I was previously attending Utah Valley University and Provo College helps you to get you BSN so much quicker then Utah Valley ever could have. I know that I'm getting a quality education plus there are wonderful nurses and doctors that really care about their students.
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Provo College has been a great place for me to get my Bachelor’s in Nursing! The program is really convienient with part being online and the instructors are awesome!
Provo college is a great place to get your degree at. Everyone that works there is always willing to help you no matter what.
Something I love is my teachers! The class sizes are small so you truly get to know your teachers and they genuinely seem to want you to understand the material and do well!
I have gain alot of knowledge already found a job in my career field but they need experience very happy with the staff & faculty.
The evening classes I am taking are at a great time regardless of a traditional full time job or a part time job.
The massage therapy program covers all the modalities needed to be a well rounded therapist. The class sizes are small and it encourages a lot of one on one time with the teachers. My only wish was that the program was longer.
The school offers a student clinic where we can get real world experience. There are a few things that we are restricted from practicing as students, but it still seems like it will offer enough experience. They also offer continuing education opportunities so the alumni will come back and share knowledge and experience from time to time.
It's always fun to be in the massage therapy program. All the students get along well with each other and with the teachers. And the teachers absolutely know what they're doing.
I am so glad I am finally going to school. And I'm even more thrilled to have the staff here. Even the teachers outside of my area are fantastic and friendly to the students. They really encourage academic excellence here.
My experience in school has been amazing. I came from a poor country that the classes we took was biology, chemistry or physics, Portuguese and and English. Here i had a chance to do new things. Discover things that i love and others that i don't. I got a chance to get accept to a college and know that i can do something that me and my parents always wanted to.
hey will work with you on how to best accomadate your schedule and they rearrange classes for you also
Small class size and one on one teaching which is a plus
I thought the computer network was accesible from the whole school but found that i had to get on a specific computer to find my work
way to expensive but it was a last resort for me and i would recommend it to others if it is your last resort i do like the staff the teachers are wonderful they seem like they care and want you to exceed but the school its self feels like all that it cares about is the money but is getting better.
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computer labs are only accessible at certain times during the day the printer is a peace of junk it hardly ever works they need to get a larger printer because if one or more files is sent to it to print at the same time it stops working.
the only thing is a library and they have made it for you to access most books and info on the computer which is nice to access from home.
it is a private college that focuses on specific subjects so it is good in that sense. it is a smaller college so the class sizes are smaller so you don't feel like just a number which i like however it is allot more money then a university college that is state funded.
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