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Providence College is an amazing school not that I'm being bias or anything. Professor and staff wants students to pursued our dreams. Even outside of the campus, we have a speacial bond.
I went to visit and tried to speak to a counselor. All busy. I emailed the counselor for my area. No reply. At our high school's college night I spoke to their rep. about this. She took my email and said she would respond. No reply. I guess they don't want or need incoming freshman!
I haven't even started and I already love it. Everyone treats each other with respect and it is a very close knit community. Great diversity of activities and growing diversity in student body. Love it.
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Awesome school. Great people, and a great dorm environment. Good social life. A ton of stuff to do like intramural sports to exploring the city of Providence.
I am a freshman here at PC and one thing I know for SURE is that I made the right choice coming to this school. The community is nothing but welcoming with open arms and love. The academics are beyond wonderful and I know I am getting a top notch education here. Even though this may be a small school in size, it feels like a huge one with all the school spirit and the kindness that is spread through out campus, daily. Whether that is holding doors for strangers or helping your friends with homework, the kindness does not go unnoticed. The staff here is extremely generous and will do anything for their students. The safety here is nothing like any other school. I always know I am in excellent hands with the safety and security team here at PC. This will always be my second home. Friar. Family. Together. Forever. !!!
My classmates are diverse, unique, driven, and passionate students that have a variety of interests and a multitude of ideas. Most students who attend Providence are from the Northeast, went to a private school of some sort, and plan on working in the Northeast immediately upon graduating from Providence College. Further, PC is a Catholic school based around the teaching of Dominican Friars, so there is definitely a religious undertone to the curriculum and core requirements. Finally, while at PC, the school's lack of diversity was noticeable, but is a problem currently being worked on.
It's a fun place with great students and great professors. People are very friendly and there's always activities on or around campus.
I love the beauty of a school that still values a broad, liberal arts education. We take a course called Development of Western Civilization for 4 semesters, and it basically starts with the Greeks and moves forward looking at everything through the lens of English, Philosophy, and Literature. It is taught by a team of three professors and they all listen to each other lecture, so the teachers are learning with you.
As a commuter, it's a bit difficult to feel fully involved at school. Joining clubs will help, but there's always that feeling that you're missing out on something. The fact that two years of western civilization is required, is a bit rough because it takes up spots for your schedule. The professors I've had have been great. The lack of diversity makes me feel a bit out of place, but the people overall are kind.
Providence College is an amazing institution. The fact that it is a Catholic school makes it feel like a family due to the faithful foundation, regardless of any personal beliefs/values. The professors are extremely helpful and are masters at their subjects. There is always somewhere to go for help whether it be the free tutoring center or a professor's office hours. Something that I would like to see change is the conservative habits and alternatively transforming with the liberal world around us.
easy to move in ability to meet a lot of people, accessible to downtown dorms could be more roomy grounds are nice and athletics are good. class size average professors are good
The alumni network is phenomenal
My professors related to my majors have been excellent
The security guards are pretty lenient.
Depends: apartments are great, dorms are average
The basketball games are the absolute best games.
Providence College has truly changed my life. I have had great experiences in my classes. I have not only excelled in the classroom, but have become friends with my classmates and professors. Outside of the classroom I have met a great group of friends who I know I will be friends with for the rest of my life.
Review Providence College
Great atmosphere and great class choices. Awesome so far!
A lot of success after life at PC.
I love it. Its my home. Wouldnt chose anywhere else.
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