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Great environment with great people. Every day is a learning experience, not just in the classroom. We have experiential learning called Avodahs which is basically a field trip into LA or surrounding areas and learning about the culture or the art or the buildings etc.
What a joke. I transferred in based on recommendations from a couple graduates, they didn't say it was perfect but when I told them about the professors I had, they couldn't believe it. Classes are a joke, students are a mix of judgemental jerks and hypocrite athletes. Looking to get out asap.
Pretty great school, good environment, very uplifting and a big help in my spiritual walk with God. Attending providence has taught me so much about how to walk with God and how to tell others and be a testimony
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For soccer and volleyball, we just finished our first year of having these sports on campus. our school is growing in many aspects. Although, our supporters has so much school spirit; it was always there. Our school would try and come to all our home games. The teams are obviously new, so there was some problems within each team but overall our performance was good. like I said we were a first year program, which we lost every game but our attitude was to always stay positive about the upcoming games. we made sure that we wouldn't let it get to us because we knew what conditions we were playing in. Each game we would do our best and strive for excellence.
My first year at Providence Christian College was an eye opening experience. Mainly due to the fact that I was for one living in the dorms. Being on campus and not at home gave me a sense of freedom and it helped me to become more independent. Second, I am a student athlete, which kept me on my toes. I was always busy with classes, homework, and practices. Yet, I managed to maintain my grades with a 3.0 GPA. Lastly, I loved that my school was Christ-centered, either on or off the field, in or out of classes, it was always around us.
Security is not helpful at all.
The library stays open extra late just for students in school. It's so nice of them to do extra things like that.
It's safe because it's extremely close to the school. However, it is quite expensive so most students live on campus in order to save money.
The professors are extremely dedicated to helping their students. Because it's such a small school, there is a great student to teacher ratio that allows more quality time spent with students. The workload is heavy, but it'll be worth it in the end.
Since I've only completed my first year of college, I've only done general studies thus far. I hope that the business classes I'll eventually be taking will benefit me later in life when I start my fashion company.
Our campus has a large range of different people from many different nations all over the world. :)
There are lots of off campus dinning options that are available. However, our school has one of the best caffeteria's and therefore no one really needs to go off campus for fine dinning.
We have some really good teams and a lot of great coaches. The school has a good athletics department.
I am a married student. Therefore my understanding of this is a little different than most people. :) I think that our school has a good variety of both guys and girls.
I have enjoyed living out of dorm for the last 2 and a half years. I find that I am able to get my own space and to just relax some. I love cooking for myself. I also like that we have in suite laundry, as the dorms did not have this.
I loved living in dorm before I got married. I found that it was a lot of fun, everyone loved to hang out. I think our school has a good community aspect to it.
School is located in a small town that is really cute. It is also located a couple of minutes from three other small towns and only 20 minutes to the city. I like living out in the middle of "no where" it gives me a chance to get to know my classmates better.
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Safety is great! The security is also really good. I would appreciate a on school nurse or something of the sort but we generally do not have any issues with security.
Pasadena is a great location for a college campus. It has many places for students to enjoy. Our school is located near one of the many metro stations that transports people in and out of LA, so we can hop on it anytime to visit cultural centers like Hollywood, Olvera Street, and Chinatown. There are also plenty of museums in the area, such as the Getty and the Norton Simon. This is an ideal place for college students to experience Southern California culture.
Wide Range – There is a real mix between girls and guys. It is a close knit community, and people come from all over the country. It is a very social place to be for such a small school.
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