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There isn't really a need to print since the instructor can view our work electronically.
The value for the learning is most appreciated. It is expensive and financial aid didn't cover all.
I rate my academic experience as the best because I truly feel as though their aren't any other students in the class but myself and I am grasping the concepts quickly and have the confidence that I could walk into any office any be able to complete a project utilizing excel software.
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The class registration process was not as stressful as I anticipated. The process was smoother because of how well organized each department representative was prepared.
There isn't much diversity as it relates to male/female or racially. It's predominately women of color.
I would still choose this school again if I could do it all over again! The radiant energy you receive from the administrators, staff and instructors is so powerful. I wake up every morning excited to go back to school. Their commitment to academic excellence and the success of each student is evident by their door always being open to talk. PCI encourages student's to never give up.
Never been to a university or college? Haven't been to school in a while?

PCI foster's an environment of pride towards education. The administrators, staff and instructors take an interest in each student's academic success. They all project "you can do it" attitudes daily. The classes are small so you are gaining more "one on one" learning. PCI foster's communication - their door's remain open. They will listen and encourage you to never give up!
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