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Prism Career Institute - Philadelphia Reviews

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Horrible school do not waste your money. They just care about sucking students in we sit 40 in a class no ac. The director don't care they wouldn't let my friend take her boards she complained to the main office to the president Greg Salter and he did not respond to her email or take her calls.
School help me believe in my ability to be me.
traditional classroom setting are better with nursing
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I feel like I'm on the right track
not too far from my house
teachers are very patient. small class room setting.
the ad rep is the best !!!
Its same and non traditional but a great school
It's very humble there and relaxing
Nothing bad to say about it
We should have more choices
Everyone there is so friendly. They would just go out their way for you.
Financial aid takes way too long to notify you of incoming grants and loans or scholarships. You can't really get in touch with them.
there are job postings. Career consolors. finacial aid reps.
The computers work average. There not the fastest but they get the job done.
From what I here the career service center is good. The school supposedly have a lot of job connections and the pass rate is good
Resources are limited. There is no library or student center
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The administration was very warm welcoming along with the faculty members who truely wants every student to suceed. The students are not treated like a pay check.
There are computer labs with a computer available for every student, however, at times the network moves slow. The printer very rarely works or is out of ink. Overall, the computer and internet accessibilty is helpful but it would be better if the printer problem ceased
The classes make you think and really put your mind to work it's hard but I know that it's worth it I wouldn't be in nursing school if it was easy
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