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literally the best place on earth. Its hard to think of the negatives of this university - the best thing that ever happened to me. If you can apply, apply. If you get accepted, then congratulations because your life has been changed for the better forever.
Princeton has poured a lot of time and effort into making online learning during COVID-19 as immersive as possible. So far my online learning has been just as effective as my in class learning.
Great academics and amazing financial aid. I have only ever had good experiences working with faculty and other students.
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The courses, faculty, resources, and community here are all wonderful. There is truly a culture throughout the university of caring about the students and doing everything possible to help them succeed. The academics are, of course, extremely challenging, but there are plenty of ways to get help and the academic faculty are always very receptive to students needing assistance. Most everyone has the drive to succeed without creating an overly competitive or cutthroat environment. Culture outside of academics - arts, music, clubs, sports - is vibrant as well.
Amazing undergraduate experience. It was difficult, but I made some of the best friends of my life. Financial aid is superb. Great diversity of ideas, races, and nationalities.
They are a great school. Amazing school. I visited and I thought the campus was great. I really am hoping I can attend in the fall.
I'm only half way through my first semester and I can already tell that Princeton was the right choice for me.
I love Princeton University because, the people and professors are amazingly nice. Also the people are sometimes just too nice.
Academic resources are outstanding, and the amount of help offered students to enhance both personal and academic life is nearly overwhelming.
Classes are challenging yet include stimulating discussion and ample opportunity to make lasting connections with peers, mentors, and professors across campus.
Student life is diverse and varied, allowing for nearly any club or activity to thrive if students are interested in participating.
I greatly enjoy the overall ambience of Princeton University. The University truly offers a high quality education, especially as a result of its wonderful professors, some of which are Nobel Laureates. Moreover, the University's network allows for extensive connection between current and graduated students. This leads to great opportunities that would not necessarily be available elsewhere. Lastly, I really believe the Bridge Year program instills a humble nature in students through introducing the opportunity to volunteer for a year abroad. Doing so allows students to mature and experience other cultures prior to embarking on a difficult, yet rewarding task of attending Princeton University.
I have had such a great experience with Princeton. The professors and courses were excellent, but mostly I've been so happy to find great people all over the campus, and a community I genuinely click with.
Having just completed my first year as an undergrad, I can truly say that attending this university is the best choice I’ve ever made. Not only are the professors incredible and the resources abundant, but I’ve made an incredible network of close friends. And, as a low-income student, I have never wanted for anything due to Princeton’s generous financial aid.
It's definitely not all perfect, and is a lot of hard work to be a student here. However, Princeton has many amazing resources and I have been able to do a lot that I would not be able to elsewhere.
Princeton is a great college. The student body is very diverse and there are many different clubs and activities. The campus is also very beautiful.
The school has plenty of resources. Don't get overwhelmed by that fact. If you are blessed to go in already having an idea of what you want to do, you should be set. As for going in with no idea and trying to figure it out, you might become overwhelmed. That's normal. Good luck.
I fell in love with Princeton on my first college visit. I am an athlete and loved the academic and athletic excellence associated with Princeton. I was accepted as part of the class of 2023 and am very excited to call Princeton home.
Princeton is my favorite place on Earth. It's not perfect, it has room to grow to make it a better place for all students, but I believe it is working toward those gaols.
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Princeton is a great school. Quite challenging but definitely worth the investment. The party scene can be quite boring at times but you should be doing your work anyways. The professors know you by name and aren't looking to kill you with work. Also, their is a real undergraduate focus at the university.
Princeton provides a great deal of support for it's students. Class offerings are excellent and amazing faculty teach those courses. Princeton's focus on undergraduate students makes it a special place to study.
I love the diversity and the blend of liberal arts with STEM. That is why I am attending the university in the fall of 2019.
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