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Princeton provides a great deal of support for it's students. Class offerings are excellent and amazing faculty teach those courses. Princeton's focus on undergraduate students makes it a special place to study.
I am currently on Princeton's Bridge Year Program and am loving the experience. Princeton seems to understand the importance of experiential education and I am learning a lot from my NGO work and the general culture and atmosphere in Jogja.
I love the diversity and the blend of liberal arts with STEM. That is why I am attending the university in the fall of 2019.
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There are great courses offered, and the people coming together here bring a variety of fresh ideas. There are many opportunities to learn valuable and world-changing skills and knowledge. Although there are also mechanisms at play that pull students into archaic ways of thinking, unfulfilling lifestyles, and professions that have a net neutral or negative impact on society. I'd also like to see greater diversity among the faculty and greater embodiment of diversity among the students. It's time for pluralism! Active expression and communal valuing of diversity - not diversity that is only quietly present and not honored for its value.
I liked the community setting, and the overall city of Princeton. It has a nice, cozy feel to it, and I'm sure that anyone who goes there will come out great
Princeton is a University that will continuously invest in you as long as you invest in yourself. It doesn’t matter your past or your situation, Princeton will be there for you through it all. With that being said, sometimes it’s difficult to find your niche within the university, it’s there but sometimes it can be a bit hidden.
Princeton instilled in me an incredible work ethic that I don't think I could have developed anywhere else. While the coursework was always challenging and there were times I was completely exhausted, I wouldn't change it!
The campus is very beautiful, it's a very studious university, so you won't be seeing a lot of partying like you would with other school, public or private.
I love the academic strength and rigor. My only problem is the party scene as I feel all groups (athletes, narps, ...) just stay together and don't really mix due to the eating club structure (as opposed to having bar-life near a college).
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I like the small school vibe which makes Princeton feel more tight-knit than larger universities. The residential college system also helps to promote a sense of unity among students on campus. I also think there is enough entertainment on and off campus with eating clubs on campus and NYC and Philadelphia within a train ride away from campus. However, academics can be intense and stress culture is definitely palpable, especially during midterms and finals period.
Classes at Princeton are superb in all regards. Faculty to student ratios are very low, so students can receive a significant amount of attention from world-class professors and extremely helpful teacher assistants. The amount of resources dedicated to each student is unmatched. The alumni system is very structured, ensuring a connected student body with those in industry or academia. The campus is beautiful, showing off a gothic architecture juxtaposed with modern designs. The local area is a safe, cozy college town. The university is within an hour of New York and Philadelphia by train, but there are countless activities, clubs, and organizations to stay busy on campus. The food is relatively good and healthy. Some of the dorm conditions could be improved, but regardless the university does provide adequate housing and space for all students.
Princeton University is an amazing college for students. they are ranked the number one best college in the united states. their education is high quality and very renowned.
Wonderful campus! The faculty and students make you feel so welcome once you enter nearly every building! Great comradery.
Princeton University is one of the top schools in America. Not only does it provide students with a great academic life, but it also provides chances for everyone to meet new people and create a community.
its pretty good, very nice town and cute shops! the dining hall food could be a lot better though. add more veggies!
Princeton University is one of the top schools in America. Not only does it provide students with a great academic life, but it also provides chances for everyone to meet new people and create a community.
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As an entering student, I visited Princeton University in the middle of April. The campus is coated in blossoming trees, while the buildings are old yet renovated inside. The air is cool and moist, but not humid like southeast Texas.

Another thing I enjoy is the commitment to sustainability, especially in projects abroad and the dining hall food. The Princeton Environmental institute does classes with local farmers using a variety of methods and chefs from many culinary backgrounds.

What I like most about Princeton is the community. My host and his friends had endless intellectual and personal discussions and readily invited me into their part of Princeton.
The students at Princeton University are so bright and are willing to share what they know with the community. The area surrounding Princeton is beautiful, and has a lot of food options. The sports aren't great, but they're still fun to go to.
Great university. Provides many research opportunities. Professors are very open and willing to meet with students after class. Would highly recommend.
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