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The environment was such that I felt that almost any subject that I wanted to learn or investigate, I could.
At Princeton University are world-class professors and facilities. Not only would you earn an excellent education and have access to a myriad of on-campus resources, you will also be surrounded by an environment rich in history, diversity, and community.
Students are consistently motivated by high standards, enthusiasm, and responsibility from staff, faculty, and fellow students. The school provides very diverse and engaging learning and experiential opportunities that are unique to the university.
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Great focus on undergraduates. I loved my time at Princeton, learned a lot, and now I'm in medical school.
Going into Princeton, you know it's going to be hard. No matter where you went to high school, no matter how hard you worked, no matter how smart you are, you're going to be working really hard, and there aren't really any "paths of least resistance."

That being said, Princeton is an incredible place, and probably the best undergraduate education in the country. There is no where else where you have even nearly as much access to nobel laureates, successful businesspeople, famous lecturers or general funding as you do at Princeton.

As far as the student body, they work hard and play hard. Everyone has a lot of work, but the students really do like to have a good time, be that through engagement in extracurricular activities or a party at one of the eating clubs.

I would do it all over again, and easily would make the same decision.
My experience at Princeton was wonderful. Everyone at Princeton is so humble but extremely smart and talented. It is a brilliant environment to learn in.
There are campus safety cars EVERYWHERE, and they are not there to get people in trouble, just to keep everyone safe.
Some of the buildings are very old. The buildings known as "the slums" have tons of cockroaches. You do not really have a choice of where you get placed your first two years, and there is a wide variety of quality of the dorms.
I was an athlete, and I thought the overall experience was great. Sometimes there is less fan support during midterms, etc., but overall the student body is small and tight-knit, and there will almost always be friends in the stands.
Even when it is hard, you are with such an incredible group of people that the entire experience is amazing. There is room for whatever you commit to making time for - athletics, socialization, volunteering, etc.
I have never felt unsafe on campus and I have never heard of anyone else feeling unsafe.
It's Princeton for a reason. Professors are amazing and geniuses. They are also typically very helpful and care immensely about the undergrads.
A Princeton degree is worth a lot. It helps greatly with internships and just about anything else career related.
It's like living in a castle. It's pretty awesome. That being said, your experience varies depending on your res college. The newer the room, the better.
Greek life is not really recognized by the university and not really a part of student life.
I am a Varsity athlete and there is not a ton of support for athletics, but it is certainly a great experience.
It is the most challenging yet most rewarding experience I have ever had. I am growing so much as a person and learning so much about myself and the world around me.
Review Princeton University
There is barely any Greek life presence on campus since the University does not really recognize the groups. Most people are not involved in Greek life and it usually won't have an effect on the social scene.
If we were a bigger football school with a better team, I think athletics would be more of a thing on campus among students but otherwise most other sports get a fair amount of recognition.
It is very hard and challenging but if you capitalize all of the resources available to you and learn to ask for help, you will have a much better experience. The challenges become smaller.
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