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Princeton University is an amazing college for students. they are ranked the number one best college in the united states. their education is high quality and very renowned.
Wonderful campus! The faculty and students make you feel so welcome once you enter nearly every building! Great comradery.
Princeton University is one of the top schools in America. Not only does it provide students with a great academic life, but it also provides chances for everyone to meet new people and create a community.
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its pretty good, very nice town and cute shops! the dining hall food could be a lot better though. add more veggies!
Princeton University is one of the top schools in America. Not only does it provide students with a great academic life, but it also provides chances for everyone to meet new people and create a community.
As an entering student, I visited Princeton University in the middle of April. The campus is coated in blossoming trees, while the buildings are old yet renovated inside. The air is cool and moist, but not humid like southeast Texas.

Another thing I enjoy is the commitment to sustainability, especially in projects abroad and the dining hall food. The Princeton Environmental institute does classes with local farmers using a variety of methods and chefs from many culinary backgrounds.

What I like most about Princeton is the community. My host and his friends had endless intellectual and personal discussions and readily invited me into their part of Princeton.
The students at Princeton University are so bright and are willing to share what they know with the community. The area surrounding Princeton is beautiful, and has a lot of food options. The sports aren't great, but they're still fun to go to.
Great university. Provides many research opportunities. Professors are very open and willing to meet with students after class. Would highly recommend.
Great scholarly environment. However, the fast pace makes it much more academically challenging than it needs to be.
I have attended their campus tour and information session since I am a future applicant. I have no complaints and this is my dream school.
It is an amazing school. Visiting the campus at Princeton, and learning about its various course options is a true joy.
The campus culture here is amazing. It's rigorous academically, but the vast majority of people are supportive of each other. There is a problem with diversity - or a lack thereof - but the university and (mostly) students make support networks.
In my experience, which has only been one semester, Princeton is a wonderful place. It has comfortable dorms, beautiful study spaces, delicious food and amazing professors. I am pursuing a BA degree rather than a BSE, and I was able to take a wide range of classes that I enjoyed. There are endless oppportunities for extra cirriculars. It is however, a stressful environment depending on how many things you decide to take on, in addition to the pressure of going to such a prestigious institution with students that have the same goals of achievement.
I found that Princeton University has a very difficult and challenging curriculum - there is no such thing as an easy major or an easy class. However, it really sets you up for the mentality that there will always be something new to learn and ways to improve yourself.
Princeton University is a stellar institution with a strong focus on undergraduate teaching. World class faculty are approachable and invested in the success of their undergraduate students.
The environment was such that I felt that almost any subject that I wanted to learn or investigate, I could.
At Princeton University are world-class professors and facilities. Not only would you earn an excellent education and have access to a myriad of on-campus resources, you will also be surrounded by an environment rich in history, diversity, and community.
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Students are consistently motivated by high standards, enthusiasm, and responsibility from staff, faculty, and fellow students. The school provides very diverse and engaging learning and experiential opportunities that are unique to the university.
Great focus on undergraduates. I loved my time at Princeton, learned a lot, and now I'm in medical school.
Going into Princeton, you know it's going to be hard. No matter where you went to high school, no matter how hard you worked, no matter how smart you are, you're going to be working really hard, and there aren't really any "paths of least resistance."

That being said, Princeton is an incredible place, and probably the best undergraduate education in the country. There is no where else where you have even nearly as much access to nobel laureates, successful businesspeople, famous lecturers or general funding as you do at Princeton.

As far as the student body, they work hard and play hard. Everyone has a lot of work, but the students really do like to have a good time, be that through engagement in extracurricular activities or a party at one of the eating clubs.

I would do it all over again, and easily would make the same decision.
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