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Fall of 2015 was my first year taking online classes and now I am taking two more. The online instructors were helpful and even went out of their way to make Skype sessions for extra help. My Music Appreciation class even had lectures online for every single class which was nice because you always had the opportunity to look back and review. I learn better when I take my time. Having an online class that let me go back and read assignments more than once and watching lectures was a huge benefit for me. Classroom courses did not give me that opportunity all the time, so online classes really worked for me. Emailing professors was very helpful when I was confused or stressed, and I am happy to say I received very well grades in both online classes I took.
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Knowing that there is a possibility of me leaving Alaska, I decided to get my Associates of Arts degree at PWSC. I have taken many classes that have helped me learn as a student and help me feel I know what I need for my future classes for a bachelor degree. Taking English class at PWSC helped me improve my weak grammar, teaching me to write more structurally. I had gotten the opportunity to take interesting classes along with my degree. History of Alaska and Natives of Alaska Anthropology were just a couple of classes I truly enjoyed taking at PWSC because they were different. I know i would not find these classes everywhere so I took the opportunity to take them with my degree. I am thankful to go to a college where I can expand my brain to learning new things I never thought of.
I feel as a student in such a small college has benefited me in an eminence amount. The professors at PWSCC take the time to know their students, picking out their strengths and weakness and helping them advance in both. Taking classes with only 8 students has also helped me learn to speak up and ask questions in class. Before college, I was always too scared to ask for help in class but being in small classes helps me slowly get over that fear. I feel PWSCC is a great start for students wanting somewhere to begin their college life without being too overwhelmed.