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Presentation College is a 4-year private Catholic college. It offers a variety of degrees. I chose presentation College because it would not take me too long to start my program. The downside about attending school there is that it is very expensive.
It's a decent school but it's very small and the town doesn't have much to do but nice staff and locals.
I like a lot about Presentation College, the environment is very calm and the teachers are very flexible. They always are there to help the students. Presentation College is a very diverse campus for the place that it is located in. The one thing that could be changed is food because it isn't much of a variety to choose from.
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Presentation College in Aberdeen, SD as been an overall pleasant experience. The experience will be what you make of it, just like at any other college so you. I would recommend you take the time to make it worth your while. The class sizes are decent, and the professors are respectful and very helpful. The academics are really what make this school stand out from the rest.
Felt welcome the moment I walked in! Met with a program advisor, coach, and financial aid all in the same day. Had a great campus tour!
I went to PC for four years and essentially your experience will be how you want it to be. You pay a lot of money to go to PC, and you have to get your money's worth yourself. The facilities academically wise are not improving unless you're a nursing student, the athletics are mediocre in a less than mediocre conference, but PC students know how to have a good time.
I like the small college feel and how everyone is so close. It is like one big family. You aren't just a number and professors actually care and want you to succeed. Maybe a little more organization would be nice.
I like the school. I think that the class sizes are perfect. The professor knows each person name and is always willing to help them. They have office hours all throughout the day and ready to explain any question a student may have. The food is terrible it tastes terrible and there are not very many healthy options. Seventy-five percent of the school is athletes and the facilities are great and accommodating but it would help if the food was better to fuel their bodies. Unlike most schools, this one is not much of a party scene. There are some but there are not very many parties throughout the year. The dorms are amazing. They are as good as they get. It is like living in an apartment. Everything is new and up to date. It is a very safe environment the town that is has a low crime rate and everything about the town makes for a good learning environment. Over all, it is a really good school especially for people who learn in a smaller environment.
It is a good college. The teachers and coaches are very understanding and since it is a small school it is easier to get one on one with teachers when you need additional help. I play soccer and I am majoring in nursing. It is hard with balancing them but the teachers and coaches work good together to help out as much as possible.
If you are interested in sports and are not a good athlete come to PC. You can compete against poor teams and feel like you are a successful player. Most college assets are put into athletics in order to boost enrollment. If you want a real education, consider a college that places an emphasis on academics.
Presentation College is a great college to attend. The small classes and small campus really help those who don't do so great in bigger situations. Teachers are always so helpful, I like the fact that mt professor actually knows who I am and emails me when he sees that I am not in class. Although Presentation may not be the greatest school, it still gets the job done, making you feel a part of the community.
I am an online student. The academics are great. They have high standards. They have lots of access to help with your online classes. The instructors are very knowledgable and friendly. They are wonderful with helping me get my BSN
The PC virtual option, through presentation college is providing me with a quality education while being able to work in my current position. The staff make it a priority to keep you involved, even though your not studying on campus.
Great experience so far at presentation college. Advisors are helpful in all areas. Instructors are great at teaching material and answering questions.
I haven't had much experience here at Presentation College, I have only been here for about 3-4 months but it has already been a great and life changing experience. The campus is beautiful and so is the weather (but I heard I wont be saying that come winter time.)The small campus lifestyle is also nice because with a small campus means smaller amount of students which means your professor while remember your name and I have already experienced this in a few of my classes where my professors remember my name but will also help me one on one outside of class with anything I need help with, it has a feeling as if we are all family, everyone treats you with kindness not only on campus but even people in the community. I haven't been here too long to have a change in mind for the college but if I could change something it would maybe add more to the campus.
We don't have Greek life.
Sports are important here at campus.
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I really liked using Niche and how easy it was to access. It gave good information and helped me compare other colleges easily. I would add more scholarships for people to apply for. They are very helpful for broke college students!
I don't live on campus but I have heard that it is great to live there.
I love my school. I would definately choose it again. The class sizes are awesome and the professors are very helpful!
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