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I love that the dorms are very close to downtown and that the campus is all within walking distance. The student community is great, and there are always activities to do. However, there is no clinic and the administration is not very involved in student life. Almost all activities are sponsored by students and faculty.
I did not take any online course but know people who did and they are pretty happy with the online academic system.
Extremely disorganized online courses with many typos and grammatical errors in the syllabi and lesson plans.
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If you'd like to see an example of the level of literacy this school produces in (some of) their graduates look no further than the "NA NA NA" review. A college with such a high acceptance rate is more invested in how much money a student is capable of paying them than their reading comprehension.
There weren't any when I attended. NA MA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
Prescott College is unique and what you bring to it is what you get out of it. It is bad school for you if you want the classic college experience of parties, football games and large classes where you disappear into the background. I had no class at PC larger than 16. I double majored (art and psychology) and completed multiple independent studies. I had a fantastic time- the education is very hands on and interesting. My psych classes were aimed at people who wanted to be therapists, not researchers, so the focus was on helping others. It was a good focus for me as I went on to be child therapist.

I was fairly academic in high school and got good grades, but I wanted a new and interesting college experience, with more of a focus on my own personal growth. I got that in spades. There were draw backs- for me theI also got into three competitive grad schools coming out of PC. This school is not for everyone. But if it is for you, it is fantastic.
Administration is very disorganized and consistently delivers delayed responses. Much of the student body has a demographic of faux woke hippies, many of whom are drug addicts. The academics are not very rigorous and I didn't think it was a motivating or safe environment to learn in. The selection of classes is terribly limited and the somewhat decent offerings are generally related to sustainability studies or adventure education. Only one language is offered. Everything is too tiny including the ridiculously small number of students. At least half of the people I met during my first year either transferred or dropped out. You could find a much better value and nicer environment elsewhere. This school is for a very specific type of person. I will say I liked nearly every professor I worked with.
The profound impact that Prescott College has had socially and environmentally is immeasurable; there is no end to the ripples of positive change that this institution has created. I am so proud to be a Prescott College graduate. The dedication and passion of students and faculty to learn and grow to make the world a better place is unparalleled.
Extremely unorganized as a whole and administrative incompetence. If you have a valid concern or problem don’t expect them to help you at all. A lot of things about this college is not worth the money that they charge.
Prescott College is an excellent school for self-driven learners. There is lots of freedom to pursue independent studies, studies abroad, and even self-designed majors.
Since my time being at Prescott college I have noticed that it seems to be very clique. Almost every freshman that I talk to has some sort of desire to leave. The housing is pretty bad. They shoved 3 people into rooms that were clearly made for 2 people because they did not have enough housing for all of the students that they accepted. I will say that the classes that they offer are like no other. What other college can you take yoga teacher training or rock climbing as one of your classes?
I transferred and most of my credits were accepted! : ) . (Unlike several other colleges & universities I had looked into). The orientation was informative and hands on : ie. we were shown how to navigate the college's various platforms as I was taking their Distance Learning program. Earned a Bachelor's in Human Development with an emphasis in the Performing Arts. Their was a spirit of healthy competition in all of my classes. (I worked my butt off to be in "the running" and enjoyed it). My advisors were extraordinary, (a shout out to Esther Almazan), and they raised the bar quite high academically. For example we had to write a thesis in order to earn our Bachelor's Degree. If you are motivated - Prescott College is a great choice! p.s. We converged on the College's campus twice a year & there was an international student body that was sizable!
I am currently on my way to my future career and with the help of this college many steps closer to that goal.
Unless you are in Adventure Education or Environmental Science, then don't waste your time and money here as that is where all the funding goes. The college is very unorganized and there is zero transparency. They will lie straight to your face in order to get your foot in the door. The inspirational core faculty students and opportunities to study abroad through teaching out universities are only things redeemable about this place otherwise find another program. You will have more resources support and actually earn a degree that will help you in the real world.
Great for people who want to create a unique degree plan. Must be extremely self motivated to pursue dream degree because teachers do not challenge you. You have to challenge yourself!
Prescott College is devoted to experiential, interdisciplinary learning and that is, quite frankly, invaluable. Teachers and students alike are passionate in their pursuits and it is liberating to be around such likeminded people that desire to make a positive change in the world.
It has always been my dream to complete my education. Prescott College has made my dream come true. I am a junior at Prescott College. The professors work with and the students especiallt with us older students. I love Prescott College for making my dream a reality!
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The instructors and the library workers made up the core of this school for me. I adored all my instructors, and greatly valued the one-on-one time I had with them to help my academic and general life learning. The administration was unimpressive. They spoke about themselves well but the admin frequently disappointed students. The school is very ableist overall. I came to this school as a transfer student. I did well as a transfer student, but know I would not have stayed if I'd started my bachelor's degree at this school. I was involved in some Title IX work at the school and was disappointed by the school's lack of action to help students seeking protection under Title IX. This school was moderately trans-friendly. It painfully lacked in diversity, but in some ways is very well-suited to neurodivergent students with non-traditional learning styles.
The Adventure Ed program is great however the school's operations and logistics leave something to be desired.
Prescott college is great for anyone that loves the outdoor and has intentions to pursue a career relative to the outdoors. The whole college mainly revolve around adventure education degree. they offer many other and are very student driven. Student in this college have a lot of power.
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