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This is a very pro - liberal college. I like it because the faculty are so helpful. They all have good idea and have been very willing to go the extra mile to see me graduate!
At times, unorganized and frustrating.
Prescott does not have an on campus fitness center
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We only have one organized team, which is the Mountain Biking Team. I wish we had more diversity in sports.
Prescott College gives you the unique experience that no other college can offer. They do this by having excellent faculty who teach through experiential education. For example, someone that is studying Adventure Education or Outdoor Recreation is not qualified to graduate until they have completed the Adventure Education Semester, which involves learning and teaching others skills such as backpacking, rock climbing, whitewater rafting, and so on. Prescott College has a sensational Environmental Studies program, which is what I am in currently. I hope to obtain an emphasis in my course of study in Wilderness & Parks Management.
So far my college experience here at Prescott College has been great! I have small class sizes, so one on one with the professor is easy. What makes my school unique is how hands on we are in our classrooms and curriculum. our courses aren't strictly lecture based, actually they rarely are. My classes are really interactive and offer flexibility in your learning style. I would definitely choose my school if i could do it all over again, the only thing i would change would the orientation offered at the school was somewhat difficult for me. Because my school is outdoor based and environmentally conscious, out orientation is a three week backpacking trip that I wasn't nearly prepared for. But otherwise our classes are really informative and after we learn as much as we can we go outside or act out what we learned in real life whether its about math, animal behavior or sciences.
Its across the board but expect to pay at least $300 a bedroom a month minimum and start looking early. There's a facebook page "Prescott College Off-campus Housing" that will be super helpful.
Alfonso's Alfonso Burrito. It isn't on the menu and it is under $10 for an arm long burrito with everything on it. Get it and you will thank me.
Most of the RAs look the other way for a lot of things so just don't be stupid or get caught by a faculty member. So basically don't be stupid.
Up till about the halfway point through the semester there are parties every weekend after that they are more sporadic but there are often at least one or two things going on, except for during block. The parties tend to be very relaxed and theme parties are common. The best places vary with the kids living there at the time but the dip house, the panda house, the mansion, and casa de chaos all tend to be solid.
They really work with you to get you as much aid as they can and they offer endowed scholarships for you to apply for every year on top of the scholarships in the aid package you are first offered.
The menus are great they are flexible and you can make most things your own. I often double up the meat, but they also offer options for gluten free, vegan and vegetarian too. They serve breakfast all day and there isn't anything I have had that I wouldn't eat again though I must recommend The Prescott, or the smoked turkey with chipotle mayo.
The dorms are nice and are well kept. The RAs tend to be good people and are personable. I would recommend the dorms to most incoming students but if you are older than the typical freshman ages I say steer clear.
I'm coming from Silicon Valley, CA, so the prices cannot be beat for what you get, in my opinion.
Beautiful town with lots of charm. People are warm.
Tough getting scholarships for grad programs.
Small campus that focuses on conservation and beauty.
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There are four seasons. Beautiful area.
Prescott is a small town. Very cute.
The majors are geared toward creative thinking, ecology, social justice.
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