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I love PC but it would be nice to have better housing available or more class options. It’s also very hard because we don’t have kitchens, and I’m gluten free and vegetarian so the dining hall usually only has one or two options for me. But the students are alright, it could be more diverse, the professors are really sweet, and the campus is cute.
I love the people, professors, and class sizes. The town is really small, as is the student population. I would like to see more students enrolled (just about 1,000 more) and more things to do off of campus.
I love the campus life, great students and faculty make PC very much like home to me. It is in a little small town with lots of history and character.
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I currently finished my Freshman year and I can say that I have really enjoyed it . The best part about this year is the friends that I have made because I was so afraid that I would not make many or any. The campus is very nice and clean they take very great care of the campus the grass is basically cut almost everyday.Most of the teachers are helpful and make office hours so that you will be able to get help.
Loved the academic program there at PC. Professors are great and a small family oriented place in a quiet Southern town.
Presbyterian College is a great place for any type of student. From athletes looking for competitive NCAA Division I teams, academias looking for top-notch classes with engaged professors, social butterflies looking for campus involvement and nightlife, they have something for everyone! Although Presbyterian is small, it has a large school social and athletic life, while still maintaining small class sizes so that you get the most out of every experience. The only thing I would like to see change is the food, it does leave a little to be desired on days!
Presbyterian College can be a great place, depending on your family's yearly income and your major. It is really a place suited for students that come from wealthy families (they expect students to be able to pay thousands of dollars out of pocket to go there). The financial aid department really doesn't care about the students, and will simply dismiss you unless you go to someone above them. Also, if your major isn't one of the more popular ones you may have trouble getting the classes you need and the support you need to graduate. I am an education major and we only have one full professor and a visiting professor in our entire department. Classes are only offered at very specific times and if you don't get in one or have a time conflict it can easily delay your graduation.
small classes make for a better learning experience, where as a small school makes for a less than social experience
I love PC! I can not wait to graduate and be an Alum of an amazing school!
The professors really encourage internships and help make them possible in the best way. We also have an amazing tutoring center on campus.
PC does everything in their power to stop sexual assaults or to help combat them after they might happen.
Campus housing is the next thing on the list to be renovated and they have already started! PC is growing rapidly and the facilities show it!
Greek life is the best! We unfortunately do not have sorority housing, which I wish we did but the sisters and brothers are a great part of PC!
Presbyterian has great athletic facilities for the student athletes to use!
I love Presbyterian College! It is a great school with great professors!
The career services office is always open and they have very helpful meetings by appointment.
Because PC is a small school, there are a lot of small class sizes. PC also does a good job of making sure each student gets the classes they need. Many students are involved in research programs. The professors are really supportive.
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Small town college, super safe. I walk back to my dorm alone at night from the library sometimes and I don't feel unsafe at all. Campus police is friendly and reliable.
The only problem I've had is with some mold, but maintenance will come clean it. I like the layout options for dorms. There are a lot that are suite style and some hall but my most recent room had a small bathroom in it for just my roommate and I. There are also senior apartments on campus and then senior apartments slightly off campus across from fraternitity court that are also nice.
There are three sororities and they're all fairly large. The sororities take do a good job during recruitment. There are a bunch of fraternities. The fraternity houses are where most of the campus parties during the weekend and they're usually open to all students, but you do have to check in.
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