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They are really there to help you out all you have to do is ask its one of the best schools i went too they give you a free week before you make your decision on staying at the school help you with financial aid and everything else you might need they have a computer lab to give you a free laptop part of your tuition they're really helpful when you just need an extra boost of energy as in they gave you free coffee.
I am not taking any online courses so that doesn't apply to me. I have had a wonderful experience at this school: from when I made my first inquiries until now. I am so pleased with this school, the staff, my instructors, my classmates, their resources and the quality education I am receiving. So happy and excited about my future.
Skills lab, computers available in the library, lots of materials available in the library. Most of all, the intructors are ready to help you with anything you need, anytime.
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I am very happy with my experience at Premiere Career College. I am an A student, I am very serious about my education and I am greatly depending on getting a job in the field I am training in. I am so happy with this experience that if they offered a program to go even further in my education in this field, I would absolutely enroll here again with no questions or hesitations.
The student center is the place you will go for mock interviews, resume assistance and job leads. They have already helped me so much!
The administrative staff is readly to help you sort any any issues. They are friendly and helpful and even funny. Most of all, caring.
Lots of resources. Instructors are readily available. There's a library and a student center. Books provided are wonderfully detailed.
Quality education. I was very surprised at just how wonderful the education is. I've already gone to a different vocational school for my nursing program and I strongly feel that the education I am receiving at Premiere Career College is by far superior to what I have experienced at other schools.
I chose to be in a class that has the least amount of students which has given me a chance to get to know my classmates. I am very happy with my classmates. We help each other study, we help each other in the lab and we have so much fun.
There are two things that I love about my school - its accredited and they actually have doctors teaching some of the classes. In what world would you have a doctor teaching at a vocational school? This is quality education and I love my school. So happy I have chosen to come here.
I am already a licensed LVN but always wanted to work in the operating room so I chose to do the Surgical Tech Program at this school. I love the staff, my instructor is amazing and I am very happy with my classmates. This is a very happy experience for me and I am grateful for this opportunity to receive of quality education. They provide you with the tools you will need to be successful but it is up to you as the student to determine your own success based on the effort you are willing to make. I highly recommend this school..
Financial aid officers are just there to do their job nothing more nothing less...
Computers are not necessary used by students only for testing.
The facilities are very small in the campus and theres is jot many places you can go to study without someone interupting or making noise.
The student body at the school is not good, there is alot of negativity, there is not much of a comradity and alot of students seem to cheat in tests which seems to be pretty easy to do .
Professors at this school are actual doctors which is a big plus, but the faculty including the professors treat the students like high schoolers a big negative.
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I am not too far along to say wether the internship is good, but the curriculum is very good it does go into depth in the anatomy topic and the program studies.
So far 2 months into the ST program the curriculum is good and the teachers are good, but the faculty treat students like we are still in high school and the technology is low grade.
Classes Are Fun – I am in the surgical technologist program and in already in the procedure class and i enjoy it a lot because we learn how procedure go step-by-step and what is our role.
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