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So far my experience in Pratt is very different but I like it. I moved from Florida to Kansas on a track scholarship. I love the weather and the people there are so kind.
Pratt is close to home and has the community involvement of a small town. Unfortunately, there's not a lot of college students to do so there are numerous trips to Wichita about an hour away. It would be nice for the support of girls' athletics to be stronger so fundraisers by athletes weren't necessary. Dorms are nice and classroom work is pretty difficult in many, but not all, credit hours.
i want to go for nursing everything in this school could benefit me in so many ways
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its a very well question to answer
they have a lot of choices and try to help me get my credit hours faster
it has a good program but I generally hate online classes
I don't know much but they said they have helped a lot of students get jobs
not many jobs on campus. I will work a block away from campus
They care about your education and if you go to class
helping me take classes I can use for both schools
I'm transferring here next semester but I LOVE IT
we have a pretty good agriculture program. there are a few classes that are specific to my major. my advisor is very helpful in the process of me transferring to a university.
If you do not play a sport at this college, you will definitely feel left out and different
The academics are challenging based on the curriculum. If you are taking more advanced classes they are more challenging. Although, for most classes you just have to show up and do the homework and you will do fine. Classes vary on how challenging they are based on the teacher. I have learned a lot of new things with my Chemistry class and my Calculus class, both of which were pretty challenging.
The experience is what you make it, for the most part. They have a lot of different events for the students you just have to be willing to participate. Most of the teachers are caring and understand, and they all want to help you succeed. If you find a group you can join it makes the process easier. The classes are challenging but not impossible, and if a student needs assistance then the teachers are glad to help.
The teachers are friendly, but this is a small town and small school so there isn't much to do
I'm only indicating this rating at this time because I have not yet started my freshman year at Pratt. My family and I have been very happy with all the help we have been given up to this point, and we've been dealing with the school and its staff for about 7 months.
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The flexibility has been great.
My instructors have been helpful and very informative.
Online classes give me the freedom to work my job and be a good parent.
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