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Praire View A&M University is a great school. The campus feel is awesome. The professors really help and want to see you succeed. Prairie View A&M University really does care about the students in the end, and not just the numbers.
it had some good places there, nice people. The rooms are really nice and I like them a lot. The sports are fun and the games are amzing
The campus is known for its atmosphere, and I have to say that its is amazing. During the college application process I struggled to decide where I wanted to go. After visiting Prairie View A & M University, I immediately knew I belonged there!
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I liked that Prairie View is a Historical Black College and University (HBCU) and really gives me that immersion into black culture. What I want to change is the quality of food and the quality of buildings. I think the resources and the funding we get is absolutely terrible and does not amount to those of a Predominately White Institution (PWI).
As a student, you are well catered to at PVAMU and taken care of. The professors make sure the students have the materials that are needed for them to learn and become successful, that is why graduation rates are above expectation at this university.
It has a good nursing program and most known for this program. Most students who goes in there with the minimum of education leaves out very good nurses and doctors . The most hard working people will leave a positive stem to all students who is interested in the medical field. Having the medical field so popular in its time now I would recommend that all that is interested in the medical field to apply for this college.
My overall experience at Prairie View A&M University would be average. There are an immense amount of good things the university has to offer, also an immense amount of bad things.
I absolutely love prairie view! There's an excellent positive environment for students that allow you to learn and be productive at all times. Prairie view also keeps you involved with all activities that take place on campus. For the most part the staff are friendly and the campus is very up to date on the latest technology, books and websites.
Its a very good school. If you want to go to an HBCU college for studying engineering, and nursing/ medical, then this is the school for you. Its a diverse school, of different types of melanin. Its in the middle of nowhere, but that's good because you want to stay focused on school, but don't get sad because it definitely has a reputation of being a party school. :)
This school is a great place to focus and really get a great education. The professors are very involved with their students and will always make sure we are successful. One thing this school lacks though is professionalism and organization,
Attending college for the first time has been an expensive year at Prairie View. Dorm rooms need remodeling badly and students need to be conscious of others when having to share living space. Also, the amount of money paid for housing is not worth what you get.
Classes are not really good as some professors spend most of the semester canceling classes. Transportation trams are visible on campus but non operating for student transportation.
Trying to contact to pay for housing is hard and then in the middle of school, they changed payment policy for housing. Instead of paying monthly, It changed to quarterly, which resulted in students withdrawing from the college.
I love Prairie View and how family oriented it is ! The professors here are more than just teachers, they teach you life lessons, will push you to your full potential, encourage you , pull you to the side when need be, and etc. When attending Prairie View your not only becoming knowledgeable in your desired field but your also becoming knowledgeable about black culture . By coming to PV, you will leave prepared and qualified for any position you take .
Over all I had a great year , the professor are great , campus life was great, being away from home took some time to adjust to but in looking forward to 2019.
I LOVE Prairie View A&M University! The culture , the professors(not all), the food , the love ! IF YOU ARE SEEKING THE TRUE HBCU ATTENDANCE THIS IS WHERE YOU WANT TO BE ! And as always , Prairie view Produces Productive People
It’s a college that has a pretty nice, friendly, and cultural atmosphere. I like how the counselors, admissions people, and teachers care about you and are willing to help you succeed. Overall its a fun school to visit.
From what I know so far, they have an excellent campus that accommodates everybody and their major. That includes but is not limited to dorms/apartments more than majority of them are new and refurbished, has a lot of space and makes students feel somewhat at home. Second I would have to mention is the staff the people that you have to speak to on the phone to get certain things straightened out. Be it financial aid, testing services or housing they are very welcoming and has a great attitude. Prairie View is a great choice not matter where you come from.
As a Junior at the illustrious school of PV, I can say the experience from Freshman year til now-the growth process has been awesome. The campus and education system has set me on a journey of not only unlocking my mind to learn, but to seek who I am in the world and what my mission is to benefit my community, service my peers and build relationships that grow and connect me to bigger and better. Ultimately, I am satisfied with the structure of the University and have become a proud scholar and sponsor to future students to come.
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When I attended a college tour at the University of A&M Prairie View, I was well pleased. The environment and feeling was very welcoming and I loved it. I got to experience a night in a dorm and it was just like I dreamed it would be like, a community of loving people.
Pv is the best college that is out there you want be disappointed it's just a new life you have to get adjusted to if you planing on being with everyone your face which is African American this is the right campus to be on .Safety is not a issue everyone is protected on this campus.Learn your major now because changing will cause new confusion like when you first came but your going to enjoy it .Go to college it's the best feeling ever.
I am currently a freshman at PVAMU and everything has been great so far. I had some trouble with financial aid along with everyone else because they are so unorganized. However the professors, school events, and opportunities around campus are amazing. You will meet some amazing friends due to campus being so small and always have something to do on a daily basis.
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