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Prairie View A & M University Reviews

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Prairie View has a lot of people who wanna see you succeed as a person, and many people who have that same drive as you may have to prosper. The teachers are great and have office hours when you may go and talk to them. Only thing I’d change is the surroundings of prairie view to have more campus food options, as well as the way they handle there documents, and housing for students. I believe there should be more dorms built on campus or the admissions requirements should be raised.
I graduated from prairie view with a bachelors in mathematics. My overall experience was excellent and the diversity was phenomenal. I would invite anyone to attend an HBCU like mine.
Excellent Executive MBA program! This program is super convenient given the hours, Saturday class 9-4pm every other weekend!
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Prairie View A&M University is a GREAT university that has helped me prepare for my future, given me plenty of opportunities to grow and network, and sculpted to be a productive PANTHER!
When I visited the campus of Prairie View A&M University it was such an experience to remember. The staff was very welcoming along with the food. Walking through the campus was very exciting especially when we looked at the fraternity/sorority.
I love everything about PVAMU. From the academics, to the diversity, to the student engagements. Prairie View is really one big happy family. If anyone says something negative about the school, students who attend are always quick to hit them about all the good facts about PV. PV has an incredible history on how and why the school was founded and how it started out with eight guys and now look at it. One of the top nursing programs, engineering programs, and one of the best bands in the nation and also we are a HBCU. I wouldn't change anything about my school, The Prairie View A & M University.
Great school. Treats everyone great. A true family environment and they produce productive people. If you want to find a school that makes it feel like you never left home PVAMU is it. PV is top in engineering and nursing school in the nation.
Depending on your insight, there is an immense amount of opportunity here. Many things appear set in stone but there is ample and abundant opportunity for growth and expansion for any individual looking to achieve greatness.
Prairie View A&M Univeristy is an excellent school with many things to keep you occupied and they have had a lot success with making people successful
What I love about Prairie View is that that the faculty and the students engages with the students in and outside of the classrooms.
Everyone is so nice and I love how the professors want to see you succeed. There's multiple job and career opportunities. Even though it's an HBCU it's very diverse.
Getting anything done at Prairie View takes forever. The school is overcrowded so you won't be able to find on campus housing if your not a freshmen because they get priority. There's no food on campus availability after 6:00pm and the closest food places are miles away so you will be hungry. Classes are also a struggle to get because it's over crowded the classes fill by the second week of registration. Many of the buildings are old and don't have updated technology. The school has a lot of issues.
PVAMU is definitely a school you can not get enough of. From the students to the staff, it is like being around family. Just as you being around your real family, there are difficulties you all face, but eventually you all will act like it never happened and continue to love one another.
I love Prairie View because of the diversity. I learned about myself, culture, academic and aloe more since I have been here! I couldn’t of chosen a better school.
My family believes that attending an HBCU is important for the growth and cultivation of the youth, especially young African American students. It's a chance to experience an environment truly unlike any larger school. Students from all walks of life find themselves falling in love with the familial environment of the fellow students and faculty. They come to a universal agreement that we are all here for the same reason, to grow in our respective majors, and we're all welcome to help each other any way we can. The professors know their students' name and make it their mission to make sure that they answer any uncertainty. If there was an aspect of my Alma Mater that I would change, it would be the housing situation. In the recent years, Prairie View has been accepting more freshman than available housing. I would also renovate the housing for the upperclassman. Although it isn't unbearable, after spending a couple years in the dorms, I can attest that there is room for improvement.
the university itself is very beautiful. The professors are very understanding in all aspects. The campus is beautiful and getting better. Overall good school to attend.
I Love PVAMU! Prairie View's campus is beautiful and the culture around is so different. From the Fashion to Engineering Department. The university has plenty of resources to help the students get ahead.
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My experience at Prairie view A&M University for my freshman year was overall good because it was my first year being in college just graduating High school in June of 2017 and it was my first time actually being on my own and basically being an adult and taking care of business. one thing that I did not like was that my Financial Aid was horrible because I did not receive nothing but 11 thousand dollars including loans, so I had to take out another loan for 7,000 so I can have enough money to cover my housing and everything else.
Initially I did not want to go here. I wanted to attend a school that wasn't a HBCU. I am grateful that my mom encouraged me to attend this University. There's always someone there to help if you reach out, the spirit of the campus is uplifting, the professors know what they teach well and know students on at least a facial recognition basis, plus the campus is beautiful. The best part is everyone is encouraging you to be better!
In my time being here the campus is really fun if you like quiet, however there are times when things don't get handled in a timely manner just because of where you stay on campus; to me its not really fair and I personally feel the need for it to be changed.
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