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Prairieview a&m is a great HBCU .They offer many amazing majors and gives great extracurricular activities
When i first got on campus. I was homesick, so i didnt really like the school. But now thats it's my second semester. Im being more acquainted with campus
I love prairie view a&m university. I love the campus itself and the community. The professors are extremely helpful when every you need it. The housing is beautiful and help as much as they can with getting everybody on campus.
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The environment feels like a family! No one is excluded or looked at for differences! Everyone looks out for one another, rather it be helping/tutoring for a class or helping with organizations or something simple as making friends!
I absolutely love my HBCU. Here is the place that has allowed me to come out of my shell and be the best person I can be.
Prairie View A&M seems to be a really good college to go to if one is looking for a college with much charisma and fun
I would like to see more renovation on some of the older buildings such as Hobart Taylor many of the buildings have poor internet services and that needs to change but the party life is amazing never a dull moment
I like the care that the professors take in dealing with students. There is a lot to gain from the university if you so desire. I would like to see more networking with companies.
I love Prairie View I can’t lie at first I didn’t because I had transferred from a different college, but once I started putting myself out there I fell in love with the school. I love it so much now I wish I would’ve came here in the beginning. The students to teacher ratio is 1 to 25 average, so you get to actually have a relationship with each of your professors in order to grow in and out of the classroom. You get so much at being at this university, from the culture to the diversity of the school, this is your home away from home.
My first year has been a thrill so far into the second semester. It is a bit stressful to where I cry every morning but I pull through.
My visit to Prairie View A&M University was great ! I got a chance to experience what class was like and student life as well. One change I would like to see is an improvement in the cafeteria food. The school should open up to new foods with different cultures of food.
As a freshman my time at Prairie View has been short, but not uneventful. In just one semester I have made unforgettable memories and connected with an unimaginable amount of extraordinary people. My past experience with social interactions in school have been less than enjoyable; fortunately P.V. has taught me that things get better and people only grow and mature as time goes on. The people and the encouraging environment that P.V. has is what makes it an exceptional place.
Prairie View has lots of events and activities that you can attend. When I first started here we had a week of celebration and fun activities. The classrooms are full and the teachers barely know what they are doing. The teachers also would rather see you fail than to see you succeed in their classroom.
I visited PV, and I love the atmosphere.They are definitely a family away from home. My major is Nursing, and they rank as the #1 HBCU in that field. PV is all around the perfect school for me. The class sizes are small compared to many other colleges and universities.
Campus is beautiful and so are the people. The hospitality and culture of the school is everything and more. The true definition of and HBCU is Prairie View A&M University. PV YOU KNOW
Amazing school, great experiences with students and college staff. Only thing is the university is unorganized in some fields.
I am a transfer student at Prairie View A&M University pursuing a major in Mechanical Engineering. Academic wise the work for engineering students is definitely challenging throughout the 5 to 6 years spent pursuing the degree. To really enhance the engineering program there is a high need for better professors that will really enhance the learning methods taught within the program. Campus and student life at the University is pretty descent and even certain spots off campus are really affordable as well. There are more than enough activities and social events that go on during the school year and a lot of students are really involved in the inner community surrounding the school as well. Overall Prairie View A&M is a good school that is affordable for low income students and there are more than enough connections and opportunities to embark on personal achievements and job opportunities in the process.
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My experience at Prairie View is overall really great! There's different types of people from different types of backgrounds, and it is nice to talk to people and everyone is nice. I like PV's dedication to their students, it makes people feel welcomed. I wish the food was better, but it could be worse.
Prairie View A&M University is a wonderful school and I know for sure I made the best choice by applying to this school.
Prairie View is a good school !!! I would like to attend this college for academics & sports. I have been informed that they have a good athletic program & their academics is doing good as well. I hope this is a good place for me and I’m willing to attend pretty soon !!
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