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Prairie View is the best decision I ever made. I love my school, the atmosphere that I live in, and the faculty that work here. I love having professors that care about me and stay on top of me so that I can be successful. The only change I would want for my school is to host new different events on campus.
Prairie View A&M University has to be one of the most diverse campuses I’ve visited. They were so welcoming when I was A high school senior and upon visiting the campus I knew From that moment it was the University for me. They could possibly change the communication towards students regarding housing payments and work on the WiFi .
I love my Historical Black College, Prairie View A&M University. I love the atmosphere and the people that surround me. Everyone is nice and cordial. It is like a big family and everyone looks after each other whether you know them or not. The classes are small compared to other schools classes, so you get to really know your professor. The professors are nice and helpful. The campus activities are good as well. It gives you an opportunity to get involved on campus and network with others and get to know more about PVAMU. Even though Prairie View do has it's pros and cons, I would recommend any one to come to my beautiful university.
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Prairie View A&M University has a friendly atmosphere. The students are always happy to help each other and are very respectful.
Prairie View has been a wonderful experience for me and it's only been my freshman year.. and I've already felt as if i'm having the experience of a lifetime. Recommending Prairie View A&M University is the absolute least I could do for all of the wisdom and life lessons it's taught me.
I will be a first time freshman in August of 2018 and i have enjoyed all of the friendly staff and professors because they guide you on the path towards success and, the student life allows you to be able to connect with your environment.
It gives you a warm welcome and everyone is nice and helpful. Makes you feel like your part of a big family and we look out for each other.
The first reason would be our academic standards. The teacher's are very hands on. They also give you space to grow. When you first come to school as a freshman, you feel lost and uncomfortable . At Prairie View they have people that are pals, these people teach you the ropes and make sure you are not alone. The atmosphere at Prairie View is very clean and refreshing. So I highly recommend this school.
the culture is so intense its amazing especially coming from California , murrieta, not a lot of diversity of black people, but here of course pvamu being an HBCU of course you see more of your own skin tone. Especially the campus its recently been remodeled , its beautifully modern campus.
Prairie View A&M is a historically black university with a strong sense of community, rich with history tradition and culture. Attending Prairie View A&M has allowed me to take pride in continuing a family legacy. My university has allowed me to learn in smaller class room settings, get to know my teachers and the required expectations necessary to be successful. Prairie View has allowed me to grow and gain independence.
My first year at PVAMU has been a joy. Although I ran into a few difficult courses, my professeors have been a great help to me through it all. The party scenes are amazing and the greek life is magnificient. I wouldn’t choose a better university to go to. I know that their nurisng program will be very rigorous, but with hardcore studying, and getting generous help from my professors and mentors, I know that it will be a breeze.
I love their nursing program it is very interesting but also they can have more strong areas in business.
I love my HBCU! I've had the opportunity to work with my professors and advisors on a personal and professional level during my BA in Biology journey!
I love the fact that most students are so involved! There are many events and opportunities to get involved on campus and meet new people. I love it! The sporting events are also very exciting to attend, all while being supportive of the sport and our school!
It is an amazing experience. I love all the different characters and personalities throughout this University. I also love that there are many opportunities for you to express yourself here.
I got to visit the campus for the first time and I can say that I was impressed how all the students know one another. The campus has a beautiful scenery that takes your breath away. Academic wise, they have really good programs. For example nursing is one of the greatest programs they offer. Also the teacher and student ratio is pretty good. The teachers are able to recognize who you are.
PV A&M is a wonderful school to be at, it is defiantly still growing and developing but is an awesome school to consider for the price. As long as you do your research and choose good professors that love to teach, you'll have no problem.
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A very good school to attend. Profossers are really good and are willing to help students. The school provide a lot of tutorial services for students that needs help. There are a lot of organizations you can join on campus to become more involved and give back.
Prairie A&M University is an outstanding college with competent Professors and good learning environment. The laboratories are well equipped and accessible. Unfortunately, there are some shortcomings in the aspect of online customer care. When you call the school, you get a limited or no help.
Prairie View A&M was not my choice of school but it was super easy to get into. The school is over crowded. There’s nearly spaces to park unless you have super early morning classes. Financial aid is a bust. Some teachers aren’t there to help, it’s just another paycheck to them. There’s a lot of unsafe activities that tend to go on campus. Lots of campus and off campus parties. Campus police care more about parking tickets then the actually things that happen on campus. It might be a different experience for other people but Prairie View A&M is not the school for me.
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