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I like Prairie View university, because I have had several family members attended. It very Diverse. I always wanted to be part of a HBCU. It offers a excellent degree in my field of study. The campus is very secure. Campus has lots to offer in all areas of life. The campus is steady growing. It's a big campus, but not to big, we are all like one big family.
While at Prairie View A&M, you will be treated like a family. No matter if you are having a bad day, as soon as you step outside and the person that walks by you greets you will feel on top of the world. There is always something happening on campus, so if there is no studying to do, you can hangout with any organization on campus and they will greet you with open arms. I recommend this school to any and all people.
I went to tour Prairie View A&M University as a junior in high school and I loved it. It's one of the best HBCU's ever. The athletes are very athletic and outgoing . I enjoyed the win that they got this year against Grambling State University, it was one to remember because the broke the 26 year winning streak. I feel like i would be a good student for Prairie View A&M University .
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What I like about the school is that everyone is friendly and everyone can get along with one another. The buildings are good looking and my experience so far is going great. I get along well with the professors and students. So far I haven’t seen any bad things happening since I been on campus.
I'm literally happy about everything except for the fact that the wi-fi is so bad that I can't do my homework from my room. And fix the costs of our damn tuition senators.
I absolutely love my campus. It is BEAUTIFUL! The curriculum is challenging and there are many teachers that are really concerned for your well being. There isn't much I would change.
Being a freshman its kind of scary to be at a big university ,BUT I like it a lot the campus and students are welcoming and relaxing.
praire view is so great. the students are amazing and the staffs are so understanding. the classrooms the eniviroment everything about it is so safe.
My Freshman year was all academics because I wanted to experience college life. I wanted for once in my life not Join any clubs or activities well that was not me. I tried out for the Black Foxes this year did not make it but I made Colorguard aka "Twirling Thunder" I enjoy my new 32 sisters !
I like the people on campus. It’s a big family. I dislike the dorms/housing on campus. Very unorganized.
My experience at an HBCU has been tremendous! I have learned so much about myself and history! The professors really care about your well being and will always go out their way to help you! I love this campus!
I love the diversity, structure and organization of the school. I feel I will do great at the school because so many teachers show that they care about the students future and how they progress. The campus is always clean and make you feel at home while away from home.
It is a fun place to visit. I really think they are a good school. They have a good academic system, sports is very exciting.
havent been there yet but seem like a great college. have heared alot about this college and this is the college i want to go to
Its an ok campus just needs to be smoothed out on a couple things. Like the financial aid department and the rest of the school need to be more synchronized. And staff need to be more informative with the information they give out to people.
Besides a few bad experiences with the financial aid process, I do not have any negative comments about Prairie View. I learned to be more responsible, become more social, as well as be there for myself. The teachers at Prairie View all have their own unique way of teaching so it makes the classes enjoyable. This university is like a family, even though there are so many students there is always somewhere there to help you when you need it. Also, there are so many different classes you can take and learn from.
As a Prairie View A&M student, I would say I love my university! As an HBCU it is the best! There are so many things and activities to get involved in on campus. There are so many students from different backgrounds that come together to form a big family.
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I feel that Prairie View is one of the best colleges to attend. When you get here it just feels like home. Everyone here is very kind and they make you feel like family. Also the professors and staff are extremely understand and are willing to help you with any problem you have.
Prairie View has a lot of people who wanna see you succeed as a person, and many people who have that same drive as you may have to prosper. The teachers are great and have office hours when you may go and talk to them. Only thing I’d change is the surroundings of prairie view to have more campus food options, as well as the way they handle there documents, and housing for students. I believe there should be more dorms built on campus or the admissions requirements should be raised.
I graduated from prairie view with a bachelors in mathematics. My overall experience was excellent and the diversity was phenomenal. I would invite anyone to attend an HBCU like mine.
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