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The career services department hosts job fairs from time to time for places looking to hire us right after we graduate and they even bring in part time jobs for people seeking work while still in school.
The school matches the teachers that best fit the programs and the ones that are more qualified for each position, ones that know a lot of tricks for the trade.
The schools set up is very easy, calm and laid back they help you as long as you help yourself, they want to see you become something as you move through these programs to better yourself, they have night classes and day classes, so for those who work they can take night classes.
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With the online courses you go open a chapter and learn by sections taking a short test after each section ends, all leading up to the end of the chapter where you take a chapter test and after you take the test and happen to fail, you can review the questions and see the ones you got wrong and even retake the test after you watch the videos over again to better your knowledge of the situation.
The career department is awesome, these people live for helping you get a job, they like to see you succeed just like you, like to see yourself. They even can help you get a part time job if you're looking for work while you are still in school if that is what you want.
In my major the school focuses on the specific task at hand without getting sidetracked and going out in left field telling us stuff that irrelevant to the class we are in.
I'd have to say my overall experience is great because the teachers are actually helping, if you get stuck they will take time to help you and focus on you to make sure you understand. They don't leave you out and hope you understand eventually and if you need the extra help you can stay after school and get help or you can come in on Fridays and work on things to make sure you actually get everything. My school is unique because they care about the students and they like to see you do good so they reward you. They hold meetings to recognize students for perfect attendance and honor roll and they raffle off tools and toolboxes that will benefit you in the work field.
small classes working with the instructors will give me more oportunity to find my flaws and strengths while I learn at my own pace.
the tour was informative taking me from the beginning till ending.
If I get in trouble trying to diagnose a problem the instructors will be very helpful. They don't tell you what the problem is but they will give you a few hints. If it's a large problem they will demo the solution to fixing the problem for everyone. The associate professors are very friendly and helpful if you ever need to get ahold of them.
These courses are to recurve your levels of certification in a manufacture. You are on your own with these, manufactures have a login that the school will provide you with, then you watch videos of new technology being put into the industry. To get rewarded a ranking you must pass all tests in the category you just watched.
You get what you put in, most students stay in the industry field. Those are the ones who put in most work throughout the time they spent at the campus. You will be seen before other techs if you are top in class and always there on time this also includes showing up everyday. This industry picks students from our college every graduation go go work for them, you put your work in and you'll receive an opportunity to show the work you put out.
Most college graduates are already hired into a job the day they graduate the college. The campus will help you create resumes and documents of what certifications you've received also. Graduates return frequently to get knowledge in other subject or model specific brands they didn't want to learn about before. The work field for this career is large and you will be able to get into the industry when you graduate.
Instructors are very helpful, they care about the students not the money. Simple associates courses can be taken to receive your associates degree. You have an option to take other courses such as air brush/paint including welding. The class room is a great learning place and you have resources to find things. Including when you walk into lab, it's ran exactly like a shop and you can find all of the tools you will need. The class sizes will depend on when you start because people end up being in certain classes longer , average class size is 15
Instructors are very helpful and friendly, all staff is outstanding and will help you if you need anything. You can earn your associates degree in a very simple course which takes a few more hours to receive the credits. Equipment is ready to be wrenched on and you recurve you're tools in a few weeks , right around when you really need them. You can get discounted tools from the Camus tool store. Overall experience is amazing and it's what you put in that you will receive.
I have enjoyed going to PSI and would recommend this school to anyone thinking of going here.
I'm not at that point yet, but the students I know that are, are really happy with the schools access to these things.
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There is a computer lab, tool store, campus store (open hours are intermittent), a cafeteria area where breakfast and lunch can be purchased.
Facilities are not set up like traditional college campuses, given the technical nature of the school, some resources are limited.
So far I have been able to learn more about motorcycles and the industry which will allow me to pursue a new career.
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