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Potomac State College of West Virginia University Reviews

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I like being apart of Potomac State College because it is a local college. I commute, so it is not far from where I live. I have enjoyed in being apart of the classes. The classes here are small, not to large to were you can not focus on what you need to learn. Something I would like to change about Potomac State is the housing and safety. The housing are an average and so is the safety. The college could improve on these things by being more above average and taking the students advice when they try to change the issues.
i liked meeting new people. the college is great and its affordable. some teachers aren't the easiest and some are but that's anywhere you go. i started at Potomac state when i graduated high school in 2017. i never really wanted to go to college but i'm glad i came. i met a lot of cool people and learned a lot of things i didn't know before.
I was a freshmen in for the fall 2018 semester. I moved in in august 2018 PERFECTLY healthy ( I had a complete physical 1 week before leaving home) 3-4 weeks in to the school year I started getting sick. I went to the clinic on campus for them just to tell me oh it a "freshmen thing" that it would get better. Going into the middle of September I found BLACK MOLD in the bath room I reported it and 4 days later they came and "cleaned it up ". At that time I was still sick with upper respiratory type symptoms with new symptoms coming daily, the beginning of October I find MORE black mold in the main vent of my dorm room. I ask other students if they are having the same issue and multiple come back to say yes. By that time I had been on 4 antibiotics, 4 inhalers , 3 nasal sprays, multiple hospital visits , THOUSANDS of dollars in medical bills , 3 cough syrups just for them to tell me that I'm not sick due to the black mold that is INFESTED in the dorms.
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This school was really great. The professors knew you by name and they never wanted to see anyone fail so they always encouraged us to do our best and see them if we need help. The only problem is the administration if you had a problem you would have to jump through all these hoops to get a single answer. But they are still very helpful.
Small classroom setting and one on one time with instructors make learning easy. And for the price you pay to go, it’s almost impossible not to love the school
This being a sister site campus is a small class sized with personal contact with students that allows intensive studies equalling that same coursing of WVU main campus . Preparation for real applications is the goal .
Potomac state college of West Virginia University is an amazing place to be. The professors are amazing and very willing to help you out. The small campus allows you to get to know a lot of people and explore the roots of West Virginia
Before going to college I bdidnt talk to many people. Being in this school opened me up to try and take on new things and learn how to better myself. I am very thankful for my experience at Potomac State.
I love that Potomac State College is a part of West Virginia University and that stye have a lot of the programs for cheaper.
Potomac State College is a two year college located in a pretty desolate area of Keyser, WV the school has little distraction outside the campus so it is a great place to focus on academics. Sports events have lots of support and energy from the community , and locals always welcome students. They have open library, tutors, and 24hr study rooms with computer access. The air is always fresh, scenery is always beautiful and theres tons of nature to explore. In all Potomac State is a small,but has everything needed inorder for a student to move on to better university.
I love Potomac State because you get the college experience and still have smaller classes. That way you can have some one on one time with your professors. Everyone is very helpful and nice and just a great place to be at when your away from home.
Potomac State College is awesome , the staffs is amazing and very helpful. It was great my experience , as a freshmen there were a lot of staffs there to help me with something , even if I had a questions they were helpful
To me, Potomac State College of WVU is a one of a kind school that dedicates itself solely to the education of it's students. This school allows students to strive not only in the classroom, but also in the workforce. One thing that could be improved upon for Potomac State are the community events. The school has made a great effort to create more activities for their students, but I believe there could never be enough things to keep my classmates occupied outside the classroom.
Professors will try their best to prepare you for grad school, they will do whatever it takes. Some professors do this by being tough. Definitely not a place for "easy A's".
Potomac state college is a good school somewhat. The students vary, some are nice and others are mean or bullies. The teachers are good and understanding and willing to help to see you succeed. The athletics are good and a fun way to begin your college athletic career. Honestly, I would change the way the administration act towards students and the way they are strict on others who may have violated the code of conduct.
It is a nice campus. The professors are nice and willing to help when you need it. There seems to be a lot of technological issues that happen frequently, which is a downside. Campus food is not the best for the money that you pay. Everything is in easy walking distance. Very limited parking. Overall the campus is not bad but could use improvements.
There's nothing bad about it
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Most teachers were great but there were a few teachers that I did not like
Great teachers, willing to help with any questions
I love that it's small so that way I can get used to the college feel without being stressed by huge classes and it's more one on one!
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