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What I like about post university is they actually care. They want you to become successful and believe in you all the way! Academic couselor is awesome!
Post University is absolutely amazing. They work with you no matter what your situation. I took a break because of my financial situation. Right now I have 8 classes left for my Bachelors degree and they have been calling almost every day to help figure out ways to finish and start in this upcoming module. When I was in school, everyone was helpful and there for me. As soon as I finish my Bachelors I will begin my Master's program at Post University. What a blessing they been.
My admissions counselor was amazing... As is my Academic Success Counselor.. I don't know about my financial aid adviser she doesn't seem invested in my future and is very difficult to talk too. She will email and once I reply, her response is vague and unsettling. Other wise my experience so far ha been GREAT.
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Post University has great staff and an easy enrollment process. The academic advisors will place you in degree path of your choosing and will always be in contact with. This is the best online college I've ever gone to.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience pursuing my second Bachelor's through Post University's online program. I obtained my first Bachelor's in psychology attending Northeastern University, and I wasn't sure how I would adapt to the online setting. However, learning online at Post proved to be very enjoyable and not difficult at all. It does require self-pacing and increased accountability, but as long as your work ethic is in line, online learning does not present anymore challenges than classroom learning does.

I have just three courses left until I receive my BS in accounting and finance, and despite the fact that I don't have my degree yet, I have still landed a position as a Technical Accountant for IBM. I look forward to pursuing a career path made possible by attending Post University.
Post University is unlike any other University, it is the best school to go to for the fact that even if you are an online student the entire staff there goes above and beyond to assist in any way they can. They will make sure they touch base with you each month, if not at least by each mod. Everyone is very friendly and you are not going into the class blind, you always have all the information you need up front. The Financial department is wonderful and works hard to assist you with making you that you are covered for the classes as well as, being there to assist you when having to set up payment options. I would recommend this school to anyone, yes it may be fast passed, however, they give you a great deal of information on how to manage your time efficiently with being able to complete all the work you may have. It is comfortable and just the right fit.
I enjoy the online program that this school offers. The staff is very considerate and caring. They call me and check up on me at least every month. The professors are also very helpful.
My experience was and still is great here at Post. The best thing I like about Post is that I can do my homework at anytime. What I dislike the most about Post is how the instructions on how to upload isn't to clear to me. It can be improved.
Just got the account and I am finding so many more scholarship opportunities than I did when I was in high school!
With hard work and dedication, you can complete your degree as fast or as slowly as you want to. Teachers are always supportive and friendly.
Post University is a good school. They have small classes , which gives you more 1 on 1 time with the professor. Also they have a very friendly and small campus so you would actually meet majority of the people so you wouldn't feel like your left out. Post also have fun trips and activities on campus to bring the students and workers for Post together. Dorms are nice size and new Ac/ Heating system. Sports is Division 2. Post is a good school to look in to and go to.
I started at Post this last spring. I love the online learning, it allows me to complete at a more personal rate. the classes and professors are very user friendly.
My experience online with the people there are very nice. I liked the support system and the teachers and the resources that they have are amazing. I would recommend this school to anyone. Also I would not change a thing.
Teachers take the time to help you become more familiar with the work,and they make sure you are understanding what they are teaching.
Post is literally like a second home for me, everyone is so nice and friendly.
I'm new, but the resources and ease of use for students is unmatched. I love the software available, the extensive library, and the 24/7 online tutor for each student really goes above and beyond supportive.
I'm just starting again after other Universities just weren't the right fit, and this school is one I can be proud of. This pride has given me such strong motivation to succeed in my educational goals where other schools have not provide such motivation. I'm so grateful to be part of this amazing university, where all professors are experienced in the fields they teach.
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I love how helpful everyone has been.
When I walk onto the Post University campus, I immediately feel comfortable and at home. I have trust in my counselors and teachers that I will be in safe hands. The students are there with open arms; and that's even coming from someone with severe social anxiety! I've never been happier than at Post.
They are very easy to work with
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