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My experience was great. I went to school to obtain my education and I got that and more. Professor are ready to teach you real life scenarios and examples related to the field.
The atmosphere is breathtaking. It's a small city in a big city and you feel very independent. Everyone has their own little lives on campus and its so alive. There are so many different things to do, and different types of people with amazing personalities that you can connect too. Everyone is chill. Especially the teachers. They are hilarious
I have finished my first year at Portland State University and I can honestly I had a great first year, and I am extremely excited to start my second year. The campus is amazing it makes you want to get up and go outside. Everything is in walking distance, or you can use the amazing transportation system that is free for students. The dormitories are nice and roomy with their own bathrooms and kitchens/kitchenettes. There is so much support on campus from students and faculty you have someone to go to for anything. The only thing I do not like and wish they would go back on is the tuition being raised by more that 700 dollars.
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My first year at Portland state was very fulfilling. I moved to Portland, Oregon from Sacramento, California to go to school and it couldn't have been a better experience. Its students and teachers are very welcoming and nice. I quickly made friends and settled into my new life of living in the city.
I enjoy attending PSU simply because it's so open to all views and it's very supportive of its students.
From my experience, PSU has wonderful professors that deserve high praise and recognition. I also like that the campus is located in downtown, so the school feels integrated into the city. However, the raising of tuition has been brutal and their selection of classes has been diminishing.
Very unique and diverse school. Beautifully maintained and extremely friendly staff and faculty. Wide range of classes to choose from and lots of delicious food on campus.
Staff on campus is very supportive, helping and knowledgeable. It looked like some of the teachers for online classes were not very organized, and some impressed me with how much they cared and took extra time to make sure everyone understands and not lost.
Portland State University has a beautiful campus in the heart of downtown Portland. The general education is different than most universities and it's difficult to befriend people considering this is a commuter's campus.
Portland State has some excellent teachers and adjuncts. The classes are very good and you can usually get the classes you want or need. The food selections are excellent both at the Student Center and at the food trucks and restaurants close by. Portland State is an excellent commuter school; while attending I took the train to school every day and I know that buses run by the school all day long. The campus is lovely. The surrounding areas are very nice, you can walk to lots of different places and there are street cars for longer jaunts. Portland State is a wonderful school and I really enjoyed going there.
Though you don't get a stereotypical college experience from PSU, there are countless pros to this school. It is widely diverse and accepting of all demographics and backgrounds. The campus is gorgeous and student housing is clean and kept well, but very strict. Staff are accommodating and the professors are kind and available. Parties are kind of hard to come by and athletics aren't huge but the location in downtown Portland is unbeatable; definitely worth a tour or visit.
Through my experience of attending Portland State University, they have friendly staff members as well as a diverse community of students. What I would like to see as far as changes go in Portland State are the advisers there who work there. I've been in the advisory department many times in attempt for a better adviser, but none of them was able to really help me understand my future plans and schedules.
Portland State has a vibrant student community. The school is in the midst of a thriving city, which has abundant diversity. The classes are great, as are the teachers. The athletic programs are not so well attended. Classes are easy to get, and there is great flexibility in meeting schedule demands.
Returning to Portland State University after a considerable absence has been a far easier, stress-free experience than I expected. The administrators and advisers have been quite helpful and gracious. Classes are as expected: university level with skilled professors. I highly recommend for mature/returning students.
Lots of resources, wonderful professors, large variety of courses. The computer science program is challenging but really prepares you well for industry. If you graduate, you will get a great job right out of school. The criminology program was wonderful.
It has some great faculty members and is downtown, so you have access to a great deal of good food and entertainment resources.
Overall, this was a good school and I got a good education (sciences and liberal arts) that's allowed me to land a couple of really great jobs. There's a lot of adjunct faculty/instructors, so it can be hard to develop lasting academic relationships with professors. Their advising department is especially lacking, though the folks who work there seem to have a good heart. I think this is a good school if you know what you want to do (e.g. medicine, business), but I would choose another university or college if you're more undecided.
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amazing... heard that teachers are amazing and that its not stressful if you work for it. consider finishing in 4 years
Portland State University is very welcoming to transfer students. There are a lot of valuable resources to students. Overall, it's a great school to end. They really look after the student's experience and success. I would like to see their student housing program improve. I'd like to see their housing assigned sooner.
Being at the university setting felt great. I was only there for one term but I quickly met new people. This is somewhat of a big university so it was a little overwhelming at first. Portland State has a ton of great programs to chose from.
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