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I moved from Kennewick, Washington to Portland, Oregon to attend school at Portland State University!

I started at Portland State University during the Fall 2011 Term. I received a Bachelor of Science degree: Major in Psychology and Minor in Community Health Education.

In regards to the location of Portland State University: I absolutely love that the campus is in Downtown Portland! There are always fun activities happening either on campus or outside of campus.

In regards to the academic atmosphere, it is extremely supportive.

Love this school so much that I am now getting my masters in social work!
Portland State University is located in downtown Portland, Oregon which is home to food carts, trendy coffee bars, and great people watching. The teachers actually care about their students and the counselors are typically quick to respond. The parking is atrocious and the lack of classes offered online is a bit disappointing, but overall PSU is great choice.
It takes to warm up to this school. Great for International studies students. It is not the typical college, but great for introverted people. I suggest it for people who are local to portland and do not want to spend a fortune on housing, or tuition.
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I moved to Portland from Salt Lake City Utah. I decided to go to Portland State because of the reputation of the business program. I feel like the business program has an excellent record and chooses top field professors which helps considerably because the teachers are very knowledgable about career paths and opportunities. Outside of the Business program however I think Portland State is a very mediocre school, with very intense quirky, niche political views. The school is not a traditional four year University, that being said it all depends on what you are looking for.
Portland State University is pretty great for the most part. The only thing that really bothers me is the additional fees we have to pay no matter what even if we don't use what we are forced to pay for.
Portland State was certainly not as I expected it to be from previous campus experiences. It is a city college where the campus is integrated into the downtown Portland area and business are mixed in with where some of your classes may be. I enjoyed seeing the different themed dorms as well as their recreational center.
Personally I like the college. It is cheaper and still pretty good. No complaints. I would recommend this college to others.
This is a university is great, it's a small in city campus, right in the heart of downtown Portland. This school helps you get a job right away, since we are in the heart of portland we have access to OHSU, business in and around downtown.
I have really enjoyed my experience with Portland State University. It is a beautiful campus that is filled with diversity. I have had the opportunity to use all the buildings on campus and they are fairly easy to navigate. Of course, the only issue is transportation since parking can get pretty cramped but I always suggest going early and snagging a spot. The teachers that I've had in the business and accounting department are AMAZING. I personally don't like to be on campus at night because walking in between buildings can be sketchy with some of Portland's residents walking by..
The teachers are a mixed bag, but I feel like I have plenty of resources to figure things out around me.
Portland State University is a great place to continue your educational journey. They have many great courses and schools that will benefit each individual in different ways. This school serves a great deal of diverse people and provides an equal opportunity for learning for all people. The campus is beautiful and accessible to all. It is a great place to receive a quality education.
I'm actually a student in high school, and I always wanted to go to Portland State University and my cousins went here and she told me about it and how to rate this University.
I absolutely love it here. The campus itself is beautiful. My fellow students are friendly. The faculty are accommodating, helpful, and understanding. You really have to know where to look to find a party, but there is always something to do. Definitely not your typical college experience, but definitely a worthwhile one.
I really like this university because there are lots of programs I can join. A lot of professors are friendly and care about students well.
Its good school, it has varieties of major to offer. The science professors I had were all good and always willing to help you if you struggle with the material.Will recommend
I transferred to PSU from SNHU this year and am so glad I did! Moving to Portland last Summer, it made sense to me to attend a local school and even though I am solely attending online classes, I feel connected to the school and campus.
I love Portland State. I received my first B.S. in Organismal Biology and their science program is incredible. Most class sizes are relatively small and I feel that the professors are generally pretty passionate and extremely well-informed on their subjects.
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My name is Lam. I am an international student. This is my second term at PSU. To me, this is my favorite school so far. They really care about student by providing tons of spaces to study. Every building, there is a computer lab that allow all students to get in and study !!
I am halfway through my second term at PSU. I transferred here from the community college in Eugene. Overall, PSU was a great decision.

When it comes down to it, I love this university because the student body is slightly older. The average age is 26. I came here for an education from a great university in an environment that suits me.

I noticed many people on here rank PSU as low due to having no Greek life and no parties. If that is what you want out of your EDUCATION, then you may be more suited somewhere else. I am here to learn, not to get drunk.
Portland State is a vibrant mix of students from many different backgrounds and cultures. It's in downtown Portland which makes being at Portland State a great experience. There are always things happening here so you will never feel bored and the academics are great because of amazing professors.
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