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2,111 reviews
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I love Portland State. I received my first B.S. in Organismal Biology and their science program is incredible. Most class sizes are relatively small and I feel that the professors are generally pretty passionate and extremely well-informed on their subjects.
My name is Lam. I am an international student. This is my second term at PSU. To me, this is my favorite school so far. They really care about student by providing tons of spaces to study. Every building, there is a computer lab that allow all students to get in and study !!
I am halfway through my second term at PSU. I transferred here from the community college in Eugene. Overall, PSU was a great decision.

When it comes down to it, I love this university because the student body is slightly older. The average age is 26. I came here for an education from a great university in an environment that suits me.

I noticed many people on here rank PSU as low due to having no Greek life and no parties. If that is what you want out of your EDUCATION, then you may be more suited somewhere else. I am here to learn, not to get drunk.
Portland State is a vibrant mix of students from many different backgrounds and cultures. It's in downtown Portland which makes being at Portland State a great experience. There are always things happening here so you will never feel bored and the academics are great because of amazing professors.
the location of this school is wonderful. downtown portland is the main reason i choose the school i was happy to find out that the school was wonderful also.
Teachers make the effort to keep open communication with their students, offering help or guidance if needed. Generally satisfactory array of courses by the term, offered online and in person, few being hybrid. Campus is located in a very convenient part of the city, easy access to multiple forms of transportation to provide support for those that choose not to drive and those that don't. Various clubs and opportunities. Capstone programs provide students with opportunities to earn real world experience prior to graduation. Monthly 'harvest' for students that need addition help for healthy foods also available, and daycare services for students and staff with children. Food carts conveniently located, with decent food in campus cafeteria.
As soon as I stepped onto campus I felt welcomed, this was because people were just nice even if they never met you this also included the help they were welcomed to give you.
Portland State is truly one of the most beautiful schools in the country! I oove how green our school is, how diverse, and how important is education to our professors and students to succeed.
As a first year student at PSU, I wasn't really sure what to expect, but so far I have loved it! Everyone I've met at PSU have been amazingly nice and supportive, professors and students alike. The campus is beautiful and centrally located in downtown Portland making commute and other activities a breeze, with serene park blocks in the middle making it feel as if you weren't really in the city. And to top everything off, PSU offers a wide range of classes and different areas of study.
The campus is absolutely gorgeous and I have learned so much being from the classes I've taken here. It is more of a commuter school and most of the students are originally from Oregon. A high percentage of students are also a bit older than college students typically are (18-25) which makes the party scene a bit non-existent. However, if you are 21+ there are lots of bars in downtown that are worth your time. The biggest complaint I would have about Portland State is the location. I love Portland but downtown is not very safe in my opinion. There is a lot of scary people and a lot of crime that happens right around campus. If you wander too far from your dorm you may run into trouble. Also, I would recommend not taking night classes for safety reasons. We do have an easily accessible campus security who will escort you home if you're smart enough to take advantage!
Great school and teachers. You can tell that they care about you. They will be offering free tuition for those who qualify.
It's hard to be super involved on campus since I'm a commuter, but there are lots of opportunities to be successful in academics.
I moved from North Carolina to Portland, OR to attend Portland State University (I have family on the west coast and wanted to experience a different walk of life from NC). I'm a music education major who is a member of the honors college. So far, I have only had a positive experience with Portland State. The location is unique and beautiful, as it is located in the middle of downtown Portland and blends in with the city, and it offers a lot of opportunity. The financial aid, health, dental, women's, social, etc. services provided to students are of quantity and quality. My professors have been wonderful and easy to work with. I've enjoyed all of the people that I've met and everyone on campus is friendly. The university has a lot of promise and I'm happy with my decision. I would recommend Portland State to anyone who is looking for a quality education with a unique experience.
I am in the Honors Business track, which I love. The full time faculty on campus are great resources for networking and making new connections. Because it's n downtown Portland, the city is a hub for internships and lots of different work experiences.
Portland State University provides the opportunity to receive an education while being involved in the urban core of the city. Though this campus doesn't offer the typical college experience, it is a great place for those wanting to incorporate being a student with a dynamic, urban lifestyle. Many students work or otherwise involved in the community, making this a unique place to learn and share experiences. At Portland State University was very positive. As a non-traditional student, I found the diversity of the student body to be both vibrant and welcoming. I enjoyed and learned a great deal from almost every one of my instructors. The University Studies program is innovative and makes the general education requirements more cohesive.
Beautiful college in a gorgeous city. Great people, friendly and nice. I love to see a lot of trees and flowers in here.
I really enjoy it here - the people, the curriculum, the campus, everything.
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Some of my classes are large, but everyone tries to get to know each other and help the class pass.
We have security that walks students to and from class and back to their dorms. Every now and then, we get an email about public safety. It is a big deal.
I've been to almost all the housing buildings on campus and they are affordable and clean.
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