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I like the seasons, just experiencing all the seasons. And I like how most things are walking distance, and you don't have to pay a bunch of money for transportation. And I also love the no sales tax.
The diversity in this school is the best i've seen so far. If you're seeking any form of help, there never fails to be someone more than willing to help you.
If you like to study in an urban environment and convenient system of transportation, this would be a good fit
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I am currently a freshman attending Portland State University and I can honestly say it's not what I expected, but not necessarily in a bad way. Being in downtown Portland the campus is much different from the average 4-year universities' and is always busy. The students are quite diverse and the faculty has been excellent. It is a great place to come learn and start or better your life. Overall I have been enjoying my time at PSU and can only hope for the best in the future!
The university has very good resources for students who need to find work and supplement their food stores. Professors are generally accessible and want you to succeed. Social life seems a bit difficult to figure out here, since the campus is a bit decentralized.
Highly diverse student body. Also, PSU's environmental standards for building construction are awesome. So far, the teachers seem quite nice, and the class sizes are small. However, the college is downtown, and getting around the campus is a pain.
Portland State has been a good experience for me. I commute meaning I am not as involved with the campus events and residence life but the academics is good, the professors are all passionately involved and experienced in what they teach.
Portland State has been nothing but good to me. I was welcomed into a campus full of diversity with open arms and the feeling of being in the right place grows everyday. Portland State has a lot to offer both academically and socially and I can't wait to see what these next four years have to offer!
Some of the professors are fantastic and some seem like they don't have the first idea how to teach. Especially in the intro classes of the foreign languages, I've repeatedly run into native speaker instructors who are terrible teachers, tending to just follow along rote with the book or their power points rather than stopping to assess the students' comprehension along the way or come up with better exercises to stretch our conversation skills or even explaining basic grammar. If we just wanted to read the textbook by ourselves and get our entire learning that way, why be in a class with a professor? The point is to receive knowledge from the instructor, not just be left on our own.
I like how diverse the students are, it really makes you see how everyone is different and that you are just a small part of the world. I also love the campus, it right in the middle of a major city so there's lots of exploring to do. I like how it is slightly a bigger campus, because you never have the same people in class. However this can also be intimidating because you want everyone to know who you are, but you are never able to meet EVERYONE.
Diverse campus and very beautiful, right in the city with lots of options for food and fun. Classes are great and it is easy to get to where you need to be.
I love the campus! the professors I have dealt with so far have been amazing! I wish there was more scholarship money for the Arts programs.
So far everything about PSU seems great! Affordable, convenient and there is a lot to do in the area. I have not started classes quite yet, but I have toured all the buildings, talk to many people and done my research. There are many technology businesses in Portland, and for a burgeoning mechanical engineer this is a perfect setting. Not only for jobs later, but for internships now! Beautiful city and school!
The diversity of the campus is what makes it unique. The instructors are engaging and care about the students learning and curriculum they teach!
Campus life is alright, better if you live on campus. Incredibly pricey for an average education. Lots of pressure to belong to multiple clubs or associations. Sorority barely receives attention. Sports aren't over glorified. Very diverse, educationally and population-wise.
I have enjoyed Portland State, the academics are amazing. I feel the professors treat everyone with respect and encourage them to do their best. I have learned so much and wouldn't have wanted to go to any other school. It is a top rated business school and has some unique and specific fields that no other universities in Oregon have. There isn't much of a party scene there, and the student population is a bit older than the other largest universities in Oregon. The food on campus is amazing, there are restaurants everywhere and two large food cart clusters nearby. The buildings are also recently updated making school there even better.
Portland State University has a lot of opportunities to learn outside of the classroom. There are on-campus employment opportunities as well as volunteer opportunities. Since it is an urban campus, you can learn about the industries in Portland related to your major. The only downside is that the residence halls could be better. The food on campus was not always good, but they are changing that, so hopefully it will be better.
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Super helpful advisors for my program. Very knowledgable and handy for the process of navigating graduation, course requirements and other necessary information.
Lots of various food joints around the area as well as on campus, so a high level of variety and opportunity to try new meals or stick with comfort foods.
there is always lots to do. Professors are helpful and friendly. Grad programs could use some help. I have not hear to many good things about the Grad program for Elementary Education.
I have felt very taken care of during my time so far at PSU. The staff is helpful and the teachers really seem to care about the success of their students.
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