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I love Portland State University! Interesting programs, great location, lots of opportunities. It's amazing. 10/10 would recommend.
Portland State has excellent class sizes of approximately 30 to 40 students and the professors are always willing to meet with students during their office hours. I would like to see more school community with sports and other extracurricular activities. Even a campus wide movement for a cause of choice would bring an even larger sense of community.
It’s such a diverse campus that you can’t resist yourself going around and explore different things. So much to learn and explore from the educational environment that this institution has to provide
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Portland State has pretty awesome buildings. But a lot of the teachers are just average. Some teachers should not even be teaching. The students hate them because of the over all quality. But no one cares. More importantly are the clubs. There is almost no clubs or campus life. I joined a club. Payed money to be in it. But they only gathered once in the whole year. It was lame.
easy campus to navigate with transportation around the city. great scenery and interesting classes. the art classes have a small funding but access to woodshop.
I love the faculty and staff as they will do their best to help in any way. They have many pre-majors and are willing to help you achieve your goal with Portland State University. There is so much diversity in the school as well as the food provided. There are many clubs that you are able to participate in as well as volunteering. Everyone on campus is very nice and liberal. One thing I wish was there to be a Nursing program. There are at least 100 students there that want to go into nursing but can't achieve it at Portland State.
When I visited the university it was lovely and would love to come here. Everyone was so welcoming and that's a great thing
I love how it is located in the beautiful city of Portland. The atmosphere, vibes, and environment is very great makes me feel welcomed.
As a young adult returning to academia, I have been thoroughly impressed with my experience at Portland State this far. Each professor I have had have been phenomenal, all have succeeeded in accelerating my critical thinking skills and provide excellent material for students. I love the university because of its diverse age range of students-It has an overall welcoming atmosphere. The urban setting of PSU makes one feel more immersed in the community rather than hidden behind the ivory gates of college. I have truly been impressed with the learning platforms PSU offers. I highly recommend this university for anyone returning to the academic world in search of an excellent education.
Being close to home was a key selling point in my choice of going to PSU. Business textbooks are super expensive.
The student community and faculty at Portland State are amazing. Professors, students, and staff have been very supportive. A great value.
I don't go here but it looks cool and I want to go here for my Future. It just seems cool. Like really cool. This college has all the answers I need. Everything I need in order to advance my Future is right here in this college because it's so cool.
It's a wonderful university, filled with diverse and bright people. Portland State University offers a variety of programs that will propel you towards the career you're pursuing.
Though I am about to enter my sophomore year at PSU, the academics and atmosphere have been great. PSU has a large and peaceful library; which makes it perfect for studying for finals or just hanging out with a study group. Large auditorium classrooms and interesting lectures made it motivating to come to class everyday. Since the school is located directly in downtown Portland, whenever I needed a break from the academics, I could walk just a couple blocks to my favorite place to eat.
I love PSU! I am a senior there however, have run out of loans and grants. I am unable to finish my degree and need scholarship;s to assist me.
PSU is an urban university located in the heart of Portland downtown. It is in a convenient proximity to the local attractions and public transportation.
It’s campus is diverse and dynamic. Many students are international which enhances learning experiences.
Location is excellent, affordable if you are instate. I wish that there were not so many hidden fees and advising team was more reliable and genuine to want you to graduate instead of wanting to make money.
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My experience at Portland State has been uplifting. The teachers and faculty are prepared to help you at any moment and make your experience as manageable as possible. I commute everyday and have a wonderful time.
As an urban school, its downtown location is convenient as a hub in the city but its athletic facilities are scattered. Needs more campus life activities that are endearing to a younger population despite it being a commuter school. Needs more affordable housing nearby and better support for Greek Life and multicultural events.
PSU meets the needs of a diverse student body--from high school students beginning college life to transfer and adult students who are continuing their education. The campus is located in the heart of Portland and engages with the Portland community to enhance student life. Commuter students like myself feel can feel just as connected to campus life and activities as those who live on on near campus through various programs PSU offers. The campus is large and spread out, but there is a strong sense of community that one might attribute to a campus much smaller than this one. Overall, I'm happy with my choice to attend this school,
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