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Portland State campus has been a great environment for encouraging studying and innovative thinking. The universities' services, however, are quite unorganized and I feel many students are lost between the cracks not being able to find the right resources and information. Many of the teachers are student teachers, and the quality of their teaching can be quite detrimental to their students. It's a low tuition school, however, there are many unspoken fees that are really hard to evade. I attend Portland State because it is my only option t0o completing a bachelors degree. I'm very thankful to the school for making this possible, even though I don't believe the cost is matching the quality.
The students are what make this university. The faculty has great intentions but can get caught up in all the red tape sometimes. I think the school tries to create a warm and welcoming environment. They mostly succeed in the area. My frustrations have been with the lack of streamlining and/or recognizing past coursework that was taken at PSU and it just happens that PSU decided to change to the course name. Sometimes I feel like they just want the money and look for ways to squeeze their students bank accounts.
Portland State University is a very good public school overall. It is a research college, but feels much more like a small liberal arts school because of the small class sizes and the emphasis on learning about social issues and social justice. This is a very liberal school with mostly older students and commuters, since it is right downtown. The campus is beautiful and is connected to the city, which I love.
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I attended Portland State University for graduate school. I cannot comment in the student housing because I lived off campus. I cannot comment on the athletics because I really was not involved in that capacity. Lastly, I cannot comment on campus food or student life. I DID love the academic environment. I earned a M.S. in Education and I found that my professors were great and my fellow students were diverse and intelligent. The campus is beautiful. The Saturday Portland Farmer's Market is located right by the PSU campus. Portland, OR is not the safest city so safety was that of a large city. It is an urban campus. I really loved PSU! I did not party "on campus" much but I lived in the Pearl District in Portland and there is a ton to do in Portland.
I really love the atmosphere and everything about this school. Everyone cares deeply about education and making sure everyone is comfortable and safe.
All of the schools within the college are uncoordinated. The financial aid department is not accurate and argues with students
I love how beautiful the campus is. It is very home-y. The staff greeted all of my family very kindly and the food we had on campus was fantastic.
Great school all around. Entered this college with a free tuition scholarship so can't complain about the school
Portland State University allows students to express themselves creatively, academically, and physically without any feeling of shame. It is a university for individuals to aspire to inspire, and for students to grow not only academically, but internally as an individual. It is a place for individuals who come from all backgrounds and demographics.
Decent School for studying. No partys and no social sence. If your like me and wanna party in college this is not the shmove.
I feel like the education that I've received at Portland State thus far has just been average. None of my classes or professors stand out as particularly skilled or inspirational, and some of my professors have even remarked on how much they dislike teaching myself and my classmates. As far as the cost, it seems like a good enough deal until they throw all sorts of random, hidden fees into your total cost.
Portland State University is an excellent school. It's located in the heart of downtown Portland, allowing easy access for students living in all parts of the city. The School of Business just finished the Karl Miller Center, which is a beautiful new building with modern design, giving business students access to a safe and collaborative space to learn. The teachers at PSU are incredible. All teachers that I've had at PSU have been available to help when I needed it most. The School of Business advising has been great too. My advisers have taken the steps beyond to get me to where I need to go.
Attending PSU wasn’t for me. I didn’t feel like I was going to a University. However, my older brother loves it, so it’s just a matter of opinion.
Portland State is an inclusive and supportive community that honors and supports non-traditional students and a diverse student body. PSU academia encourages the study of a broad spectrum of disciplines.
Portland State was the perfect school for me after finishing my AA degree at a community college. I wanted to be surrounded by people who were at school to learn and achieve rather than enrolling for social motives. I love how diverse, and assistance portland state has when it comes to supporting their students.
PSU is a good school if you just want to get a degree. However it lacks in student life and community due to its city location and commuter reputation. If you need a degree and you also work I definitely recommend as scheduling is very often flexible.
This school has top level teaching staff and an inclusive campus. There are safe spaces for all people here regardless of gender expression, sexuality, race, religion, etc.
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A fantastic University in the heart of downtown Portland with a wide array of students coming from all different kinds of backgrounds. The campus has an incredible amount of different stores and restaurants and it reminds me of a small town of its own. The professors and academics are excellent depending on who you get, but many of the teachers there are dedicated and care about your education and future. The layout of the University can be somewhat confusing to navigate the first time around since it is spread out across multiple city blocks.
Portland State lack community, it seems that everyone goes to class and then leaves campus. There is no reason for people to hangout or gather on campus. Improve community!
So far I have had a very good experience with Portland State University. I have enjoyed my classes and peers. One concerning aspect about Portland State is the level of communication between staff and students. Some departments of the school, particularly financial aid, either do not respond to emails or take a considerable amount of time to reply. When I have called and spoken to a representative, they are often unable to answer my questions.

Another concern is the teachers level of commitment. I have had a few teachers which went above and beyond to address my concerns, provide me feedback, and teach a valuable course. I have had other teachers who had zero involvement with students and depended solely on course facilitators, who are masters students. I did not like this style of teaching, and it made me feel like I wasted my money.
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