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I loved the atmosphere in the parks, but I hate that homeless are allowed into the buildings and tend to steal stuff and harass students. The buildings are nice and the ability to sit and enjoy a small part of nature within the college is nice.
i loved everything about it. the environment the culture, everything was what i was looking for. i love that everything and everyone is around.
I currently study Accounting at Portland State University. So far, my experience has been nothing short of amazing. The amount of resources that are provided to the students is incredible because it helps make studying easier. There are groups and other resources designated for helping students build their resume, practice mock interviews, and to simply finding a job. There are many network events that are offered to help grow your network of connections. They really care about the students.
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Nice school, overall a great school, Portland is a great area to live in, the people are very friendly and the is no tax too!
The campus is in a really annoying location, being downtown isn't a good thing. It feels unsafe most of the time and it's too expensive to live anywhere nearby so the commute is guaranteed to be ages. Once some guy drove by and brandished a gun and the most they did was send a text alert. The campus is spread out over several blocks, some of which are in buildings that are clearly not meant to house classrooms, like a Chase bank. A lot of classrooms have no windows and terrible acoustics and class sizes are always huge. For what you pay to attend it feels like going to public school all over again. This campus is just such a pain to get around and have classes in that it's hard to motivate myself to go.
I have very much enjoyed my time so far at Portland State, all of the proffesors have been helpful and professional and wanted the best for your students. It is also amazingly in the heart of the city, has food carts and farmers market. Absolutely incredible!
In this school I enjoy the location but I feel that even though I'm in college and I'm now supposed to be on my own, but I still feel as if I am seen as a freshman in high school and not college. I like that the classes are small and not too big. This school seems very exclusive, everyone that lives/lived in Portland goes here and pretty much already knows everyone from here. Being an outsider from Hawaii makes it very hard for me to meet other kids because everyone already has their cliques. Overall, this school is fine, just a little hard to adjust into.
Portland State University has a great amount of opportunities due to it's Portland location. The programs their are great and teachers are very accessible. Some facilities could use an update but the school is constantly going through changes to improve.
If you're out of state, spend your money elsewhere. Had professors who were great, but also some who were awful. Campus is not in a great part of town, but not the worst.
PSU is an incredibly diverse campus, with a number of nationalities and languages represented on campus. The atmosphere of being downtown adds to the unique feeling that PSU brings to the city of Portland. Overall, I was very happy with my undergraduate experience at PSU, so much so that I am currently getting my Masters there as well.
The campus is in the heart of Portland, which makes is accessible, lively, interesting and beautiful. Tons of student services to make life easier. Cheaper than most state schools. Great programs. I love PSU.
Portland State is great, but the demographics of students are extremely diverse. Therefore, it's something you have to get used to, and it's amazing to learn how to open your mind and ideas to things that you were never associated with prior to college.
I love it here, teachers are excellent it really feels as if I’m learning what i need to learn. I also love that this school is integrated into Downtown Portland so you can experience downtown as well while you are going to school
I have been at Portland State for a quarter now and the university is supportive in term of helping students adapt and succeed in their courses. There are different programs, such as the Pathway program, that has considerably helped me connect with various students from different majors and background. In addition, there is a peer mentor program that broadened and quickened my integration by discovering and avoiding different obstacles and learning some tips & advice from a student who has been to Portland State longer than me. Also, since I volunteer in my spare time, I learned about a great opportunity, Cash Oregon, where I can apply my skills and knowledge in service of others. This winter 2018, I will be taking part in a business mentor program. And as an international student studying finance and accounting, I can’t wait to use such a valuable resource to expand my network skills and to learn first-hand what a financial analysis—my career goal—really entails.
Portland State university is innovative, diverse, and overall a wonderful school. I experience at this school has been great. It is filled with instructors who are well-qualified, and students who are inclusive.
The atmosphere is pretty good, and the location in Downtown Portland is next to everything. That being said, parking is a pain, especially during prime time. You're not always guaranteed a spot, even though you have to pay a high parking permit fee. It is pretty hard to make friends since it's a commuter school, but I've learned a lot going here.
The urban campus provides easy access to all kinda of business and allows students to live more of a real world lifestyle. The dorms are an apartment style near food, shopping, and transportation, as well as the classes. There are also excellent services provided for students in the student health center and the student adventure center at very low to no costs.
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I've been going to PSU for only two years and haven't had the time to fully immerse my self into the school and get the full experience but from what I've seen its a good school.
I like to go to PSU because it locates in downtown Portland and it’s near home. The variety of foods around campus which encourages me to go here. What I don’t like about is the time of my classes
Currently finishing Bachelors of Science through distance learning. Classes are interesting, but hard to register for. Wait-lists.
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