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Focus on hiring professors who have more experience in teaching and with the ability to speak more clearly in order to make class sessions easier to understand. Also lower school tuition and more scholarships available to students who come from low-income families.
Portland State University is a school made up of largely commuter and older students. This leaves the students that live on campus with little community to connect with. There is hardly any school spirit as most all of the sporting events have low attendance. Unless you are an athlete, it is very difficult to find and make friends due to the urban campus and the large commuter population. We are located in downtown Portland which is the best thing about the school. Since there is usually nothing happening on the weekends it is convienent to take the public transportation downtown and hang out. There is a large homeless population in Portland which makes the area feel unsafe to walk around at night.
Overall Portland state is a good school. The campus located perfectly downtown which is great because everything is close. They have a variety of classes offered. They also have a lot of clubs and activities on campus.
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I chose to go to Portland State over University of Oregon, and looking back on my year, I do not know why. First off, in my experience and multiple others experiences, this school has been stealing money from students and will suck every penny out of you.The academics are a joke, and I am in the honors college, which I feel is even worse than the regular college itself. If you are not a "hipster"you will probably not going to want to stay at this school for longer than a year. There is absolutely no party scene so do not come here if you are looking for that. The athletics are also terrible here, especially the football team.The dorms I live in are nice, but that is only because I am in the honors college.The dining hall here is absolutely disgusting, and probably about 99% of students here would agree with me. Overall, this school is not very good at all, and I am transferring to U of O next year. TAKE YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE.
It's cool to be in Portland and this school is perfectly located downtown. The school is average in terms of academics but is not a typical school because of it's location.
I really like the urban atmosphere. Being downtown right on the train line is really nice. My professors are for the most part awesome. The one thing i would change is to have business classes during the day rather than evening.
Portland State is a relatively inexpensive university located in the heart of Portland, OR near downtown. Most of the buildings where classes are located are in close proximity to each other and are lined up so that it is pretty easy to find your classes. There are several conveniently located restaurants and food carts located all around the campus, so you will never go hungry. PSU is somewhat diverse in race and ethnicity, but is definitely not very diverse in thought and lifestyle. Athletics are not really a big deal on campus, compared to most universities, as there is not much student support for athletics. PSU is very much a commuter school, which is part of the reason why there is not much student support for athletics. Overall, Portland State University is a fairly decent school.
PSU is a great school with wide ranging academics and great professors. For the most part, the education PSU students get is above average. Most of the professors I've worked with care about the students they teach and are always looking for ways to improve the cirriculum. The campus community is diverse and the school policy weighs cultural diversity inclusion a top priority.
Portland State University is a lovely school that can provide students with a large variety of opportunities and resources. It also allows many students a flexible schedule which can benefit students who also regularly work or have conflicting schedules that would get in the way of a traditional class schedule. However, to find such resources and opportunities can be difficult due to the unorganized nature of the school's faculty and facilities/resource centers . Thus lowering their rating to a 4/5.
My experience has been strange but somehow fun and interesting. There are a lot of resources that you don't even know where to start. The teachers I've had so far a great except that I had a graduate student as a teacher and she left me a lot more confused than what I was starting in that class. i hope that soon they'll have affordable food on campus. We are broke college kids and get charged $12 for a simple meal that is honestly not that great.
Portland State University is a great Urban Campus experience. It has a vast variety of courses for students to major in, the most of any Oregon university. I Choose Public Health and a long the way was empowered to cross-study in different majors and transfer them or substitute them into the my major which allowed me to really tailor make my degree personal and tailored to what I was interested in studies, this kept me engaged as a student. I appreciated the faculty support. I enjoyed having a wider range of student ages as it brought different perspectives into the classroom, this often comes with urban campuses. One thing missing from PSU is the "student-life" experience, I think the university could do more student engagement actives which pull students into campus-based activities.
Throughout my experience at Portland State University, I have come to realize the importance of diversity and understanding. Many colleges will push students to actively pursue the beginnings of a career, Portland State University encourages students to discover themselves first. The environment is welcoming and fun, everyone is welcome.
I like the knowledgable staff and helpful professors.
The campus is in a great location. Although, the traffic is very bad on the streets & it is somewhat overwhelming during the evenings.
very radical school, epic degrees, graduated like a savage! very radical school, epic degrees, graduated like a savage! also i stink like poo XP
I had a good experience at PSU. The Professors I've taken classes from are always very kind and helpful. The food on and around campus is quite expensive, but otherwise good. I think for the money PSU is a excellent deal.
Portland State University has many course offerings and excellent teachers. Being located in the heart of downtown Portland allows students to remain connected to city life while in the midst of their studies.
Portland State University has a beautiful campus. It is also uniquely located in the heart of Downtown Portland, but you wouldn't be able to tell since it has tree covered parks in the middle! The classes offered have a range of subjects and disciplines available. The times the classes are offered are flexible for working students and they even have childcare available on campus.
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The teachers here at Portland State are exceptional; they are understanding yet push you to do your best, they are fun and creative, and overall good people, among other things. The classroom atmospheres are also great; they are warm and inviting and everyone wants to succeed. Even the admissions process wasn't horrible like it can be at some places. In the admissions process I felt like the admissions staff really cared about me and wanted to get me into school on my terms, they weren't pushy and demanding; it was an enlightening process. The advisor's were welcoming, knowledgeable and very helpful too. Overall I've had nothing but great experiences at Portland State University, in all areas and on all accounts.
I love how its directly in the city and provides access to the real world outside of the campus. I also love how it's easy to get to and from different shops in the city making it more convenient to work and be a full time student.
The science departments have teamed up with OHSU to deliver optimal facilities for learning. This means the year long series of Anatomy and Physiology has access to high quality cadavers (which is crucial for understanding the body) and the lecture hall has recording technology so that you can rewatch lectures. The faculty are truly amazing in the science departments as well.

It should be noted: if you're attending PSU you have to be aware that it's a large university and can be confusing at times. No one is going to hold your hand, you have to be proactive about your education. I believe PSU is a great choice for nontraditional students going back to school for a career change. If you have a clear direction of where you're heading and you are self-driven, this school is a great choice.
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