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I am excited to begin classes at PCC. The flexibility of their online Distance Learning program allows me to take classes to continue my education while I work a full time job. Very happy with my experience!
What I liked about my experience at PCC was that it was close to home and easy accessible by public transportation. I liked that the class size wasn't too large and that there were many opportunities to get involved. What I didn't like about Portland community college when I attended was that there were specific classes that were offered at specific locations instead of offering all classes at every location.
Having transferred to PCC from a 4-year institution, I am very happy with the level of education that I have received at PCC so far. The courses I have taken have all been intriguing and the professors have been thorough, helpful, and easy to reach. The Cascade campus is always clean and welcoming. There are many clubs which hold activities constantly which allow for student involvement in the community. Great place overall at an affordable price.
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My experience with PCC was great. Both professors and students are always helpful. PCC is a great place to start a post-secondary education. They offer a great variety of courses to fit each person’s career choice. I love how safe and secure each site of the campus makes everyone feel. Everywhere a person goes, they are treated with respect. Overall, an awesome school.
I hope there have dorm and more variety of food and better taste!!!! Also I hope the tuition not increasing any more for international is already expensive!!!
Advisors are not very helpful and very hard to get in with an advisor. Plus teachers are not very helpful.
PCC has given me the opportunity to achieve my dreams of becoming a critical care nurse. After earning a Bachelor's of science in Biology, I decided to go back to school to earn my second degree. PCC gave me the chance to work full-time and earn the prerequisite credits necessary to go to my dream school. Now I am in my final term, taking an online course that will be applied to the accelerated bachelor's of science nursing degree.
Nothing special to be honest. PCC is very inclusive to all races and protective of everyone's right to self identify, wont have you arrested for going to the bathroom, and has LGBTQ resources. The options for food is...meh, the parking situation leaves much to be desired.
I have gone to PCC and most teachers were wonderful and I like the environment.
The buildings are up to date, clean and safe.
Great college, great value. Wish there was more parking but they do offer a bike loan program so you can bike to campus
Portland Community College is a diverse experience. One class will be spectacular, with a caring, fair, and overall great teacher, but then another class you will take may have a lack-luster, unsympathetic professor. The pathway to success is a journey, but my enrollment there has taught me many valuable lessons. It has been a healthy bridge from high school to college, before I make the transition to a university.
The Sylvannia campus I have found to look a bit run-down. The cement and modern art may appeal to some, but I prefer a homey community with lush grass areas for studying.
Portland Community College has many student resources that can aid in a successful student life. From the well-stocked library, tutoring services, and the therapy llama during finals week, PCC accomodates to the students' needs.
My experience at Portland Community College has been a journey. It has kept me on my toes, preparing me for adulthood and a productive future.
I'm working my way through the core requirements for a transfer degree and I think Portland Community College has been an amazing choice for me! I have enjoyed all of the professors I've worked with and I've had to work really hard to maintain a 4.0 average - this isn't a cake walk just because it's community college!
I had a life-changing professor in a class I had never imagined taking. That, I think is what college is about. Engulfing yourself in learning and exploring, and thus many life-changing sequences follow.
It has the classes I need at the price I can afford. A lot of great tutoring resources on campus, but nothing really going on in a social aspect.
PCC provides a very fun and engaging atmosphere for the students attending. The classrooms are much smaller compared to the traditional university but doing so provides an opportunity to be more engaged with other classmates and professors.
In the fall of 2015, after my children were all raised, I decided to go back to school. It had been twenty two years, I was petrified. The professors at Portland Community College have been incredibly supportive and willing to give extra encouragement in helping me adjust to this scary adventure I was embarking on. The class sizes are small and personal. The community of staff and students is overwhelmingly positive. The resources available for success are abundant. Portland Community College is a very welcoming place to go to attend college.
This is a great school but lacking in class time options, usually only one or two choices for attendance in the engineering technology program and none of those classes are available online.
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It was great. I enjoyed the faculty and feel like I got my money's worth from the school. My only complaint about the school is the lack of consistency in curriculum from one campus to the other. An example was when I took a class at the Sylvania campus that required one textbook, when I switched to the Cascade campus an entirely different textbook was used for the same series of classes. The same goes for the online portal used in those classes.
Portland Community college is of the best colleges to study. The first thing is that all the classes are small and the teachers are so nice and can help with any problem.
What I like about pcc is that instructors take the time to lend a hand and answer your questions they also work with you on homework.
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