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Portland Community College Reviews

1,415 reviews
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It has the classes I need at the price I can afford. A lot of great tutoring resources on campus, but nothing really going on in a social aspect.
PCC provides a very fun and engaging atmosphere for the students attending. The classrooms are much smaller compared to the traditional university but doing so provides an opportunity to be more engaged with other classmates and professors.
In the fall of 2015, after my children were all raised, I decided to go back to school. It had been twenty two years, I was petrified. The professors at Portland Community College have been incredibly supportive and willing to give extra encouragement in helping me adjust to this scary adventure I was embarking on. The class sizes are small and personal. The community of staff and students is overwhelmingly positive. The resources available for success are abundant. Portland Community College is a very welcoming place to go to attend college.
This is a great school but lacking in class time options, usually only one or two choices for attendance in the engineering technology program and none of those classes are available online.
It was great. I enjoyed the faculty and feel like I got my money's worth from the school. My only complaint about the school is the lack of consistency in curriculum from one campus to the other. An example was when I took a class at the Sylvania campus that required one textbook, when I switched to the Cascade campus an entirely different textbook was used for the same series of classes. The same goes for the online portal used in those classes.
Portland Community college is of the best colleges to study. The first thing is that all the classes are small and the teachers are so nice and can help with any problem.
What I like about pcc is that instructors take the time to lend a hand and answer your questions they also work with you on homework.
As an older student in their early thirties, being comfortable in a learning environment was very important to me. The transition from working full time, to adding Post Secondary Education to my very full schedule went as smooth as it could be. Being a minority student, I felt at ease with the diversity of students and professors, which was a bonus factor in the equation. I've had outstanding professors, whom have helped me reach my goals. I feel a very strong sense of safety, when the police are present, and walking around campus. Portland Community College is a great experience to start off college, and an inviting atmosphere to boot. The welcoming vibe radiates throughout campus, and I feel a sense of pride, in knowing that my community college accepts and welcomes all people regardless of a box they check into, or not.
I love the friendly atmosphere. The teachers and staff have been extremely helpful and accepting. I appreciate the diversity on campus. Student life can be as fun as you make it, there are many clubs to join.
Portland community college is one of the most places other than my house that I feel like I belong in. They have many things, such as clubs, groups, communities, etc where students can't resist joining, because of close interest in the program. PCC also helps student promote and share interests and experiences with other students, which helps them learn new things, different cultures, traditions and even languages. For instance, my friend and I created a Henna Club (a club where we teach interested students learn how to draw henna design) and PCC founded us $100 to start our club and help us get more founding by volunteering at places where volunteering is needed. This is one of the most thing that makes me feel like at home when I'm at PCC: the diversity, shared interests, different cultures and more.
Mostly great teachers. I've only had one bad experience with a biology professor who didn't follow her own syllabus. Atmosphere is very laid back.
Entered the college as a Freshman, with the help of the Oregon Promise. PCC has been a good transitional school from high school in a small town and there are a ton of courses offered. Only wish there was some housing onsite for just PCC students that are not from Portland area. Would be a great way to get to know more people attending the school and would help develop a sense of community.
The school Is a buzz of activity! It is truly the university experience at a community college. There are arts clubs and tech clubs and something going on constantly! The academics they offer are a wide range and their classes are perfectly challenging.
I attend classes at both the Sylvania and Cascade campuses, both of which offer a variety of courses. The Cascade campus is clearly updated, though the same cannot be said for sections the Sylvania campus. New students should be aware that both campuses, but specifically the Sylvania one, have a severe lack of parking spaces, which is frustrating when you have already payed for a parking pass.
Going to this college was a blast. I had some much fun enough though I been going to school there for about 3 days.
Well, I took classes that were at the campus but also required some time online, and they were fine, I think it helped keep me organized in a way to have most of my work presented to me online at one place.
I do not have a solid opinion on this.
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They have a vast variety of classes to offer. Interacting in the classes are usually a requirement which I believe really helps. Professors seem to be trained and skilled professionals.
They provide a good amount of help and support as well as openings, but there is still much of the school that I can learn about. I plan on transferring to a university after completing prerequisites so i do not have an opinion on their quality in a future right after receiving a degree from there.
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I have yet to have a personal opinion on the job opportunities from my major or the internships, but I know there are services provided to help you find them. It seems like a reasonable workload to me, work to be done every day but not so much to make it an impossibility to balance with other aspects of your day to day life. The curriculum is relevant, and the facilities are in good standing.
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