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I enjoy that PCC lets me take online courses when I can't get to the campus due to having a busy lifestyle. Though, communication was not the best, I was given many different messages about how long my transcript was going to take, whether or not I could apply, so I just barely made it into classes. I was extremely stressed and worried that I would not be able to go to school, but luckily, people there were able to help me, and I got into classes just in time for the add and drop class period to end. As helpful as they can be, I wish that they had communicated better as to what I needed to do and what I could do.
Portland Community College is a great place to start your college. I've applied a short term program, that is great fit with my schedule. One of thing I would like to share is the instructors are very friendly and professional. They always ask feedback to value our education.
Portland Community College is a great place to start your college experience. They have a wide range of classes and work closely with the other colleges in Portland to make transferring easy. They have a TON of resources, from free tutors, to professors who actually know their stuff who will sit and talk you through whatever you nee help on. I have taken classes here for two years now and gotten my Associates degree through PCC and they have been amazing. Plus, the Sylvania campus, where most of the classes are, is gorgeous. Their facilities are beautiful and the resources are amazing.
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I am still currently enrolled as a sophomore, but so far this community college has been preparing me excellently for transferring to a 4 year school and has made it incredibly cheap for me to take all the general education classes!
The professors tend to be very closed minded and behind the times. need to clean house a lot. would not recommend for anyone who is patriotic.
Portland Community college has been great! It is extremely affordable and the relaxed campus vibe is very nice when trying to really focus. It is great to be able to get such a great experience at PCC, because it is going to prepare me for university when I transfer next year. I would have likely been very nervous going straight to a big school, and PCC has afforded me the low tuition costs and low stress environment that I need! A+
Portland Community College is a prime example of diversity and excellence. Students from all over the world come together to gain a positive educational experience while making friendships and connections aiming towards a better future. Campus events that are created by the students represents how diverse the PCC community is.
With resources available for everyone alike, PCC is no stranger to inclusion of its students. Educators provide an open discussion platform to allow for all students voices to be heard, student led activities leave no students feeling out of place, and learning services available to help all students in need. PCC is a community.
Change is always happening at PCC. Everyday, every week, and every term there is always something different at PCC. In my experience, nothing needs to change because it is going to happen.
So far my experience has been alright. The teachers are nice and the students are friendly. I like the environment and everyone really seems to care about their education.
Sylvania campus is always clean and looks nice. Excellent professors. Free counseling for students, built into the tuition. Great resources for careers and any questions one might have. Parking spots are a bit small, but really the only complaint about the Sylvania campus.
The school campus was not in the most convenient areas of town. The professors were kind but I never had really good ones. I know that I have a bias as I mostly had chemistry classes there so I cannot speak for the other departments.
PCC is a great school to start your college career at, I completed most of my prereqs for nursing school here and feel very prepared by my courses.
It's a pretty standard community college. Good selection of clubs and organizations, fairly open and welcoming to students with diverse backgrounds. It's the biggest community college in the area so there's lots of opportunities, especially if you take classes at multiple campuses.

Almost all the teachers are part time and don't get benefits, so the tend to work other jobs as well and some of them don't teach as seriously or professionally as others, but most of them do a good job.

PCC has an excellent American Sign Language interpreting program.
The diversity of all the campuses and the help that's offered thru the student life department down to staff is so helpful and resourceful. I wish it could be a university instead of just a two year college!!
PCC is a good college for people who don't quite know what their doing with their lives yet as its much more economical than a university and provides a wide span of classes and different locations. It is still expensive, but much cheaper in comparison.
Class sizes were small and always available online. I had very good instructors who took an interest in me and my major.
I mainly take my classes at the Rock Creek Campus. The staff and students are very friendly and helpful. The campus is clean and beautiful. I'm proud to be a student here!
Beautiful campus up on a hill. It's like a castle. Well-maintained grounds and beautiful landscaping. The community is great. The administrative staff and the professors are, by and large, some of the nicest people you'll ever meet. They'll work hard to help you whenever they can. A great place to get your college feet on the ground.
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They offer one of the best selection of online classes I have ever seen. A distance-learning student could earn their entire Associate's degree (especially the AAOT) online here.
My experien PCC have been excellent. Portland is weird for sure, but do your research and you will find some golden professors who might change your life!
Every professor I have had there has gone above and beyond to make sure their students succeed. I have gone to countless office hours, been given grace when I've accidentally forgot an assignment and been given many resources. The classroom sizes are optimal for one on one time with professors if needed. Even one lady in financial aid called me on a Saturday to make sure I got an answer to a question I had as soon as possible. I also attended Oregon State University and I far prefer PCC to OSU. I don't regret a penny spent at PCC.
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