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Porter & Chester Institute - Stratford Reviews

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I love the school. The class and the hands on experiences. I truly am learning a lot. It gets stressful when it comes to the cost and the funds. I am unemployed and wish the school will help me more or work with me and bring payments down. All I want to do is graduate.
A wonderful experience so far can't wait to continue my education here and Porter and Chester. The staff is absolutely wonderful and helpful .
I love this school. Anytime I needed help there was a teacher around to help. If you're having problems outside of school they are willing to sit down and talk to you about what's going on.
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I went there for about 3month, and it was really nice college. I only left because my hours at work was change and I had to withdrawal.
Been here a week and e everything is as described on the tour of facilities.

Hands on, small classes, smart knowledgable instructors.
My overall experience so far is terrific. The faculty is readily available for assistance with projects. The faculty always makes me feel welcome and they know me by name. I am not a number at this school. My school is unique in the fact that it is career oriented with hands on experience.
Since this is a career based school, variety of courses is not valid. The class style and size is very appropriate to my learning and the professor is always available.
They have a great job placement assistance program after graduation that I can utilize even years after I graduate.
There is great diversity in my classroom. Everyone dresses appropriately and we are required to wear a white jacket. The other students are friendly and hardworking. Most of them are career oriented.
It was very straightforward and I filled out the paperwork right online
The job placement assistance program is lifetime
My school has job placement assistance after you graduate and the professors are very accessible
Although this is a career school, the professors are great and the registration process was very user friendly. The workload is perfect for what I will graduate in.
The professors are great! The class registration process was a breeze with the help of faculty.
It is awesome. The class size is small. There are 3 professors that are eager to help and teach. I am the type of person where i need the one on one help from a professor. I have difficulty learning new things from my ADHD and bipolar disorder and get frustrated when i don't comprehend the topic. The professor explains it in different ways so i can understand it. They don't give up on you. They want to see you succeed. In the 3rd and 4th semester internships are offered to qualified students that are career ready. the curriculum and workload are good.
There is no athletic centers, student centers, libraries, campus activies
They are great. They follow up with you with life and work after graduation. They help you find a job and have the skills employers are looking for.
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The schedule was hard at first. It felt like high school. My major schedule is 7:30-12:45. Each field schedules are different. I am used to it now. I love it in fact, it helps me prepare to wake up early for work and to not be late. There is no credits to transfer because i only learn the topics i need to learn for my field of study.
The financial aid assistance was great. My parents never went to college so they didn't know how the process worked, neither did i. They answered our questions very thorough. Its worth the pay, they teach you soft skills, how to write resumes. They prepare you for the career world.
The people who work and attend this school are friendly and have great soft skills. In most places, not everyone says good morning or hello. People became cold in this generation in the area. Its nice to have a warm environment for once.
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