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Porter & Chester Institute - Branford Reviews

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Could have most definitely been a better experience for the price paid......................................
not yet do I go here but I start in a few days and so far the staff have been so much help beyond belief and their patients outstanding not to mention My brother went here and He now landed a really good job in his field
Haven't done any transferring of credits. Why would I spend $20,000.00 and THEN go to a real learning institution?
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No on line courses offered at Porter & Chester.
Quality of post-grad services at Porter & Chester = ZERO.
Instructors simply read from sloppy Power Point presentations. Lots of misspellings and poor quality images that transferred poorly when printed out for students. A token effort at best.

Disruptive adult children in class.

Computers infected with viruses or wouldn't boot up. Missing and out dated software. Porter & Chester computer students were not much help, which is kind of funny and tragic at the same time. Difficult to go in and refresh your "skills" like what is advertised as a benefit of attending Porter & Chester when the equipment doesn't work.
Few job opportunities for graduates with a $20,000.00 debt burden who leave with only entry level skills. Job placement assistance is beyond poor and was the biggest reason for my going to Porter & Chester.
I wouldn't recommend Porter & Chester unless you want to be surrounded by children re-living their high school days.

The job placement assistance is a joke. The "Job Placement Specialist" types up a generic resume that looks like everyone else's and shows you how to look for a job on the Internet. The school advertises a 95% placement rate for graduates but from the looks of it, most of that are jobs at McDonald's.
i don't start until Oct. 19, 2015 so i wouldn't know but they left a very good first impression in my book.
it was good they helped me get a career
Online courses are a good way to learn. We have an online class for our admin class. It is different because you have to learn at home as well as test at home. instructor relationship is good because I have my same instructor as I do at school. Peer interaction is also good since we have weekly discussion assignments.
My school has a clinical lab that we use every day. We give injections, do ECGs, phlebotomy, spirometry, etc. and have a set up doctor's office in the back. I would enjoy using it for more than an hour a day but it is a very good resource to have.
There are a lot of diverse people there. Everyone is trying to better their lives and be able to better support their families.
The financial aid process is very easy and the coordinators are amazing and very friendly.
I didn't really care for the campus because it isn't much of one. It's only the classes you are In and nothing else like dorms or gyms. But I did like how everything was so close to me and I didn't have to go too far to talk to a teacher or advisor
How teachers are really good with keeping In contact with the students. It's a smaller group so there aren't that many he needs to help with.
I am learning so much from going to this school the advisors and teachers are great
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Online classes are pretty good but they can be improve. I really liked how you could take classes at your discretion.
The school is great but the tuition is a little high for what you get
I go the the Rocky Hill campus and I must say that they are professional and I am learning so much!
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