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They offer tons on advice on how to get more out of your college experience. Well trained professors. Peaceful campus. They help direct students based on their strengths giving students the opportunity to excel. I love it.
Academically, the university is excellent; but they lack in diversity and acceptance of LGBTQ members.
it is a good college, i will be better if faculty wont be too conservative. Also, the university needs to invest more on what really matter like dorms and the program of fine arts and photography- digital desing. Other thing that will be better is that the cafeteria will be a little more cheaper and that have a air conditioning that actually works. Overall, the campus is really good and the education its almost excellent and the campus is awesome, very relaxing for studying and reading. It will be nice that the university make more activities in order to socialize a meet people with the same taste of music, art, classes, material etc. But in the other ares, the university is very good for my opinion.
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The professor are great and very dedicated to the students learn. They give a lot of opportunities for all their students equally for jobs, internships and seminars.
It is as good as they say, it is a very professional place where professors help the students get the education and materials they need in order to get their degree.
I could say that what it can be better is the place itself, it needs remodelation but education wise, we could always try to get more advanced.
I really like the environment. All nature and free space to study, not only in the library but in other spaces is really good.
I personally like the university as a whole. The professors are great and the campus is beautiful!! Currently I am studying online but I cannot wait for the day I attend the campus.
What I like about the University is that most of the professors are interested in the students development outside of the classroom. A thing I would change about the University is the special treatment the institution have with the professors who have seniority. This, in terms that these professors can do whatever they want, when they want without any consequences.
The university dosen't have a lot of parties.
The library is open until late nights.
It's save but sometimes there are spots in the campus that people use a minimum of drugs.
I worked for over 3 years with a professor around the university. There are different opportunities to apply for a job.
The university have a variety of opportunities in each professional field.
There are a lot of officers around every entrance in campus.
I'm not in sorority but the atmosphere is great around other people.
The university cut off a lot of the scholarships for the athletic facilities.
The university helps you to build your professional goal.
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The athletic facilities are great. But I don't think athletics is a big thing at PUCPR, although Culson one an Olympic medal.
PUCPR is an OK school if you are one of those students that won't dare to pursue a better education in the United States. Some or the majority of academic programs are so outdated. Overall, there is no college in Puerto Rico that matches at least a community college in the United States. Back to PUCPR, don't expect to be taught morality or Catholicism except inside the theology and philosophy courses (which are required and I loved it). The food at the cafeteria is really good, for a fee. There is daily Mass at noon. And there is no class on Fridays. It's safe because the whole University is gated (except the school of architecture which is separated from the main campus).
Class size are perfect, they could add more courses, they could do better.
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