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Everyone at Pomona College is nice and welcoming. Even though we are currently virtual, the administrators and student leaders make sure that we are well informed of all the resources available for our academic, social, and mental success.
Pomona classes are small in the first place. Therefore, virtual zoom classes are intimate, which allows for easy access to professors and mentors. Sometimes, I am the only student present for office hours so it turns into a one on one call with my professor!
Pomona is the most amazing community of students and professors I could ask for. The kindness and support showed by everyone there is amazing. You can take classes in anything and everything and learn how to learn.
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I took my remainder of the spring semester online due to corona. Comp Sci went pretty well, but my politics seminar classes were a bit challenging. It is hard to have a group discussion on zoom.
Pomona College is a great school with so many interesting people from all over the world! It's a very diverse group of students, and because there are 4 other colleges there, we have access to a wide range of classes, locations and experiences across the "5C's." I play softball for Pomona Pitzer, and the team spirit keeps me sane, while the support from other student-athletes from football and baseball, etc. is really cool. It's a small school, but big on ideas and things to do in and around LA area. Claremont is a cool little village we walk to from campus and its only a short drive to beach or mountains.
It is a good place and number one college in LA. It is also because they teach many things so you could learn.For example my friend says that she learned a lot about physical science 🧪 and learned more math and got a 100./.
Pomona students are so accomplished, but they are always so willing to help. The professors also really go out of their way to ensure that students feel supported. Graduate schools really know Pomona and the seniors are doing so many great things. The best part is that these seniors keep first years in the loop and are willing to share so much about their work. The atmosphere is intense in terms of academics, but the competition is against yourself!
The best! Loved my time at the Claremont Colleges— Top notch academics and resources at 5 contiguous stunning campuses all in an awesome college town....need I say more?
Pomona is really a unique place. Everyone says that the people are the best thing about Pomona, and it is true. The people I have met are some of the most unique, passionate, and sincere human beings I have ever met. The students are not only intelligent, but also collaborative and willing to help their peers. So many resources available to the students, great professors, amazing food, and an endless number of deep, intellectual conversations wherever you go. The social life is something different, something to get used to, but it isn't exclusive and everyone goes to everything and thats what I really like about it. You can find people to have fun with no matter what it is you want to do.
I had a great time at Pomona. The class sizes were small so I was able to build close relationships with my professors. Professors were generally available and happy to talk to students during office hours about the lectures as well as life in general. I also loved being surrounded by brilliant peers who inspired and pushed me during my time at Pomona. Since the school is so small, I interacted with people from all backgrounds and majors, so I was able to learn a lot from those around me. The student body is pretty active and continually demands the administration to be better at addressing students' needs and issues of equality. I recognize that the school is not perfect, but change is always happening and I am hopeful about where it's heading.
I can't express how much I loved Pomona - it gave me the biggest and most supportive communities I could've asked for four years, and the best friends for the rest of my life. Campus culture is very collaborative, but the workload is definitely one of the most intense in the country.
Incredible opportunities even for freshmen including summer researches, close relationships with professors, fun kids, the weather, great career center.... Just about everything
Pomona College was not my dream school, but it has become that for me. It's a top ranked liberal arts college that exemplifies the best of the best in college education. I feel well rounded, supported and excited to learn every day. It's amazing to be surrounded by people who are as passionate as me. Every one is incredibly talented and our professors genuinely care about helping us, especially since it is an undergraduate only college. It's a diverse and welcoming place that I strongly encourage all students to look into. It also provides amazing financial aid. There are problems with the administration just like at every college but the students here are determined to fix those problems and build a better institution.
I may only be a first-year student here at Pomona College, but so far my experience has been nothing but exceptional. Pomona College provides its students with unparalleled academic resources, an extremely supportive student body, and limitless research and service opportunities. The academics at Pomona will significantly challenge you, but so far all of my professors have been very available to answer questions and Pomona College invests significant resources into their free mentoring for students.
Pomona College has so many resources and activities constantly available to students. I love that I can be so involved on campus with the students.
The people there are always willing to help you find your way and say hello with smiles. The campus has easy shortcuts and has a beautiful "quad" like area where you can relax in the sun!
Overall, it's a fantastic college. It's almost like a bubble of an ideal community. The professors are the best thing about Pomona. They are super nice and willing to help. The academic is not easy but also not competitive - which could be either a positive or a negative thing. There are a lot of opportunities and it would feel like everyone is doing, and excelling, at so many things. In that aspect, it is pressuring.
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I think that while Pomona is amazing academically (seriously, love the Professors), it's the people that really make Pomona into such an enriching place.
The friends that I have made at Pomona are the most incredible people that I have ever met in my life. Easy to find professors who, on top of being top class instructors, are invested in your personal development. Only downsides are that sometimes the administration feels disconnected from student body (bloated, bureaucratic, not always sensitive to current campus pulse), and that the diversity of students who are all ridiculously intelligent/confident/articulate creates social/intellectual tensions (these have flared up in recent years @ protests, @ student demands, @ exclusionary events).

*NOT* a party school, but easy enough to get your fix of hedonism at the other schools in the consortium. The Claremont Consortium is also great because each school has such a different ethos, meaning that if you feel suffocated at Pomona (which will happen), a 3 minute walk takes you to another college and freshens things up.

Incredibly grateful to be here.
Pomona and the Claremont consortium provided the resources of a big university in a small college environment.
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