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Pomona College Reviews

367 reviews
Incredible opportunities even for freshmen including summer researches, close relationships with professors, fun kids, the weather, great career center.... Just about everything
Pomona College was not my dream school, but it has become that for me. It's a top ranked liberal arts college that exemplifies the best of the best in college education. I feel well rounded, supported and excited to learn every day. It's amazing to be surrounded by people who are as passionate as me. Every one is incredibly talented and our professors genuinely care about helping us, especially since it is an undergraduate only college. It's a diverse and welcoming place that I strongly encourage all students to look into. It also provides amazing financial aid. There are problems with the administration just like at every college but the students here are determined to fix those problems and build a better institution.
I may only be a first-year student here at Pomona College, but so far my experience has been nothing but exceptional. Pomona College provides its students with unparalleled academic resources, an extremely supportive student body, and limitless research and service opportunities. The academics at Pomona will significantly challenge you, but so far all of my professors have been very available to answer questions and Pomona College invests significant resources into their free mentoring for students.
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