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Pomona has a close-knit community of fun and interesting students. Classes are small (typically around 20 students) and professors are hired and reviewed on teaching ability above research, meaning that professors actually care about teaching you.
Pomona's largest assets are not its $2b endowment, its buildings, or its location, but rather its people. Here, some of the world's most inquisitive, interesting, and downright intelligent students come together in the pursuit of knowledge and with the intention of changing the world. Professors care deeply about students and are some of the most well-regarded in their fields, a rare combination that allows for students to do meaningful work and learn from people who love to teach, never a teacher's assistant. The admitted class of 2021 is made up of 56.7% domestic students of color, plus 11.4% international students, making Pomona's the most diverse campus in the country.
Very good academics and stellar professors. Unbeatable if you want to go to graduate or professional school. Unless you major in Economics, Mathematics, Computer Science, or something similar, however (Pomona doesn't do engineering), your liberal arts degree won't make you that employable directly out of college.

Despite its efforts at diversity outreach, Pomona College (and Claremont in general) is still a bubble of educated upper-middle class white people.
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I loved my time at Pomona. Friendly, beautiful campus. It's small but there are 4 other campuses nearby so you never get bored. Adorable college town. You will love it. Ps not for hard partiers or those who envision big football games ala ole miss.
Pomona has been an incredible experience. The people here are the best part, in my experience. The students are so diverse and interesting that you'll always be learning from them throughout your time. There's this "cool nerd" vibe where you can tell people are very intelligent and invested in their academics, but they hide that on the surface. The intellectual community fostered by the professors and the various events that happen is dynamic and engaging. I've not encountered any faculty member who wasn't extremely invested in their students or incredibly knowledgeable in their field. LA is accessible for a ton of opportunities, and the school offers trips, paid funding for internships, and more to take advantage of it fully. I feel so fortunate to attend a place like this.
My undergrad experience at Pomona was exceptional. I think the best part was the community that is formed at Pomona because of the small size of the school. You really become integrated with the community of students, professors and other faculty members. The professor to student ratio definitely enhanced the learning experience. There was more room for discussion and collaborative work. Life on campus was great. Always a ton of events on campus to choose from, volunteering opportunities, parties, student clubs and organizations etc...
I loved being a part of an academic environment where intellectual challenges by professors and other students are commonplace. As an alumnus that has taken on several start-up ventures, everyday lessons from Pomona have served me well: keep an enquiring mind and have the confidence to challenge (and also accept) other people's opinions.
No place is perfect, of course, but Pomona may come as close to it as any college experience could realistically could. Unlike many top universities, which struggle with providing superb professor accessibility and individual attention, and unlike many top liberal arts colleges, which may be limited with the depth of their resources and opportunities, Pomona finds a way to seamlessly blend the benefits of both systems. The academic experience is distinguished and deeply personal: brilliant and collaborative professors and peers contribute to a robust intellectual climate which values exploration, growth, and meaningful encounter. The average student is fiercely intelligent but also humble, interesting, charitable, and compassionate: a rare dynamism of traits which illustrates the special nature of this place. I am deeply thankful that this place has enabled me to become a more articulate, understanding, and connected individual.
Pomona is such an amazing place and I'm so grateful to be able to spend four years here! Consider yourself lucky if you get in, and don't pass up the opportunity to go here (even if you get into Harvard—honestly, save it for graduate school and go here for undergrad, and you'll have a better experience for it).
Claremont McKenna's party scene is often unsafe (especially for women), but apart from that, the Claremont Colleges are a generally safe environment. Campus safety is present but not intrusive. Like all colleges, Pomona is still struggling to address sexual assault better, but tools like Callisto help it do a much better job than most other places. If you hear a lot about sexual assault problems at Pomona, it's mostly because we hold it to a higher standard than the student bodies of many other schools.
The alumni network is smaller than the network from a larger school, but it's also much tighter and includes some pretty big names. A Pomona degree will get you places.
The classes tend to be very small, which is an incredible plus—it makes the learning so much more engaging than a giant lecture. The professors range in quality as they would at any school, but on the whole they are extremely smart, passionate, and competent.
Pomona is two thirds singles. That's basically unheard of anywhere else and is super nice. The quality of the dorms ranges from fine to outstanding.
Don't come here for the athletics. The facilities are adequate, but it's just not the focus of campus life.
Don't be deceived by the lack of name recognition—Pomona has a strong claim to offering the best undergraduate education of anywhere in the world.
The dorms are huge! As a freshman you have the option to have your own room! The school does a great job in making sure there is enough beds on campus for every student who wants it. The dorms are beautiful and spacious and most of the time you live by your friends!
Athletics is not exactly stressed as much. A lot of athletes are taking challenging courses and the coaches understand that academics is first priority. There are indeed basketball games when the whole school turns out for the game. But we are a small school so student involvement is not the biggest.
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It is not well known by its name, but those who need to know- know all about Ponoma College. Grad schools and employers love Pomona grads.
If you like a small liberal arts college, it is the best one on the West Coast! Just check the ratings! Forbes and US News and World Report.
Very safe campus. You still have to lock your bike or shut your door or things can go missing, mostly I think from non students who wonder on campus. People refer to it as the Claremont bubble.
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