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Pomona College has so many resources and activities constantly available to students. I love that I can be so involved on campus with the students.
The people there are always willing to help you find your way and say hello with smiles. The campus has easy shortcuts and has a beautiful "quad" like area where you can relax in the sun!
The scenery is great! Coupled with the amazing and friendly atmosphere there, it is difficult to dislike this school.
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I'm so blessed and privileged to attend Pomona College, where I have met such a supportive and encouraging community. Being a very liberal and open campus, I've learned so much about social issues I don't believe I would have learned anywhere else. However, with this comes some very challenging and complex conversations and discourse, which are healthy but may cause a lot of tension on campus. Despite this fact and some of the systemic/ institutional issues, I've really enjoyed my time at Pomona so far and am so grateful for where I am.
Overall, it's a fantastic college. It's almost like a bubble of an ideal community. The professors are the best thing about Pomona. They are super nice and willing to help. The academic is not easy but also not competitive - which could be either a positive or a negative thing. There are a lot of opportunities and it would feel like everyone is doing, and excelling, at so many things. In that aspect, it is pressuring.
I think that while Pomona is amazing academically (seriously, love the Professors), it's the people that really make Pomona into such an enriching place.
The friends that I have made at Pomona are the most incredible people that I have ever met in my life. Easy to find professors who, on top of being top class instructors, are invested in your personal development. Only downsides are that sometimes the administration feels disconnected from student body (bloated, bureaucratic, not always sensitive to current campus pulse), and that the diversity of students who are all ridiculously intelligent/confident/articulate creates social/intellectual tensions (these have flared up in recent years @ protests, @ student demands, @ exclusionary events).

*NOT* a party school, but easy enough to get your fix of hedonism at the other schools in the consortium. The Claremont Consortium is also great because each school has such a different ethos, meaning that if you feel suffocated at Pomona (which will happen), a 3 minute walk takes you to another college and freshens things up.

Incredibly grateful to be here.
Pomona and the Claremont consortium provided the resources of a big university in a small college environment.
Pomona College is so inclusive and the learning environment itself is incomparable. Small class sizes make all the difference. As a student, it's so easy to get to know professor and this opens doors that are quite honestly impossible at bigger universities.
Pomona has a really nurturing atmosphere, the students and professors are really kind, caring, and look out for each other. Administration can be a little scattered sometimes, but it's such a small community that you won't get lost in the mix.
I'm only a sophomore, but I've gotten involved with research for all four semesters, received internship funding, had expenses for two conferences paid for, was actively involved in an award winning Mock Trial without any experience, and learned how to play the violin through free private music lessons. I've also been able to go to Los Angeles often for endless entertainment, natural beauty, and incredible eats. This place may be tiny, but it is bustling with opportunity. The academic experience is robust, with professors who love to teach and peers who love to learn. The Claremont Colleges add so much depth, and each is distinctive enough to venture out to and seek out new perspective. I had my choice of attending a world-renowned university over here, but I could see the difference in how the undergraduates were valued. The only thing I wish were different was the lack of name brand- Pomona is so unknown by most! Still, if you are willing to work hard, you can go anywhere from here.
I love the academic rigor offered there as well as the diverse make up of the college. Not only that, there seem to be an abundance of resources there that can help anyone succeed with a pleasant college experience.
I love Pomona College! The student body is amazing, classes are small and well-taught, professors are dedicated to students, there is so much to do on-campus, we have the resources of all 5Cs
I cannot imagine myself anywhere else. The people are so unique and talented, but so laid back and kind. It's truly a place you want to be and spend 4 years.
Pomona has SO many resources for students and as a low income student coming from a subpar public school, I had enough resources to get through the steep learning curve I had my first year. The food is AMAZING and the dorming situation is pretty good since it isn't too hard to get a single. The party scene ranges from nonexistent to decent but it does get old quick since it is such a small school surrounded by smaller schools. You eventually see the same people everywhere but if you like knowing most people in your grade, this is a good fit.
I visited the 5 Claremont colleges on September 21, 2017. Overall, I really enjoyed looking and exploring all of these schools however, I felt that Pomona was the best fit for me. I love the overall atmosphere at Pomona and the way everything is there is just really wonderful.
Great time here so far. My first year here had a very steep academic learning curve, but I think that as time went by, I was able to better adjust and succeed.
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Pomona is amazing. The student body is diverse, talented, intellectually engaged & brilliant.

The professors are even better. After Pomona I studied at Columbia University and the University of California at Berkeley earning a PhD and two Masters degrees along the way. Still, my classes at Pomona blew all the other ones through the roof.

Beautiful campus, great weather, fun and philosophizing -- at the library, the dorms or the keg party.

And I haven't even gotten to Ski-Beach Day yet!
Great Academics! Yet so flawed when it comes to sense of school culture and even respect for its own students, especially black students and low-income students.
Pomona has a close-knit community of fun and interesting students. Classes are small (typically around 20 students) and professors are hired and reviewed on teaching ability above research, meaning that professors actually care about teaching you.
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