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Staff is very helpful. Campus is clean and well protected. An intimate campus, makes for easy direction.
Adviser's to give more assistance to students, when requested and not give attitude, Generally just need to be more knowledgeable and helpful
Polk State is the best way to start your college education, while trying to save money and continue a career.
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Polk State College offers excellent affordable programs for students who may otherwise not get the chance to attend college. Their art department is truly impressive.
The campus can be very big and confusing, but the students and staff there are very friendly and willing to help you get around. While some teachers and staff are very caring, some just seem like they're there to do a job and don't care about your experience. The campus is very nice and clean as well.
I've had a great experience with Polk State College. I completed all of my prerequisites at this college due to convenient evening classes since I worked a full-time M-F 8-5 job. Some things that I would like to see change would be the wait time to see an advisor. My time is extremely valuable and when I'm waiting an hour to see an advisor it becomes frustrating!
I love my school and I am so glad I chose the route I did with Polk State College. They provide a small-safe learning environment with decently-sized classes and flexible schedules.
Polk State college is located in a great area of Florida. It is filled with dedicated staff and students who are actively involved in events throughout the school year.
Polk State is a small campus, making it very easy to navigate. The majority of the staff and professors are very helpful and passionate in what they do. The campus is beautifully taken care of. The professors go above and beyond to help you become a better person in more than one way. I can see in my GPA the ways going to a smaller college is helping.
Great experience! Saved a ton of money while figuring out my future. The art professors are more reliable than the advisors at this college at helping you to determine your college path for your degree
Polk State is a great place for individual studies because it is a very remote college that strongly supports dual enrollment and gives students many opportunities to seek assistance or help.
The college is thoroughly involved with their students and they offer great aid in assisting students. However, some of their faculty members and professors can be rude and uninvolved.
I really enjoyed many of the professors. I have learned a lot from them, and appreciate that they are willing to help students.
So far mostly smooth experience at this college. They offer multiple locations for education. Unfortunately that often involves bouncing between the two. They have very few technology classes and teachers. Scholarships are available and athletic teams, alongside clubs. They have a performing arts theater and often have free events on the campus such as movies or sporting events alongside free food and activities. They recently changed their content management system from PAL to Canvas. It's better in a lot of ways but more limited on the information shown unfortunately. However the design is cleaner which makes it easier to find stuff. The campus administration has been a bit bumpy on the financial department but ultimately all my issues were resolved, all at one point I was dropped form my classes because they did not apply my scholarship money despite reminding them about three times prior to the due date.
Awesome! Since it is not like a University there is a lot more one on one time which is very helpful. The teachers actually care and are extremely helpful. Students are nice as well and its easier to find buddies because of the smaller "setting".
Polk offers a pretty relaxed environment. The class sizes are fairly small, making a students' education more intimate and able to get individual help.
I have had great experiences at Polk State through the collegiate high school program. Switching from a traditional high school to a college setting was one of the best decisions I ever made. Like any school, there are some great professors and some not-so-great professors. I think that Polk State is an asset to the Polk County community and is dedicated to improving the lives of their students.
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Polk State College is a very good college. I like that it has multiple campuses making it very convenient for me to get there and attend classes. Most of their science and math faculty are excellent teachers. All of their professors seem to genuinely want their students to succeed. I also really like their writing professors. I do not like the fact that it is sometimes very hard to get answers on what classes I need to take and why things have not shown up on my transcripts yet. I also think their website needs to be improved.
Polk state has been a hassle free experience. They have made it easy for me to enroll and pay for classes. They are available to answer questions over the phone effectively and efficiently. Surprisingly, their cafeteria food is really good to! They have many outreach programs that help students attend school such as, a food bank on campus, free bus lines, and financial aid assistance. Truly a great school.
Polk State College is a very good school for those who are seeking out to get their AA or to go there for a while and then transfer to another institution. The classes range from about 15-25 students and the professors are willing to help out with one-on-one. They have a great tutoring program and clubs to get you involved with the school.
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