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I would like to have professors that actually care and are sincere.
I like the fact that we are able to apply and get in immediately.
Polk state college is a friendly college that will assist you in getting the degree you desire. The college will never leave their students feeling lost. The school guides their students to achieve their goals and assist them on moving forward in life. They also have events to where any student is allowed to join and have fun. The college is enjoyable and has great professors to help learn the required classes the students need to take. Its a great school and its cheap too!
This school is beyond perfect. The staff is friendly and is always there to guide you throughout the time you spend at this college. In high school, I could never understand how to solve math problems but, after one semester at Polk State I found it incredibly easy. The Professores at Polk State are very helpful when it comes to understanding the course you are taking.
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A great college to attend for all majors. Academics is prioritized with great professors and valuable resources. The online website provides lots of information as well as on campus locations such as the library and cafe. The campus contains a well diversified group of students with no discrimination to anybody.
I like the advising session it was nice the advisor helped me pick my classes and I loved the way the school looked.
If you are planning on going to Polk State College this is a small school with great teachers that want to help you pass the class. But there are no dorms and the party scene well there is none.
Great professors, but somewhat lacking in administration. Great food, great access to resources. The learning opportunities are fantastic, free tutors are always in the library and will teach you everything you need for the course.
Its a good experience. The advisors really helped m when i had trouble getting financial aid. It was hard especially since my dad died and thay did every thing they could.
I liked how close to home this college was. The campus is very beautiful and is easy to get from one class to the other.
i love this college!! they are so helpful with everything i need and the staff are always so amazing at making me feel comfortable
I've been attending classes through Polk State College since I was a Dual-Enrolled Sophomore in high school. After graduating high school, I was able to enroll in college utilizing a scholarship to attend Polk State College awarded to me when I was in fifth grade. Between dual-enrollment classes, online classes, hybrid classes, and in-person classes, Polk State College offers several different outlets for students of all ages to attend classes and further their education. With great teachers and student community, Polk State College is a great location for all local students to attend.
Athletics are not something to brag about at this college. It has decent professors and decent food. The local area is building and is adding more fast food restaurants which is great for students. The professors are helpful is you are serious about your studies.
Most of the professors are very useful and helpful, the students are all friendly and hardworking, and the pizza the school offers is one of the best I have ever had!
Campuses are nice and clean. Some updates are needed. Carefully pick professors, some are more understandable then others. Administration is only so helpful, same goes for financial aid. Some administration is excellent and will go above and beyond to help. others are poor as to how conducting professionalism and seeing students as students. College is an opportunity to grow as a person and make a fulfilling and better life for one self. Some of this is lost through the "mission statement" to be shown by administration and professionals.
I absolutely loved attending Polk State College. The classes are reasonably sized and instructors truly care about the students. It would've been nice for the college to have a shuttle for students to commute between campuses. Also it would have been more beneficial for me if the advisers were educated on the steps needed for a student to become a medical doctor. I had to research this information on my own, but luckily one of my favorite professors was a retired surgeon. Overall a great school to achieve a transfer degree or trade.
Polk State is a wonderful college. They offer many online courses and programs to make you an asset to local businesses to start your career. They have several campuses throughout Polk County and also offer a flight program.
Polk State College is a pretty good school. Overall my experience has been good and I met with a lot of students from different cultures. Even the advisers are not great but Polk State as community is very friendly and you'll never be disappointed.
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Small campus so you really get one on one learning. Classes are small, maybe up to 30 students. Since the campus is small its easy to navigate your way around as well. Everyone is laid back & little to no judgement. Good environment overall.
I personally love going to Polk state college. The staff, faculty, and other student's are amazing and all just add to the experience that college is. The campus looks amazing and as one of my professors pointed out very Roman in it's design. The food is amazing and the wildlife around the campus is beautiful.
Polk State is an excellent school when looking to further your education and also meet new friends and professors who will benefit your academic career.
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